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Customer Relationship Management in Ireland Managing your Customers for Business Growth


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Microsoft Ireland Research on the adoption of customer relationship management tools and processes in Ireland - a survey of over 400 companies.

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Customer Relationship Management in Ireland Managing your Customers for Business Growth

  1. 1. Managing your Customersfor Business GrowthA Report on Customer RelationshipManagement in IrelandMicrosoft IrelandJanuary 2011
  2. 2. Managing Your Customers for Business Growth A Study on Customer Relationship Management in Ireland, January 2011Table of ContentsForeword 3 Karl O’Leary, Business Manager, Microsoft Dynamics Ireland 3Customer Relationship Management in Ireland – Five Years On 7Interviews 13 Mervyn O’Shaughnessy: The Importance of Knowing 13 Your Customers Tom Trainor: Developing a Customer Relationship Model 16 Krishna De: Integrating Social Media into Customer 19 Relationship ManagementIrish Customer Case Studies 25 Irish Forestry Services 25 ADM Londis 28Microsoft Dynamics CRM 31
  3. 3. Managing Your Customers for Business Growth A Study on Customer Relationship Management in Ireland, January 2011 ForewordKarl O’LearyBusiness ManagerMicrosoft Dynamics IrelandIf you were to ask a group of business De brings out the point that digital socialpeople what Customer Relationship networking requires that, instead ofManagement (CRM) means you would broadcasting their communications toprobably get a variety of answers, but in simple customers, companies now need to listen toterms it’s about managing your customers customers on a person-by-person basis. Toand is something that has been done since borrow a phrase, successful companies needhumans began buying and selling. to give their customers “a good listening to.”Five years ago Microsoft published a report Tom Trainor provides some keen insights inon CRM practice in Ireland, “Customer Driven his piece on marketing. In difficult economicProductivity - A Study on CRM Practice times, companies need to retain theirin Ireland.” That report revealed some customers. Those who know their customers,interesting insights about Irish businesses – who listen to their customers and who lookfor me, the most interesting one being that after the needs of their customers, will be50% of companies were either ignoring or the ones to survive, thrive and prosper as thenot leveraging the benefits of CRM. Five economy inevitably recovers.years on, we’ve reconnected with the samebusinesses to investigate what’s changed, Mervyn O’Shaughnessy provides insightand gain comparative insight on how CRM into the complexity of the balance neededhas evolved as part of their overall business to reach beyond our current economicplan. A lot has changed during that period – downturn. The economy that emerges fromthe economy, the prevalence of the internet this downturn will be more balanced, moreand the explosion of social media such as sustainable and more globalised. Ireland canFacebook, Linkedin and Twitter. One thing no longer be a middle-man in the globalI know that hasn’t changed though, is the economy, it has to develop its indigenousneed to understand and manage your small and medium size businesses intocustomers. regional, European and globally-scaled enterprises. In order to achieve this, weWhat struck me, when reading the will have to develop our ability to achievecontributions to this new insightful report international scale, while maintaining our“Managing Customers for Business Growth,” relationship with existing and new customers.was the manner in which the economicdownturn has brought that truth home to For our part, Microsoft has been working tothe decision-makers in Irish business. develop a CRM solution that is driven, not by what is technologically possible, but by whatIn her thought-provoking article, Krishna is needed within the marketplace - easy 3
  4. 4. Managing Your Customers for Business Growth A Study on Customer Relationship Management in Ireland, January 2011 to use and intuitive software, the integration of social networking functionality and the shift towards cloud computing. These useful tools will help businesses to build relationships with the only factor that is of any value – the customer. I hope you find this report of business benefit. I believe that Microsoft has listened to what customers want with the launch of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. We are delivering a valuable solution that can enable businesses to retain their existing customers, develop new relationships and ultimately scale their business locally and globally.4
  5. 5. Managing Your Customers for Business Growth A Study on Customer Relationship Management in Ireland, January 2011Customer RelationshipManagement in Ireland – Five Years onIrish companies have awoken to the project. A total of 25% of respondents saidimportance of customer relationship that responsibility for CRM lay with themanagement (CRM) over the past five years, operational function, with the IT manager orbut despite this, one-third of companies operations director.use Microsoft Office productivity softwarerather than CRM tools to manage customer When asked to rate the importance ofinteractions. various CRM functions within the company, on a spectrum between “Very Important”That’s according to Microsoft’s survey on or “Not Important”, the ability to track salesCRM Usage in Ireland, which was carried leads and enquiries came out on top. Fifty-out in the last quarter of 2010, on the fifth seven percent said that it was very important;anniversary of the last major survey. 29% said it was important and only 14%The survey found that Irish companies are said it was not important. Interestingly,taking a strategic view of CRM (Figure 1). the tracking marketing activity receivedMore than 30% said that CRM was owned the fewest votes with 39% voting it veryby either the sales director or the marketing important, 42% voting it important and 20%director. Another 17% of respondents said voting it not important. Other CRM functionsthat the managing director owned the CRM such as sales pipeline management, tracking Figure 1: Who “owns” CRM within your company? 5.4% 20.8% Sales Manager/Director 18.2% Marketing Manager/Director Managing Director Operations Manager/Director 9.6% Customers Service Manager/Director IT Manager/Director 18.8% No One Specific 16.9% 4.2% Other 6.1% 7
  6. 6. Managing Your Customers for Business Growth Managing Your Customers for Business Growth A Study on Customer Relationship Management in Ireland, January 2011 A Study on Customer Relationship Management in Ireland, January 2011 Figure 2: In the past five years, what Figure 3: What product or system is the main change you’ve seen in do you use for CRM in you Siebel the way you deal with customers? company? Salesforce Dynamics CRM 2.9% 29.4% 11.8% 22.6% Goldmine Customers expect a quicker response 5.9% Saleslogix Customers are more savy about what 29.1% they’re buying 2.4% SAP 1.2% Competition is tougher as customers ACT! 22.9% have more choice 7.6% Sugar CRM Customers are buying more items 12.6% online 1.8% Excel 1.5% Customers are more cost conscious Access Customers are spending less 7.4% 5.0% Nothing 13.9% 24.7% Other 17.3% customer complaints, the systematic storing 17% said that competition is tougher tool is, which is used in-house; and 12% were using their contact of customer details and the provision of because customers have more choices; by almost 10% of respondents; 7.5% management software as an ad-hoc CRM business intelligence all scored relatively well and 14% said that customers are more used SAP; and another 6% percent used system. indicating that CRM serves a number of very discerning in their purchasing choices. Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Reported use of important functions within Irish companies. Siebel, Sugar CRM, Goldmine, Saleslogix Companies have also increased their Many Irish companies choose to use and ACT! came to a combined total of less commitment to CRM. 57% have invested in The CRM systems were put into place in Microsoft Office productivity software a CRM system in the past 3 years and four than 15%. One in every eight companies response to customer needs and demands to manage CRM processes, rather than out of five have invested in the past 5 years. said that they did not use any CRM system (Figure 2). In response to the question “In purpose made CRM tools (Figure 3). The In the 2005 survey, more than half the CRM and one in five said that they used a CRM the past five years, what is the main change most popular tool is Microsoft Excel, which system, but did not specify the brand. systems were more than 5 years olds and you’ve seen in the way you deal with is used by one-quarter of the respondents. more than 20% were more than 10 years old. customers?” 29% of respondents reported When Microsoft Access usage is added to This compares very favourably with the that customers now expect a quicker Excel usage, these tools make up one-third 2005 survey, when 52% of companies had The biggest CRM challenges faced by response than they did previously; 23% said of all tools used for the customer relationship no CRM system in place; 14% were using companies are getting employees to update that customers are more cost-conscious; management role. The next most popular bespoke systems that had been developed customer details (40%); ensuring that the8 9
  7. 7. Managing Your Customers for Business Growth Managing Your Customers for Business Growth A Study on Customer Relationship Management in Ireland, January 2011 A Study on Customer Relationship Management in Ireland, January 2011 Figure 4: What is the biggest challenge to Figure 5: How many employees are there successful CRM in your company? in your company? 5.4% 8.3% Getting employees to update 1-10 18.2% customer details 7.3% 11-12 Usability (ease of using the 33.9% technology) 5.7% 21-50 9.6% 20.8% Having a process for CRM 51-100 Having a full view of the customer 7.8% 101-250 from finance through to sale 251-500 Management support and buy-in 18.8% 8.7% 501-1000 Other 9.2% 5000+ 8.0% 4.2% 11.0% system is usable and fit-for-purpose (20%); Twenty-seven percent said that they don’t and communications companies made up making sure that the business processes are use social media and had no plans to do so another 9.5% of the survey. Financial services in place within CRM (15%); and getting a full in the future. companies constituted 8% of respondents view of the customer across functional areas and companies in the construction, (14%) (Figure 4). Seven out of every ten companies in engineering and architecture industries the survey are Small to Medium Sized made up another 8% of participants. Social media is also making significant in- Enterprises (SMEs), with fewer than 250 roads into Irish customer relationship culture. employees. Half of those SME companies 13% of the respondents worked in More than 31% of the companies surveyed manufacturing, farming, fishing and forestry were enterprises with fewer than 10 used Facebook to interact with customers; sector; and 6% worked in distribution and employees (Figure 5). Outside of the SME and 23% used the Twitter micro-blogging wholesale. 10% worked in either the public sector, the respondents came from the sector or education. service. More than 26% used, corporate sector and large public bodies. the online professional networking tool, to build their relationship with customers, Two out of every three respondents Data Source: suppliers and partners. Only 10.6% had were service-industry companies, with used YouTube to provide video content to new-economy companies being the most Survey carried out by Microsoft in their customers. Almost one-quarter of enthusiastic respondents. IT services and December 2010. Results based on responses respondents hadn’t used social networking consultancy companies made up 20% of from over 400 Irish companies. technologies, but wished to in the future. respondents; and combined technology10 11
  8. 8. The Importance ofForeword Knowing Your Customer Mervyn O’Shaughnessy, CEO Sales Institute of Ireland Mervyn O’Shaughnessy is CEO of The Sales Institute of Ireland. He is a member of the Marketing Institute and has held a number of senior sales and marketing roles in the media sector including Advertising Director at The Sunday Tribune, Sales & Marketing Director at Checkout Publications and Business Development Director at Business & Finance Media Group. How are Irish sales professionals coming key areas like prospecting, presenting, to terms with the downturn? negotiations and account management so training is more important than ever. It’s Sales professionals have had to adapt quickly also essential for sales managers and their to tough market conditions. They’ve had to teams to take full advantage of technology create more compelling value propositions to improve customer retention and sales and be more flexible on pricing in order effectiveness. Cloud computing and mobile to win valuable new business and retain communications now make it easy to access existing customers. This is confirmed in our critical applications and data anywhere, recently published ‘Sales Sector Survey’, anytime, making sales managers and their which surveyed senior sales professionals teams much more responsive and effective. working for indigenous and multinational organisations across a range of sectors. The How important is customer retention in survey confirmed that ‘lower prices’ and an economic downturn? ‘better value at the same price’ are the most effective sales approaches at the moment. Customer retention is particularly important in a downturn when customers are more How has the role of the sales manager likely to move to competitors offering lower changed over the past few years? prices and special offers. It’s important to stay in regular contact with customers, develop Sales managers in all sectors are operating an understanding of the challenges they’re in a more complex and challenging facing and respond quickly and effectively environment today. Budgets are smaller to any requirements or concerns they might and sales cycles are more protracted and have. If you don’t look after your customers, harder to manage. Customers are shopping somebody else will. around looking for better value so customer retention is a major issue. Significantly, finance and procurement professionals have also become more involved in the buying process which is making the sales manager’s job more challenging. In the current climate, sales managers and their teams need to be effective in 13
  9. 9. Managing Your Customers for Business Growth A Study on Customer Relationship Management in Ireland, January 2011 Presumably it’s even more important for Because of the lack of scale in the Irish companies that rely on a few customers markets, Irish SMEs are being for all of their sales. encouraged to export. What approach should they take to customer Any business which relies on a few key relationship management when entering accounts for most of its sales will be hit hard new markets? if they lose one of their key accounts. If it’s not possible to broaden the customer base Companies considering exporting need by actively prospecting for new accounts, to think carefully who their customers are, companies must do their best to protect and what their needs are and what competition develop the relationship with existing key already exists. They also need to consider accounts. It’s essential to “lock in” existing possible routes to market and their own accounts with contracts which reward resources and capacity. Given the increased longevity of custom. complexity of doing business today, many businesses are spending too much time How is the development of social managing existing customers and not networking affecting customer enough time attracting new ones which relationship management? limits their ability to develop new markets. Social media provides invaluable insights Customer relationship management activity which can be used for sales and marketing should be proportionate to the value and campaigns, web site content, search potential value of the customer. Most engine optimisation, special promotions businesses would benefit from reviewing and competitive intelligence. Increasingly, their customer database and analysing organisations of all types and sizes are customer relationship management activity making social networking part of their to see how much time is spent on relatively customer relationship management low value accounts and activities, which strategy. Dell has recently launched a ‘Social could otherwise be spent on higher value Media Listening Command Centre’ to track activities like developing new markets. an average of more than 22,000 daily topic posts related to Dell, as well as mentions of Dell on Twitter. This clearly illustrates how seriously successful organisations are taking social media today.14
  10. 10. Managing Your Customers for Business Growth A Study on Customer Relationship Management in Ireland, January 2011 Developing a Customer Relationship Culture Your overall market positioning could For example, I heard of one man who was Tom Trainor, CEO of the Marketing Institute of Ireland be right, but if customer service is slow, it travelling on a train and who tweeted to damages your brand. That’s why the people his followers that the train carriage was Tom Trainor is Chief Executive of The Marketing Institute of Ireland, the Irish national leading the organisation need to foster cold. This was picked up by the railway representative body for the broad marketing profession. Prior to taking up this position in a culture of good customer relationship company, who contacted the driver, who 2005, he held global revenue responsibilities with Trintech Technologies where he was Executive management and to reward people for turned up the temperature and announced Vice President, and with Kindle Banking Systems where he was Director of International Sales. looking after the relationships with the that the temperature was being increased in He has also had roles with consultancy firm Cambridge Technology Partners, Eircom and customer. response to a tweet from the gentleman in Bank of Ireland. carriage six. This kind of capability can blow One way to analyse it is to trace the customers away, but the resultant pressures Small and medium enterprises have to So what strategy can an SME adopt to customer experience through your on your competitors is massive. However, focus their scarce resources and efforts retain their existing customers? organisation. Pick an order - or a it also illustrates that every company can during an economic downturn, how complaint – and staple yourself to it. It’s about developing a relationship with the respond in a positive way, providing a huge would you advise them to prioritise? See where it goes, how it is handled customer; understanding their needs and boost to their brand. A key success factor for companies in any expectations; and delivering on those needs and how well and quickly it is resolved. economic environment is the ability to and expectations. That will tell you a lot about your To what extent is digital social retain existing customers. It’s estimated that organisation in terms of customer networking changing the nature of winning a new customer is between five and How can you develop the relationship relationship management. customer relationship management? eight times more expensive than retaining with an existing customer? How can this be culture be developed so Digital social networking has created an an existing customer. That’s why it’s very If you’ve dealt with the customer in the environment where issues – positive and that it looks after the customer’s needs? important to hold on to the customers that past, then there’s a lot of information in the negative - can be discussed around the you already have. organisation about them, which gives you an Companies need to look at the world from the world, in just a few seconds. But it has also advantage over those approaching them for customer’s point of view. The customer has created an opportunity-to-respond culture. This is even more true in an economic certain needs, so the customer relationship the first time. Developing the relationship Companies that actively engage in social downturn, where there are fewer new deals in management system should be organised with the customer isn’t just about gathering media channels can monitor what people circulation. The cost of customer acquisition around those needs. Unfortunately, it often and storing information, it’s about fostering are saying about their brands and respond also increases in a downturn, because there’s happens that the customer relationship a culture of being aware of the customer’s quickly. less low-hanging fruit. Farming is always model is built around the limitations of a needs at every point in the supply chain. more efficient than hunting. specific technology. It creates a risk too. If you take a couple of It’s not just about sales and marketing, it’s also about customer service, manufacturing days to respond to an issue that has been The flip-side is that many companies aren’t How are customer needs and and even billing. The customer doesn’t raised online then you’re dead in the water. minding their customers, in an environment expectations evolving? where customers are looking out for a better differentiate between these divisions, so the deal. Think of all of the times you’ve been in a company cannot either. Customer expectations are rising fast. shop where the sales assistants ignored you. People expect products and services that Think about every customer interaction in are customised to their needs and they This creates an opportunity for an ambitious terms of its impact on your brand. A brand expect better and faster customer care. The marketer to gain new customers. is not a logo or a strapline, the brand is the communications industry and the internet customer’s perception of your business; the have taught people to expect almost instant brand is whatever the customer says it is; it’s responses to their needs, across every about what the customer thinks and feels industry. about your company.16 17
  11. 11. Managing Your Customers for Business Growth A Study on Customer Relationship Management in Ireland, January 2011 With local markets flagging, many SMEs are looking to export markets to grow their businesses. What customer relationship issues arise when attempting to scale a business internationally? Before people decide to start exporting, they should study their home market. Are you finding it tough because the local market is saturated, or is it because you’re not providing good value and service to customers? Is somebody else in the Irish market more successful than you and what is the basis of their success? If you have come to grips with the basics of good customer service, then growing into export markets makes sense, it’s a natural development. However, if you’re contending with all of the issues relating to exporting – new market development issues, local supplier issues, taxation and currency issues – without having sorted out your customer relationship model, then exporting will not be easy.18
  12. 12. Integrating Social Media into Customer Relationship ManagementKrishna DeKrishna De is an award-winning digital marketing, brand-engagement and social media speaker,commentator and mentor. You can find her online at and’s driving the adoption of social However, when initially engaging in socialmedia as a customer relationship media, many organisations initially focusmanagement tool? on using these platforms for marketing for example product promotions and hostingThere are a number of reasons, especially competitions, and have not yet consideredfor small businesses, including the fact that integrating customer support and media channels have a low barrierfor entry – many platforms are free to join Forward thinking companies howeverand the commitment is then the time to recognise that it is important to be awareeffectively manage those channels. With and also engage in the conversation aboutoverheads continuing to be under pressure, their company. The fact is that people arecost effective marketing which can be easily already talking about your company, yourtracked and measured is clearly a great products and your services online. Whenopportunity to help build awareness of they want to engage with you they mayyour products and services and of course for example decide to post their feedbackultimately increase sales. on Twitter, and especially if they know you have a profile there, they will often have anAt the same time, social networks have expectation that you will be listening to theirbecome more widely used by consumers as feedback and responding to them.they are easy to access from the home, theoffice and when mobile using smart phones. What high-level approach shouldThe dramatic growth of platforms such as companies take when trying to integrateFacebook and increased awareness of online social networking into their customersocial networking have given people new relationship management strategy?places to congregate online – so marketingmanagers are exploring how best to connect The first step is to listen to what prospectswith people through these new channels. or customers are saying online about you, your competitors and similar products orIn fact, we are now seeing that customer services. If there are few conversationsexpectations are changing - they expect online about you that may be because therethat companies will handle customer service is little awareness of you, or perhaps yourissues by phone, by fax or though digital and customers are not active online, or you needsocial media channels. to take action to encourage people to talk 19
  13. 13. Managing Your Customers for Business Growth Managing Your Customers for Business Growth A Study on Customer Relationship Management in Ireland, January 2011 A Study on Customer Relationship Management in Ireland, January 2011 So how should a company look to social networking profiles. For example a about your products or services. Monitoring your product or service, following through formulate a social networking policy? good practice tip would to post in your the conversation is only the first step – you with the customer and responding to them Twitter profile the hours that someone will then need to take the insights you glean from quickly online means that others in that Aside from your internal policy for social be online to answer customer questions. the research and determine when and how community can see how you responded, media and how your staff engage with these you will respond which will in many cases and that in itself can have a positive impact new channels, if you are planning to use Presumably some questions can’t be means that you need to establish processes on the perception of your company. I am these platforms for customer relationship answered instantly and online? and procedures to integrate with your not advocating that you have to play out management it’s important to sit down current customer relationship management the whole conversation online – you can with interested stakeholders for example, Absolutely if you can resolve and close the of course move the conversation from the establish a cross functional project team issue immediately it has been brought to approach. social network to other traditional channels. including marketing, sales, customer support your attention that is great. However it is What are the key differences between and in some cases, your legal representative, not necessarily the case that you need to CRM through social networking and As an example, I recently commented on to set out parameters for social media always fully answer and resolve the issue CRM through other channels? Twitter about a problem I was experiencing engagement. You of course need to ensure immediately if it is a more complicated with a hotel I was planning to stay in for a that you also comply with any industry problem. In that case you can ensure that Social networking offers you the opportunity business trip. Another hotel in the vicinity your customer knows you are aware of specific guidelines or codes of practice in to build and nurture relationships with contacted me on Twitter because they had the issue and that you are taking action to your sector. customers; it can facilitate a reduction in been actively listening to conversations resolve it including when they can anticipate the cost to serve your clients by reducing online and offered to help me out. You can You can then develop your Service Level a response in full to their issue. overheads, it can help you increase sales be sure that I remembered their engagement Agreement for customer support through and potentially market share; and it can Can you think of any companies who with me and I subsequently told friends and social networking channels including increase your customer satisfaction scores are doing a good job integrating colleagues about the positive experience defining your policies, practices, rules of by reducing response time for issues to be social networking into their customer I had with them. That is positive word of engagement, capability requirements and resolved if executed effectively. relationship management offering? mouth marketing for the hotel and as you resource allocation. are aware referrals are a significant way that The telecommunications companies in With social networking there is a greater If the customer doesn’t consciously many small businesses in Ireland attract new Ireland have really embraced social networks emphasis on building relationships and see any difference between a customer customers. for example Twitter and Facebook and many engaging with prospects and customers. helpline and a corporate Twitter of them actively provide customer support You will also find people posting questions Have many Irish SMEs integrated account, do they unconsciously expect a through their Twitter profile. Globally, on social networks and forums such as “Who social networking into their customer different kind of response? organisations including Dell and Ford have would you recommend?” for a product or relationship management strategy? There is often an unspoken expectation that integrated social media into their overall service offering. That creates an opportunity It’s still relatively early days in Ireland, in a customer complaint expressed through business strategy. For example Dell has to connect – however take care to do so terms of companies integrating customer Twitter will be handled promptly. There is an multiple Twitter accounts to cover areas without coming across as pushing hard relationship management. Increasingly we acceptance that faxes can be passed around from PR, customer support and sales. for the sale. It is also important that if you respond in a forum that you follow the see companies setting up a Facebook Page an organisation before you get a response, or To what extent are businesses community guidelines for responding and or Twitter account to promote their business. that people might call you back in response to integrating social networking into their ensure that you disclose who you are and There are currently fewer organisations who a phone query. In social networking channels automated CRM systems? that you are responding on behalf of the have end-to-end CRM processes and who it’s a very visible medium, and people often company. have identified where social networking fits expect a fast response. You therefore need There is a significant opportunity for into their customer relationship strategy, to consider what level of support you will businesses to adopt CRM tools as many have If you find someone has a problem with plan and processes. be providing and communicate that in your not yet done so.20 21
  14. 14. Managing Your Customers for Business Growth A Study on Customer Relationship Management in Ireland, January 2011 It is great to see that the companies that produce CRM programmes are aware of this change in how customers are engaging with companies and have actively created and integrated tools to automate and integrate social networking into their software. Key tools include the ability to monitor and respond to social networking activity in real- time and work-flow monitoring tools to track communications, updates and responses to customers. They also facilitate you allocating responsibility to members of your team be it in-house or outsourced partners who manage the social media channels for the company. Social media has now sufficiently evolved that business leaders are reviewing how it is integrated to deliver the business goals from brand awareness, to lead generation, from increasing sales and market share to reducing operating costs. Using these CRM programmes can assist in ensuring that your activity in social media channels deliver a return on investment and profitable growth.22
  15. 15. Irish Customer Case StudiesIrish Forestry ServicesA combined process review and CRM implementation at asset-management firm IFS allowed thecompany to grow while offering a richer level of service to its investors.Irish Forestry Funds manages 26 privately- Microsoft Dynamics CRM looks like familiarowned forestry investment funds. More Microsoft Office products, which employeesthan 18,000 people have invested in the find easy to us. This is a major aid to userfunds, which own more than 21,000 acres adoption, one of the key challenges toof forestry. Shareholders invest in 10-year, successful CRM implementation.12-year and 30-year funds, which invest ingreen-field and existing forestry plantations The project was not simply an IT Ireland. It was part of an organisational review, whereby company processes were beingIFS is responsible for the investment changed. These changes had been mademanagement of the funds, including necessary due to the continued growth offinancial management and accounting; the company and the project needed toauditing; reporting; and investor relations. facilitate the delegation and automation ofIt also promotes the funds to new investors. key tasks.The investment management firm needed The project achieved more than thea structured CRM system because of the integration of mailings lists. The teamcomplexities of its business model, explained at IFS has expanded, which meant thatTrevor McHugh, Managing Director of Irish information on the customers had to beForestry Services. available to a greater number of people.“Each of the 26 funds is a separate fund Microsoft Dynamics CRM allowed IFS toand has its own share register,” he said. record every interaction with a customer,“Initially they were kept on separate Access whether by phone, letter or e-mail. It alsodatabases, but it made sense to have them in displays a contact history through thean integrated system, which would recognise Outlook interface, so that the company’s fullthem as discrete entities.” relationship to the company is clear to every user.Implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRMhas allowed IFS to track queries from “When a client calls, our staff members canpotential new investors and to maintain instantly identify which fund they’re in andits newsletter mailing-list, which keeps track any contact we’ve had with them,current and potential investors informed including copies of correspondence,” saidof developments in the forestry industry. McHugh. “That allows us to provide themThis process is streamlined by the fact that with a higher level of personalised service.” 25
  16. 16. Managing Your Customers for Business Growth A Study on Customer Relationship Management in Ireland, January 2011 Microsoft Dynamics CRM also displays said McHugh. “We can tell clients where information that is common to every their forestry fund has invested, give them shareholder in a particular fund, such as the exact tree-mix in the forest and provide the most recent valuation of the forestry them with location maps.” assets and the date when the investor can next expect audited accounts. The system now provides asset management reporting in terms of species mix and bio- “It means that we don’t have to go rooting diversity. This level of detail, even down to in filing cabinets in response to a detailed the proportion of spruce, ash and pine in the query,” said McHugh. plantation, builds the investor’s identification with their forestry investment. Microsoft Dynamics CRM also met the requirement that greater access to data was “If an investor is in Mayo and asks if they’ll controlled by roles and permissions, which be passing one of their forests, we can pull meant staff only had access to data that they it up on the screen and tell them over the needed to carry out their role. Any activity phone,” said McHugh. on the system was tracked by a detailed security log. “Microsoft Access simply wasn’t secure enough for our purposes,” said McHugh. We needed multi-level access, so that not even our own staff could simply walk up and access inappropriate information.” As well as allowing IFS to develop its business, while maintaining a high-quality relationship with its clients, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has allowed IFS to improve their investors’ experience as a forestry shareholder. Using XRM, which extends the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, IFS has integrated forestry information and digital maps into its CRM system. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has tightly integrated client-side extensibility, which makes it easier for developers to build external resources, such as geo-mapping services. “The XRM system allows us to drill into our forestry information on a plot-by-plot basis,”26
  17. 17. Managing Your Customers for Business Growth Managing Your Customers for Business Growth A Study on Customer Relationship Management in Ireland, January 2011 A Study on Customer Relationship Management in Ireland, January 2011 Dynamics has a native Outlook client, which to the retailers. This enhancement will allow ADM Londis shows all related e-mails, contacts and our retailers to log their own calls at any calendar appointments in a single string, time of the day or night, to facilitate the When Londis implemented CRM in its customer service department, it wasn’t simply about tracked within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. needs of retailers who are under immense resolving customer queries, it was an exercise in building trust with retail customers. Users can simply convert an incoming time pressure. The retailers will also be able e-mail into a new sales opportunity rather to check the status of their query, which ADM Londis is one of Ireland’s premier The group decided to entitle the new CRM than having to copy and paste the email helps to build and maintain a close trusing symbol groups. It acts as the central supplier system ‘ASSIST’, summarising the core as you would usually. It also means that all relationship. to a network of over 300 independent principles that Londis instills in its staff when information is tracked within one holistic system. “Customer Service is core to the ADM stores, employing over 7,000 people in retail, dealing with customers: Accountability, Londis culture. This CRM system not only distribution and support services nationwide. Synergy, Service, Interaction, Supreme Care Prior to the CRM implementation, the group has enabled us to improve on our already From early stages in its history, the group and Teamwork. had defined service level targets, but had excellent service levels, but allows us to identified that in an intensely competitive The new Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, in been unable to accurately measure how engage more effectively with our customers retail market, it had to deliver the highest which every member of the Group Support successful it had been in terms of meeting in the query resolution process”, says level of customer satisfaction. Office is involved, allows the Customer those targets. Part of the reason that Tonna-Barthet. “Our customers expect rapid and efficient Service team to promptly and correctly Dynamics CRM was chosen was it provided resolutions to both queries and claims,” said forward queries to the relevant departments up to the minute views on how effectively Claude Tonna-Barthet, Customer Operations within the organisation. queries were being resolved. Director. “The service levels expected in the “We designed and implemented procedures “We measured the effectiveness of the CRM retail market are so much higher than in within CRM which allowed us to get the best system in the post-implementation period,” other areas of commerce.” from our customer service team and vitally, said Tonna-Barthet. “Our service levels have Enhancing and maintaining service levels to build confidence among our retailers,” said improved from 95% to 99% satisfaction to ADM Londis retailers necessitated wider Tonna-Barthet. “It’s a fiercely competitive rating.” corporate engagement in resolving customer market and retailers need to feel secure that “From a qualitative point of view, we know queries, as well as to give managers the there is a strong system behind the customer the CRM system is working, because our ability to view the number and status of service centre.” customers are now familiar with the query departmental queries. Microsoft Dynamics CRM was chosen process and know that once their call is “Other than being able to track store- because of its robust back-end and because logged, their query will be dealt with. There is specific queries relevant to each department of its front-end integration with Microsoft a notable decline in customer dissatisfaction within our Group Support Office, my primary Outlook. Londis sought a user-friendly and the ambiguity surrounding unsolved concern was to identify and eliminate the application that all employees would feel queries is now no longer a concern. The bottlenecks and pursue an ethos whereby comfortable using on a daily basis. reporting system ensures that the solution we would resolve 100% of queries”, said timeline tagged to a specific query is both Claude Tonna-Barthet. “The user interface is common to all in achievable and provides a satisfactory the company and was a key factor in outcome to the customer.” As part of a €3 million supply chain initiative ensuring maximum buy-in from staff,” said to deliver improved service levels to retailers, Tonna-Barthet. The next phase of the CRM project will be the company decided to implement a CRM to deliver a self service solution via the web system in 2010.28 29
  18. 18. Microsoft Dynamics CRMCombine familiar Microsoft® Office Become a Dynamic Businessapplications with powerful CRM software toimprove marketing effectiveness, boost sales, MaRkETIng: Maximize Marketing Spendand enrich customer service interactions.Microsoft Dynamics® CRM equips business Improve your organisation’s marketingprofessionals with access to customer effectiveness with Microsoft Dynamicsinformation through a familiar Microsoft CRM. Provide your marketing professionalsOutlook® experience which helps ensure with flexible segmentation tools, simplifiedrapid user adoption and fast results. campaign management capabilities, intuitive response tracking, and insightful analytics toAnd with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, improve your marketing get the same powerful CRM softwaredelivered as a cloud service from Microsoft, SalES: Win More Dealsenabling instant-on anywhere access, Spend more time on selling and less time onpredictable pay as you go pricing, and a administrative tasks with Microsoft Dynamicsfinancially backed service level agreement CRM. Take advantage of full lead to cash(SLA). visibility, lead and opportunity tracking,Deliver on the power of productivity streamlined approvals, and real-time saleswith a CRM solution that is: forecasts to drive increased sales output and higher close rates.Familiar - software that empowers peoplethrough natural, productive, and insightful CuSTOMER SERvICE: Delight Customersexperiences. Provide compelling customer serviceIntelligent - real-time analytics and experiences that build customer loyaltystreamlined business processes that with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Empowerenable informed decisions and operational your people with tools that simplify caseefficiencies. management, streamline escalations, improve knowledge sharing, and enableConnected - connections across people, more effective account management, allprocesses, and ecosystems that allow while helping to contain service costs.businesses to maximize the value ofrelationships and systems. ExTEnDED CRM: Optimize all Relationships Use the inherent flexibility and extensibility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to maximize Drive productivity the value of all relationships. Quickly and adoption with create custom business applications and a native Outlook experience industry solutions without compromising on and real-time capabilities, budget, or delivery time right dashboards from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 31
  19. 19. Managing Your Customers for Business Growth Managing Your Customers for Business Growth A Study on Customer Relationship Management in Ireland, January 2011 A Study on Customer Relationship Management in Ireland, January 2011 FaMIlIaR: CRM that is natural and segmentation tools, conditional formatting Marketplace and manage solutions directly “Microsoft Dynamics CRM looks like Personal rules, and powerful reporting features. from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. familiar office products, which employees find easy to use. This Next-Generation Outlook Client: Manage Goal Tracking: Better track and measure key CRM that Provides Choice and Flexibility is a major aid to user adoption, one all your email messages, meetings, contacts, business goals such as marketing leads, sales Subscribe to Microsoft Dynamics CRM of the key challenges to successful and customer information in one place with quota, and first-call resolution rates with Online, deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM CRM implementation” the native Microsoft Outlook client. holistic goal management. on-premise, or opt for a partner-hosted TREvOR MCHugH Office-Fluent UI: Improve productivity with Operational Efficiency: Achieve operational solution. Take advantage of the U.S. $2.3 Managing Director preview panes, contextual Office ribbons, efficiencies and improve information flow billion investment Microsoft has made in Irish Forestry Services and key Office features like mail merge and with data import and cleansing tools, activity cloud infrastructure and jump-start your Microsoft Excel® export/import. auditing, and field-level security. CRM efforts with the instant-on access of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Choice and Lead to Cash Visibility: Maximize every COnnECTED: an Organisation that is flexibility mean you choose the payment “Customer Service is core to the ADM customer interaction, from marketing Collaborative and united and delivery methods that best suit your Londis culture. This CRM system not only outreach to sales engagement to problem business. has enabled us to improve on our already resolution, with a 360-degree customer view. Contextual Document Libraries: Manage excellent service levels, but allows the creation of marketing collateral, sales get Started Today us to engage more effectively with Advanced Personalization: Use role-based proposals, and customer contracts with our customers in the query forms, personal views, record pinning, and integrated document management and Try Microsoft Dynamics CRM today: resolution process” most recently used lists to tailor the CRM versioning. experience to your users’ needs. ClauDE TOnna - BaRTHET Teaming: Foster greater internal collaboration Call us now: 1800936390 Customer Operations Director Flexibility: Quickly customize and extend and improve work state management with Find a partner: ADM Londis CRM to meet your organisation’s unique team record ownership, comprehensive needs with drag-and-drop customization queues, and real-time communication tools. and intuitive developer tools. Business Connections: Identify new business InTEllIgEnT: Information that is connections and gauge online influence Insightful and actionable with the Connections feature and the Social Connector. Contextual Analytics: Visualize the business with out-of-the box or configurable real- Portals: Streamline the event management time dashboards, drill-down analysis, and processes and better enable customer self- powerful inline data visualization. help with robust portal solutions. Guided Processes: Streamline approvals, Mobility: Maximize your staff’s productivity improve consistency, and enforce best outside the office with easy access to CRM practices with guided dialogs and flexible data and features using the offline client or workflows. any web-enabled mobile device. Actionable Insight: Better identify new Value-Add Solutions: Find solutions and opportunities and trends with intuitive expertise through the Microsoft Dynamics32 33