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Facebook For B2B Companies: Is It Worth It?


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Are you a B2B company and wondering if Facebook is relevant for your organisation?

That is the question that Krishna De ( addressed at a recent social media event for B2B Companies hosted by Dell in London.

This was a facilitated session where delegates also shared their experience of using Facebook in their B2B company.

If you have questions about using Facebook as part of your marketing and communications plan you can post your questions at

If you have questions about using social media as part of your marketing and communications plan you can post your questions at

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Facebook For B2B Companies: Is It Worth It?

  1. 1. Facebook For B2B Companies:Is It Worth It?A Discussion On Best Practices For Using FacebookKrishna on Twitter © Krishna De 2011, BizGrowthNews.comTwitter hash tag #dellb2b
  2. 2. What opportunities do yousee for using Facebookas part of your marketingand communicationsplan? © Krishna De 2011,
  3. 3. Promote your business with Facebook Ads © Krishna De 2011,
  4. 4. Build a community of fans with a Facebook Page © Krishna De 2011,
  5. 5. Attract new customers and leads with Facebook Deals © Krishna De 2011,
  6. 6. Integrate Facebook with your website using Facebook Social Plugins © Krishna De 2011,
  7. 7. Define your purposefor using Facebook © Krishna De 2011,
  8. 8. Determine your objectives and how you will measure your effectiveness © Krishna De 2011,
  9. 9. Develop your content plan - remember to be engaging and educational © Krishna De 2011,
  10. 10. Learn to listen and manageyour reputation onlineand publish your comment policy © Krishna De 2011,
  11. 11. Don’t just syndicate and cross postFind ways to integrate your marketingEncourage participationProvide exclusive contentExplore opportunities for F-commerce © Krishna De 2011,
  12. 12. Which B2B Facebook Pagesdo you recommend? (DellSocialMedia) © Krishna De 2011,
  13. 13. Source:© Krishna De 2011,
  14. 14. Don’t forget to integrate your marketing © Krishna De 2011,
  15. 15. Let’s keep in © Krishna De 2011,
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