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8. heart pathoogy; pericardial diseases


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8. heart pathoogy; pericardial diseases

  1. 1. Heart -Pathology Pericardial diseases  Effusions collection of fluids (Serous, Pus, blood etc.,)  Clinical depends on rapidity (if rapid – cardiac tamponade)  X-ray  globoid heart  Inflammation  Acute & chronic  Primary & Acute  mostly viral  Chronic TB & Fungal  Special forms  Constrictive Pericarditis = MCC- TB, Pericardium is 1 cm thick, Rxpericardectomy  Rheumatoid Arthritis = Fibrinous Pericarditis ( most common finding)  Dressler’s syndrome= post –MI Pericarditis 1 Dr. Krishna Tadepalli, MD,
  2. 2. Heart -Pathology Pericardial diseases  Types  Pericarditis serous, Fibrinous, Purulent, Feature Serous Fibrinous Cause viral, RF, SLE, uremia RF, SLE, Uremia Immunosuppression Malignant, TB Cells Lymphocyte WBC, RBC, Fibrin Pus ( Neutrophils Blood + malignant cells Frequency Common Most common - - Complicatio n Nature Purulent Hemorrhagic Constrictive Pericarditis Transudate Variable Exudate exudate 2 Dr. Krishna Tadepalli, MD,