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Single piece pattern


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Published in: Education
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Single piece pattern

  1. 1. SINGLE PIECE PATTERN AIM: To make a mould for single piece pattern. SKETCH: WORK MATERIAL REQUIERD: Single piece pattern block, Moulding Sand. TOOLS REQUIRED: Cope, Drag ,rammer , strike offbar, sprue pin , riser pin , vent rod gate cutter , trowels , lifter.
  2. 2. SEQUENCE OF OPERATION : 1.Sand Preparation 2.Preparation of Mould 3.Placing of Pattern 4.Preparation of Drag 5.Preparation of Cope 6.Making of Sprue & Riser PROCEDURE : 1. The Drag is first placed upside down a moulding. 2. The drag is filled with moulding sand and rammed suitably by means of rammer. 3. After sand is rammed a strike off bar is used to remove the excess sand and the surface is made half. 4. The drag is then turned over and cope is placed on it. The two flasks are held together rigidly by means of pins. 5. The above procedure is repeated again after palcing the sprue pin and riser at right place. 6. After proper ramming the sprue and riser are removed from cope, vent holes are made using vent rod. 7. Now the cope and drag are separated and pattern is removed using draw spike from drag. 8. With the help of gate cutter the runner is prepared in the casing. PRECAUTIONS : 1. The Vent holes should not reach the pattern. 2. The Sprue and Riser should be removed very carefully. 3. Never pour over wet ground. RESULT : Thus the required mould cavity box is obtained.