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Cpd ch 2 identity


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Cpd ch 2 identity

  1. 1. Babaria Institute of Pharmacy CHAPTER 2THE CONTRIBUTORS IDENTITY Presented by: Nupur Varia(Roll No-41) Saurabh Zaveri (Roll No-42) Jay Dharod (Roll No-43) Dharmendra Gohil (Roll No-44)
  2. 2. CONTRIBUTORS IDENTITY• Identity is a term which needs to be defined properly.• Identity does not mean Name, Family Name, Father’s name, your achievements, your qualifications etc. though this too is known as a type of identity, it is not a true Contributors identity.• A Contributors Identity is their vision, their potential to contribute, their urge to contribute and their eagerness to take responsibilities.• A true contributor is identified by such values.
  3. 3. TYPES OF IDENTITY• The Identity of a person is mainly divided into two kinds.• A) STATIC IDENTITY: Such an identity is very short seen, short lived and very shallow. The person with such identity presents himself by his Position, Awards, Qualification, Power, Contacts etc.• B) DYNAMIC IDENTITY: This kind of identity is a contributors Identity which is very broad, open and person with such an identity presents himself by his ability to contribute, to take responsibilty etc.
  4. 4. The DYNAMIC I -DeNTITY
  5. 5. • Steve jobs is a name rarely someone has not yet heard.• He is the pioneer of the apple products which are one of the most technically advanced and world-class gadgets.• His identity is not his qualifications or his degree, but his identity is his contribution to the technical world.• Jobs had a vision. He wanted to contribute to the world with his best abilities and he gave this world some of the most advanced electronic gadgets.
  6. 6. What are his views that make him a Dynamicidentity. His ability to see the world in a broad way. His urge to make things himself which others can use for their own good. His enthusiasm to keep trying to find new things in life by learning and observing.These things made steve jobs a dynamic identity which is the mark of a true contributor.
  7. 7. NareNdra
  8. 8. • Narendra Modi, one of the most popular Chief minister’s of Gujarat is a true Dynamic identity.• His vision for the state has led to the progress of Gujarat beyond leaps and bounds.• He proposed solar plants in villages of Gujarat to make these villages independent and help in their progress.• He has a vision of utilizing the moist air of Gujarat to generate electricity through wind energy.• His identity is his efforts to make Gujarat a prosperous and a developed state, his urge to give his state glory and his efforts to create opportunities in Gujarat through VIBRANT GUJARAT.
  9. 9. What are his views that make him a Dynamicidentity. His vision to make small villages independent with the use of solar power. His ability to contribute to the progress of his state. His urge to create employment oppurtinities in Gujarat.He, due to his dynamic identity, has developed gujarat, which was shattered by riots in 2002. he truly is a dynamic identity.
  10. 10. guru guru V/sgreg gary
  11. 11. • This is one of the finest example to differentiate between a static and a dynamic identity.• One is Greg Chappell, former indian coach, who was a static peronality and was the reason of india’s downfall in world cricket.• Other is Gary Kirsten, a dynamic perosnality, who coached india to a famous world cup victory.
  12. 12. A) Greg Chappell (Static Personality)• Chappell tried to changed team india.• He kept on appearing in media and kept on creating controversies.• He always thought he was better in cricket than others and thought whatever he decided was correct.• He did not listen to anyone and made controversial decisions thinking he has the power to do it and misused it.
  13. 13. WHAT HAPPENED NEXT:• Saurav ganguly, one of the finest indian captain resigned from captaincy and lost his spot in the team.• Sachin tendulkar faced one of the worst seasons in his cricket career.• Irfan pathan, a future all rounder lost confidence and form.• India lost to Bangladesh in World cup.• India was thrown out of the world cup in the first round and faced its worst worldcup campaign since 1992.
  14. 14. A) Gary Kirsten (Dynamic Personality)• Gary came in when Indian cricket was in its worst phase.• He gave players confidence to perform at a bigger stage.• He kept throwing balls in the net to all players whole day even if he was tierd.• He brought back confidence in the indian team to win.• He never appeared in the media and remained behind the scenes and was a silent and never took credit.
  15. 15. WHAT HAPPENED NEXT:• India defeated Australia in their backyard in Perth.• India became the Number 1 testa nd one day team.• India won the Asia cup after 15 years.• India won the world cup after 28 years.• Sachin tendulkar reached his peak form during Kirsten’s term as coach.
  16. 16. Martinlutherking
  17. 17. Lance Armstrong
  18. 18. Henry Ford
  19. 19. Henry Ford• American indusrialist• Founder of ford motor ltd.• Contribution in transportation• Dynamic identity
  20. 20. Azim Premji
  21. 21. • The Identity is a very important feature that distinguishes a contributor from a non-contributor.• A static identity is of a very small circumference and is selfish. It does not benefit others and is very short lived.• A dynamic Identity is always benifical to everyone and is visionary. THANK YOU ANd BE A dYNAMIC INdENTITY