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How to leverage your distance learning placement cell


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Published in: Education
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How to leverage your distance learning placement cell

  1. 1. How to Leverage your Distance Learning Placement CellDistance education in India has gained tremendous popularity over the last decade. Besides enhancingacademic knowledge and helping students and professionals develop significant skills; individuals havealso been able to leverage their academic participation for the benefit of landing jobs.The Role of Distance Learning Schools in PlacementsA growing number of schools of distance education for MBA in India are now establishing placementdepartments that assist enrolled students in finding the right type of jobs in relevant industries.On the basis of the personal reputation of the distance learning institution as well as the quality ofstudents that graduate out of the distance education for BBA and other programs; corporations fromaround the country choose to offer employment opportunities to students.How Does this Work?Understood that students pursuing class-room based courses have the luxury of a campus to interactwith potential employers during placement week and other such events; distance education schools arefinding innovative ways to provide similar opportunities to students who reside in various parts of thecountry.My putting the internet to good use, educational institutes are acting as the link between student jobseekers and potential employers. With a proactive placement department in place, these universitiesare in the position to invite a range of well established corporations into regionally organized job fairsand placement drives.As a student, you have a chance to attend these events, interact with companies across industrysegments, and showcase your personal skills, knowledge, academic and professional experiences to landthe job of your dreams.While applying for jobs through your distance learning institution, it is important to keep in mind that,most of your interaction is bound to take place via online mediums. This means that, it is as important towork on your written communication skills as much as your verbal abilities to comprehensivelyshowcase your strengths as a potential employee.An exciting range of opportunities are now available to the MBA alumni of SMU-DE through SMU-DE’srecent tie-up with the famous Edinburgh Napier University, one of the top universities in UK. As anesteemed MBA alumni of SMU-DE can get an additional MBA degree from ENU by completing three 20credit modules, total value 60 credits out of the 180 credits of the ENU’s MBA programme. Students willbe able to pursue these additional credits by enrolling for one semester in the Business School at ENU’sCraiglockhart Campus in Edinburgh. SMU DDE alumni will be given exemption to 120 credits of the 180credit ENU MBA Programme, thus saving time and two-thirds of the total ENU MBA programme fees.Alternatively, students may opt to study the ENU Global Online MBA by supported online study whilststaying in India or their country of residence.
  2. 2. The ENU university fee (2012/13) for its on-campus full time MBA studied over one semester is £4,264and the fee for its online MBA is £2,704. For those students opting for a term at ENU’s Craiglockhartcampus, the current UKBA ruling is that students studying full time may work up to 20 hours per weekon a part time basis. Please refer to the UKBA website for further details including the minimum wage.