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Philippine music

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Philippine music

  1. 1. Philippine Music A poetic expression of the Filipino culture Angelo Caancan 4H Paulo Dones Enrique Hormillo Paolo Inting Sang-Yoon Kim Miguel Montelibano
  2. 2. Historical Background♫starts off with ethnic music ♫music of tribes ♫used for occasions♫spans until the post-Spanish era ♫music influenced by the Spaniards and other cultures♫and even until the modern Filipino Music
  3. 3. Musical Background♫ Traditional/Ethnic Music ♫used for feasts and rituals of the tribe ♫Pre/Post-harvest rituals ♫Weddings ♫Pre/Post-war rituals ♫Connection with Nature ♫mimicry of movements in nature ♫Copying of monkeys, birds, etc.
  4. 4. Musical Background♫ Influenced Music ♫influence of other cultures brought about by either colonization or simple meetings with people of different cultures ♫may sound somewhat westernized, Chinese, Indian, etc. at times
  5. 5. Musical Background♫ Modern Filipino Music ♫the product of years of evolution of music in the Philippines
  6. 6. Forms of Music♫ Ethnic ♫ percussions are mainly used ♫ sometimes gongs are also used ♫ Pentatonic Scale ♫five-note scale ♫not commonly used ♫ Diatonic Scale ♫seven-note scale ♫much preferred over pentatonic Percussion – striking of a musical instrument to produce tones
  7. 7. Forms of Music♫ Hispanic ♫Banda ♫form that kept Spanish characteristics ♫much like the Spanish and Mexican-style bands ♫used as a competitive “tool” between different municipals
  8. 8. ♫Hispanic Forms of Music ♫Rondalla ♫ensemble of plectrum instruments ♫uses overtures and arias from operas compatible with the Philippine Music ♫shifts betweem major and minor chords ♫recreation or courtship usage Plectrum – used for plucking of strings Overture – used as an introduction to an opera Opera – dramatic composition accompanied by music Aria – a melody sung with accompaniment Accompaniment – part of a composition that serves as a “background”
  9. 9. Forms of Music♫ Hispanic ♫Sarswela ♫Filipino version of the Spanish Zarzuela ♫used as theatre music or entertainment ♫A form of operetta Operetta – a.k.a. light opera contains dialouges
  10. 10. ♫ Filipino Forms of Music ♫Kundiman ♫“should-it-not-be” ♫delivered with romantic lyrics and mellow melodies ♫considered as one of the most romantic Filipino love songs ♫accompanied usually by a guitar or violin ♫used for serenading Mellow – soft and rich in sound
  11. 11. Forms of Music♫Filipino ♫Awit and Corrido ♫similar to ancient epic tale telling ♫an array of songs and dances performed by local talents ♫translated and spread to different regions of the Philippines
  12. 12. Forms of Music♫ Modern ♫Original Philippine Music (OPM) ♫songs created in the Philippines or created by Filipinos or those with Filipino origin ♫mostly comprised of Tagalog, English or Taglish ballads ♫songs of other languages also exist and are comsidered as OPM because of the composer/creator
  13. 13. Forms of Music♫Modern ♫Pinoy Rock (Filipino Rock Music) ♫usually in Taglish which catches the attention of most listeners due to the use of the language for casual conversations in the Philippines ♫a genre similar to that of rock in the USA, though of Filipino origin
  14. 14. Forms of Music♫ Modern ♫Choral Music ♫performance of a group through choral singing ♫made famous by the world-renown Philippine Madrigal Singers (Madz) ♫the Philippines is one of the most prestigious multi-awarded country in Asia in terms of choral singing Madrigal - usually of four to six voices singing without accompaniment
  15. 15. Forms of Music♫ Modern ♫Neo-Traditional ♫modern Filipino music fused with ethnic music ♫examples are music from Joey Ayala and Pinikpikan
  16. 16. Renowned People♫ Levi Celerio ♫ April 30, 1910 - April 2, 2002 ♫ composer and lyricist ♫ was the youngest member of the Manila Symphony Orchestra ♫ known as the “Leaf Player” in the Guiness Book of World Records ♫ named as National Artist of the Philippines for Music ♫ gained a lifetime achievement award for film for numerous songs of his used in movies
  17. 17. Renowned People♫ Nicanor Henson Abelardo ♫February 7, 1893 – March 21, 1934 ♫composer ♫finished his first composition “Ang Unang Buko” at the age of 8 ♫became head of the conservatory of music in 1921 ♫died at the age of 41, leaving more than 140 works, including “Nasaan Ka Irog?”, “Magbalik Ka, Hirang”, and “Himutok” ♫also composed “UP Naming Mahal”
  18. 18. Renowned People♫Ryan Cayabyab ♫born on May 4, 1954 to a poor family ♫because of his mom’s dying wish, he didn’t pursue music in his college ♫had to shift his course to music to earn a scholarship offered by senator Salvador Laurel
  19. 19. Renowned People♫ Ryan Cayabyab ♫ taught in Department of Composition and Music Theory in the UP Diliman for almost 20 years ♫ currently the Executive and Artistic Director of the San Miguel Foundation for the Performing Arts ♫ has won numerous awards and acknowledgments like CCP Centennial Honors for the Arts, Lifetime Achievement Award (for promoting and developing Filipino music), Professional Award, and etc.
  20. 20. Renowned People♫ Francis Magalona ♫born October 4, 1964 ♫rapper, songwriter, actor, director and producer ♫one of the people who popularized Pinoy Rock ♫received the Pioneer Hall of Fame Award in 2005 at the 1st Annual Hip-Hop Music Awards ♫has his own record and production company, Red Egg Records and Filipino Pictures, Inc., respectively.
  21. 21. Renowned People♫ Nilo Alcala II ♫ born February 23, 1978 ♫ composer and chorister ♫ Serye Humoreska 1: chuck d’ cheeky chat won 2nd place in the Asian Composers League (ACL) ♫ he has also had other notable awards and nominations for his brilliance in Music ♫ former member of the Philippine Madrigal Singers where some of his compositions were used in their competitions ♫ graduated magna cum laude in the UP Diliman Conservatory of Music Chorister – singer in a choir or leader of a choir

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