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Longitudes & latitudes


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Longitudes & latitudes

  1. 1.  What are longitudes and latitudes? They are imaginary vertical and horizontal lines around the Earth. We measure them in degrees and use this to give the exact position of place in the world.
  2. 2.  What are longitudes? Lines of longitude are the vertical lines in the world imaginary grid. They go from the North Pole to the South Pole and they are the same length.
  3. 3.  What are latitudes? Lines of latitude are the horizontal lines in the world’s imaginary grid. Lines of latitude are not all the same length.
  4. 4. 180o E and 180o W are West East the largest longitude. AustraliaThe vertical lines are called longitude.The 0o is called the Prime Meridian which passes through GreenwichObservatory near London, England.
  5. 5. Greenwich Observatory
  6. 6.  To describe position more accurately, we divide each degree of latitude and longitude into smaller parts call minutes. There are 60 minutes in a degree. The symbol for minutes is ’
  7. 7. AustraliaSeven Continents :Four Oceans) :
  8. 8. 90o N (North Pole) 66 1/2o N (Arctic Circle) 23 1/2o N (Tropic of Cancer) 0o (Equator) Australasia 23 1/2o S (Tropic of Capricon) 66 1/2oS (Antarctic circle) 90oS (South Pole)The horizontal lines are called latitude . The 0o Equator is the longestlatitude. It divides the Earth into Northern Hemisphere and SouthernHemisphere. The closer to the Poles, the shorter lines of latitude are.
  9. 9. Arctic Ocean Pacific OceanAtlanticOcean India n Ocea n
  10. 10. Europe North America Asia Australasia Africa SouthAmerica Antarctica
  11. 11. Positioning on the Earth’s Surface East is the direction of Latitude: (90oN to 90oS) rotation of the Earth North Pole Prime Meridian Longitude: (180oE to 180oW) 0o Longitude Tropic of Cancer Latitude 23½o North 21st June 90 60 60ooEo 30 W 30 9090 66½o o 23½22nd Sept Equator Latitude 0o20th March 900 23½o 22nd December Tropic of Capricorn Latitude 23½o SouthLongitude 90o West Longitude 90oEast Longitude 60o West Longitude 60o East Longitude 30o West Longitude 30o East South Pole Latitude and Longitude together enable the fixing of position on the Earth’s surface.