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4. heart pathology; hypertensive heart diseases


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4. heart pathology; hypertensive heart diseases

  1. 1. Heart -Pathology Hypertensive Heart Diseases Types Feature Systemic Pulmonary Criteria LV Hypertrophy, Evidence of HTN RV dilation, Exclude congenital causes & LHF Effects LV Hypertrophy LA dilation LVF RV dilation  Cor pulmonale Other Complications Systemic Thromboembolism Functional TR 1 Dr. Krishna Tadepalli, MD,
  2. 2. Heart - Pathology Hypertensive Heart Diseases 2 Dr. Krishna Tadepalli, MD,
  3. 3. Heart -Pathology Hypertensive Heart Diseases  Pulmonary HTN  Causes Lung  parenchymal pathology  COPD= due to loss of Pul. vasculature  Fibrotic lung diseases= compression/ obliteration of Pul. vessels  vascular pathology  Thrombo – Embolism, Vasculitis, Drugs, Chemicals Chest Wall  Cause Hypoventilation  Kyphoscoliosis, Obesity ( Pickwickian syndrome), Neurological Dr. Krishna Tadepalli, MD,