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Observation lab


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Observation lab

  1. 1. Visit to Inorbit Mall, Malad Mumbai, INDIA
  2. 2. Before You Enter• Malls do draw you in. Malls have become the social watering hole in India over the past decade.• Elaborate security scanning is something you take for granted right from the time your car is checked.• I miss the earlier freedom of strolling in.• The signs and the neon lighting and the general buzz entice you in with the promise of what lies ahead.
  3. 3. Environment• I never used to notice the color scheme, the lighting, the floor or the ceiling height. This lab forced me to become aware.• The noise, the music, the temperature, the smell……all these questions forced me to slow down and be in the NOW!
  4. 4. Personnel• Again one usually screen them out at the stores wanting them only if one needs assistance?• I made a conscious effort to check out how many sales staff are there – male vs female, their dress, are they using store products• I had several screens that I had to make an effort to remove to REALLY LOOK.
  5. 5. Products• This is something that I am usually alert to.• I generally know what’s where• Where will be the “sale” items• Free sample areas – drinks, soups, cheese
  6. 6. Customers• In India other customers in a store are a hindrance  – In the aisles – At the check in counter – There will be hordes of them (and you are one of them too)• Consequently having the ability to time your visit to beat the rush is an art