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  2. 2. Why PharmaceuticalThe Pharmaceutical In India is the world third largest in terms ofvolume and stands 14thin terms of values.
  3. 3. Why Lupin Lupin is the 4thlargest player in Indian pharmaceuticals industry. It has emerged as an out performer in the Pharma sector. Its Stock counted among frontline farm stock and considered forthe long term buy. The company over the year has grown to be one of the top tengeneric company in the USA, Japan & South African market.
  4. 4. About Lupin Lupin Limited is an innovation led transnational pharmaceuticalcompany producing a wide range of quality, affordable generic andbranded formulations. Lupin first gained recognition when it became one of the worldslargest manufacturers of Tuberculosis drugs. Lupin has emerged as the 4th largest and the fastest growing Top 5company in the U.S.A. Began Operations : 1968
  5. 5. About LupinBoard of Directors• Dr Desh Bandhu Gupta - Chairman• Dr Kamal K Sharma - Managing Director• Mrs M. D. Gupta - Executive Director• Mrs Vinita Gupta - Director• Mr Nilesh Gupta - Executive Director• Dr Vijay Kelkar - Director• Mr Richard Zahn - Director• Mr R. A. Shah – Director
  6. 6. 6Lupin’s FacilitiesLupin’s FacilitiesLOCATION PRODUCTS APPROVALSMandideep,MadhyaPradeshCephalosporinsPrilsWHO, USFDA, UKTarapur,MaharashtraRifampicinLovastatinUS FDA,WHOAnkleshwar,GujaratEthambutolIntermediatesWHOAurangabad,MaharashtraAnti TBLisinoprilWHO, MSF,Verna,GoaNon-cephalosporinOral FDUS FDA,Jammu,J&KOral FD FDAIndore,MadhyaPradeshAPIFD-Baroda,GujaratCRAMS -Pune,MaharashtraR&DGoaPunearapurnkleshwarMandideepAurangabadJammuMumbaiIndoreBarodaHead Office:- Mumbai, Maharashtra
  7. 7. Vision Of The CompanyAn Innovation Led,TransnationalPharmaceutical Company.
  8. 8. Mision Of The CompanyOur mission is to become atransnational pharmaceutical companythrough the development andintroduction of a wide portfolio ofbranded and generic products in keymarkets.
  9. 9. Values Of The CompanySuperior PerformanceEntrepreneurshipCustomer OrientationWorking TogetherRespect for PeopleIntegrity
  10. 10. History & Milestone Of Lupin1968: Lupin started business.1972: Lupin Laboratories Pvt. Ltd was incorporated.1980: Lupin Started a formulations plant and an R&D center atAurangabad (Maharastra).2001: State-of-the-art R&D Centre at Pune was Started.
  11. 11. History & Milestone Of Lupin2004 : WHO approval was received for State of the artformulation Plants at Goa and Aurangabad.2009 : Lupin acquired majority stake in MulticarePharmaceuticals Philippines Inc.2011: Lupin Acquires Irom Pharmaceuticals through its JapaneseSubsidiary.
  12. 12. Awards-Accolades Of Lupin
  13. 13. Awards-Accolades Of Lupin2009 :International Excellence Award by Institute of EconomicStudies.2010 : Best Drug Development Company, Asia by The NewEconomy Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Awards.2010: Lupin wins The Most Promising Entrant into the BigLeague by CNBC India Business Leader Awards.2011: Lupin ranked amongst Indias Top 3 Best Companies toWork For in Healthcare and Pharma Sector.2012: Mrs. Vinita Gupta won the Business Today 30 MostPowerful Women in Business award.
  14. 14. STP Analysis
  15. 15. STP AnalysisSegmentationAnti TB segment, Cardiovascular, Oral and injectable, pediatricproducts API’s, Anti-Infectives segment .
  16. 16. STP AnalysisTargetingHealthcare professionals, doctors treating patients suffering fromTB, respiratory & cardiovascular diseases.
  17. 17. STP AnalysisPositioningIt is innovation led pharmaceutical company, which specializes ingeneric, API & branded formulations for developed &developing world.
  18. 18. Marketing Mix
  19. 19. ProductProduct on the basis of two types:Formulation.API’s.
  20. 20. Product Formulation : This is the production of capsules, tablets andsyrup with the help of API’s. A branch which is producingAPI’s will send this for formulation.
  21. 21. ProductProduct category Segment Product(medicine)Lupin Pharma Semi acute therapy , Anti-TB R-cinex,AkuritLupin Respira Anti-Asthma, respiratory L-cin,TelecastEndeavour Anti-biotics, pain management Softovac, cefaxoneMaxter Wound management Tazar, MerotrolPinnacle Cardiac market Ramistar, LupenoxLupin CVN Nephrology NovastatLupin DiabetesCareDiabetes market Misobit, TelistaMindvision Neuropsychiatry like stroke,depression, anxietyCognistar, citistarLupin Femina Women’s health care segment Faa-20, Luprolide
  22. 22. ProductAPI’s : This is the active pharmaceuticalingredient. This is in the form of powder andthis is generally using in the formulation ofmedicine. It is the kind of production .
  23. 23. ProductProduct category Product(medicine)Anti-Biotics Cephalexin , CefadroxilAnti-TB Rifampicin, RifabutinCardiovascular Lisinnopril, SimvastatinCentral nervous system Lacosamide,PregabalinAnalgesics FlupirtineAnti-Gout Febuxostat
  24. 24. Place Lupin has created strong foothold in the advanced marketsof USA , Europe, Japan , Australia and emerging markets ofIndia and some of the other Rest of the world countries..
  25. 25. Price Initially the company adopted Cost based pricing strategy but afternew Pharma pricing policy, it has changed its pricing policy. New Pricing Policy New pricing policy is good for the people of India who can buy essentialdrugs at cheaper prices and at the same time it is less taxing for thePharma companies.
  26. 26. Promotion Influencing the physician is key to pharmaceutical sales.Physicians are the most important players in pharmaceuticalsales. Eli Lilly India (Lilly) and Lupin ltd announced that theyhave entered into strategic collaboration to promote anddistribute Lilly’s Hum insulin range of products.
  27. 27. PESTAL Analysis
  28. 28. PESTAL AnalysisPoliticalGovernments have a responsibility to take all necessary measuresto ensure that much-needed new medicines are developed,become available and are accessible.
  29. 29. PESTAL AnalysisEconomic Global economic crisis. Reduction in individual income. The economic crisis pressure are seeing an increased growth instrategic buying groups who are forcing down prices.
  30. 30. PESTAL AnalysisSocial/CultureThere is also the problem of the increasing obesityamongst the population and its associated health risks.
  31. 31. PESTAL AnalysisTechnologicalThe technological advancement creates new business prospectsboth in terms of new therapy systems and service provisions. Theonline opportunities will see the growth in:Customized treatmentSocial media for health careDirect to patient advertisingDirect to patient communication
  32. 32. PESTAL AnalysisLegislationThe pharmaceutical industry has many regulatory and legislativerestriction.Changes to advertising laws.Increased litigation.
  33. 33. Porter’s five forces Analysis
  34. 34. Porter’s five forces AnalysisPower of Buyers Generic (low cost versions of the branded drugs) drugs offercost-effectives to the innovator drugs and thus offer significantsavings for buyers. The bargaining power of buyers is high.
  35. 35. Porter’s five forces AnalysisPower of suppliers The barging power is high for API companies with difficult tomanufacture products. These companies command premiumprices. However majority of API suppliers have low bargingpower since they produce products which are simple tomanufacture or commoditized. Thus bargaining power of suppliers as a whole is Medium.
  36. 36. Porter’s five forces AnalysisCompetitive Rivalry The growth opportunities for Pharma companies are expected togrow manifold in the next few years with many drugs going offpatent in the US and emerging countries coming into focus. The competitive rivalry is high.
  37. 37. Porter’s five forces AnalysisAvailability of substitutes The threat of substitution is higher in unbranded marketswhere one generic can be substituted by another by thepharmacists. The threat of substitute is high.
  38. 38. Porter’s five forces AnalysisEntry barriers Entry barriers in the emerging markets are high due to its brandednature. However the companies require extensive legal knowledgecombined with ability to develop the product earlier thancompetition, this is possible for only a few top companies.
  39. 39. Competitor Analysis
  40. 40. CompanyMarket share of Pharmacompany in IndiaCipla 5.6Ranbaxy 4.76Dr. Reddys laboratory 4.47Sun Pharma 4.03Lupin 2.73Cadila Healthcare 2.07Glaxosmithkline Pharmaceuticals 1.79Matrix Laboratories Ltd. 1.6Ipca Laboratories Ltd. 1.36Other 1.29
  41. 41. SWOT analysis
  42. 42. SWOT analysisWorld wide leader in Anti TB drugs .In the US and Japanese market it is the largestgeneric player. Wide global footprint as it is present in over70 countries
  43. 43. SWOT analysis High dependence on global formulation businesswith 84% revenue coming from US market. It operates in low growth segments such CNS,respiratory diseases
  44. 44. SWOT analysis Increased health awareness. Emerging technological trends indrug delivery. Increasing prevalence of TB indeveloping countries .
  45. 45. SWOT analysis Price regulation by government reduce the pricingability of company. With around 20000 unorganized and 300 largeorganized player makes Indian Pharma industryhighly competitive .
  46. 46. 48Lupin’s Business ModelLupin’s Business ModelTechnology•R&D•Biotechnology•Chemical & pharmaengineeringAlliances•In-Licensing•Long term partnership withcustomersSustainable EarningsAccelerated GrowthFulfilling StakeholderAspirationsSustainable EarningsAccelerated GrowthFulfilling StakeholderAspirationsMarkets•Advanced Markets –Exponential Growth•GeographicalExpansion – EmergingMarkets• Enhanced MarketPenetration & NewTherapiesGenerics Formulation APIAcquisitions•Markets•Therapies•Technology
  47. 47. Financial Statement Analysis
  48. 48. Income Statement
  49. 49. PARTICULARS Mar.12 Mar.11INCOME Rs. Cr Rs. CrNet Sales 7,067.46 5,780.78Other Income 29.42 44.27Stock Adjustments 316.91 90.71Total Income 7,413.79 5,915.76ExpenditureRaw Materials 3,112.65 2,485.36Power & Fuel Cost 268.82 205.47Employee Cost 969.53 767.70Other Manufacturing Expenses 170.75 137.34Selling and Admin Expenses 0.00 852.99Miscellaneous Expenses 1,433.36 232.88Preoperative Exp Capitalised 0.00 0.00Total Expenses 5,955.11 4,681.74
  50. 50. PARTICULARS Mar.12 Mar.11INCOME Rs. Cr Rs. CrPBDIT 1,458.68 1,234.02(-)Interest 35.47 66.84PBDT 1,423.21 1,167.18(-)Depreciation 227.52 171.18Profit Before Tax 1,195.69 996.00Tax 308.74 116.93Reported Net Profit 886.95 880.07PBDIT 1,458.68 1,234.02(-)Interest 35.47 66.84PBDT 1,423.21 1,167.18Book Value (Rs) 89.85 73.53
  51. 51. Balance Sheet Statement
  52. 52. PARTICULARS Mar.12RS. CrMar.11Rs . CrSources Of FundsEquity Share Capital 89.33 89.24Reserves 3,995.85 3,243.35Net worth 4,012.89 3,281.08Secured Loans 764.48 784.13Unsecured Loans 716.39 378.28Total Debt 1,480.87 1,162.41Total Liabilities 5,566.05 4,495.00Application Of FundsGross Block 3,985.52 2,964.34Less: Accum. Depreciation 1,232.78 907.51Net Block 2,752.74 2,056.83Capital Work in Progress 440.64 531.22
  53. 53. PARTICULARS Mar.12 Mar.11Investments 2.80 3.15CURRENT ASSETSInventories 1,732.67 1,199.96Sundry Debtors 1,731.81 1,255.82Cash and Bank Balance 402.47 171.29Total Current Assets 3,866.95 2,627.07Loans and Advances 870.89 683.14Fixed Deposits 0.00 248.83Total CA, Loans & Advances 4,737.84 3,559.04Current Liabilities 2,039.29 1,383.43Provisions 328.68 271.81Total CL & Provisions 2,367.97 1,655.24Net Current Assets 2,369.87 1,903.80Total Assets 5,566.05 4,495.00
  55. 55. 2010-2011 2011-2012TotalDebt EquityRatioTotal Debt Equity Ratio : Total Debt / EquityTotal Debt To Equity Ratio
  56. 56. 2010-2011 2011-2012Current RatioCurrent Ratio : Current Assets /Current LiabilityCurrent Ratio
  57. 57. 2010-2011 2011-2012Inventory Turnover RatioInventory Turnover Ratio : Cost of good sold/ AvginventoryInventory Turnover Ratio
  58. 58. 00.511.522.532009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012Fixed Assets Turnover RatioFixed Assets Turnover Ratio: Cost of good sold/Avg fixed assets.Fixed Assets Turnover Ratio
  60. 60. COMPANYNAMELAST PRICE NET SALES TOTAL ASSETSSUN PHARMA 678.50 4015.56 8094.90CIPLA 378.10 6977.50 7520.84DR. REDDYSLAB1722.40 6686.30 8251.20LUPIN 561.70 5364.37 4703.07RANBAXY LABS 511.60 7686.59 6123.38
  61. 61. “Human Resources are something above eachmeasurement. The capacity of these resources can beextended indefinitely when each person begin tothink.”
  62. 62.  To offer differential skillsets to people forenhancing competitiveedge.
  63. 63. Philosophy“To convert employees into leaders in stipulationsof capability to lead self, situation and people.”
  64. 64. Recruitment Process
  65. 65. Lupin is using three different medium for selecting the right talent:Management Trainee ProgrammeYoung Leaders ProgrammeAdvertisement
  66. 66. Learning and Development Lupin has instituted various programs aimed at developingleadership qualities for first line supervisors, mid-sized teamleaders or large function heads. They have developed specific programs in order to groom thistalent pool on individual basis in 3 areas:• Education• Training & Development• Job rotation / exposure
  67. 67. Programmer For New Joiners and First-line Supervisors Udbhav The Iceberg Leader Plus Buddy
  68. 68. For Managers: AMEX (Accelerating Managerial Excellence) Manufacturing Business Leadership Programme Executive Coaching For Senior Management
  69. 69. Performance Appraisal
  70. 70.  Employee appraisals are a balancing act between theexpectations of employees and the managementsperception of the employees contribution to businessgoals. The Company use Management By Objective Method forPerformance Appraisal. It is a developmental aspect as it involves employeetraining for right fit.
  71. 71. Need of HR Specialized employeesIssue:Higher Education Aspirations.Solution:Introduction of the PhD Program at the Lupin Research Park.
  72. 72. Whistle Blowing PolicyWhistleblowing encourages and enables employees to raiseserious concerns within the Council rather than overlooking aproblem or blowing the whistle outside.Transparency helps Companies to redefine processes andmake improvements.
  73. 73. Corporate Social Responsibility
  74. 74. Lupin Human Welfare & ResearchFoundation
  75. 75. Milestones of LHWRF Won the FICCI Ladies Organization Award for WomenWelfare. Third Dalmia Environment Award for best watermanagement practices. Award for outstanding achievement in rural development.