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Brochure Managed Services June2010[1]


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TechM offering on Managed Services

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Brochure Managed Services June2010[1]

  1. 1. For more information on Tech Mahindra’s Managed Services, please Americas Europe Middle-East India Singapore Africa Australiawww.techmahindra.comAbout Tech MahindraTech Mahindra is a global systems integrator and businesstransformation consulting firm focused on thecommunications industry. Tech Mahindra helps companiesinnovate and transform by leveraging its unique insights,differentiated services and flexible partnering models. Thishas helped customers reduce operating costs, generatenew revenue streams and gain competitive advantage.For over two decades, Tech Mahindra has been the chosentransformation partner for wireline, wireless andbroadband operators around the world. Tech Mahindrascapabilities span across Business Support Systems (BSS),Operations Support Systems (OSS), Network Design &Engineering, Next Generation Networks, Mobility, SecurityConsulting, Testing, and other areas.Tech Mahindras solutions portfolio includes Consulting,Application Development & Management, NetworkServices, Solution Integration, Product Engineering,Managed Services, Remote Infrastructure Managementand BPO. Over 33,500 professionals service clients acrossthe telecom eco-system, from a global network ofdevelopment centers and sales offices across Americas, Managed ServicesEurope, Middle-east, Africa and Asia-Pacific. With annualrevenues in excess of US$ 976 million, Tech Mahindra is thelargest telecom-focused solutions provider and 5th largestsoftware exporter from India.Copyright © 2010 Tech MahindraAll rights reserved.
  2. 2. Why Managed Services? How can Managed Services Help?The telecommunications industry is intimately connected to the global economy. It has traditionally been both a major driver of Enhancing agility to respond to changing market dynamicseconomic growth and a beneficiary of that growth. The industry could not escape the heat of the current global recession and saw Releasing organization bandwidth to focus on core functions2008-09 as struggling years for achieving much of the planned revenue growth. Falling Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), budgetpressures at both the consumer and enterprise level, causing downgrading of services, delay in adopting higher bandwidth services or Outcome based commercial structures focused on solving business problemsreduction of services, and new entrants have made companies look for innovative solutions to optimize costs. In the current economicenvironment, it has become a necessity to revaluate budgetary priorities; focus on resource and cost optimization; and give attention Catalyst for technology & platform transformation leveraging the R&D capability of manage services partnerto core competencies for survival and success. Management of SLAs linked to business objectivesThe Managed Services model has emerged as a saviour in this climate. The model provides the best of both worlds: enabling a fastertime to market and a predictable service delivery, while linking IT services cost to revenue generation. It incorporates technologytransformation to ensure that the business objectives are fulfilled.Overcoming challenges with Managed ServicesThe key business objectives for a Telecom Service Provider is to not only enhance customer experience and improve revenuegenerating streams, but to do so with maximum business flexibility and at an optimal cost structure. We at Tech Mahindra, understandthese business objectives of our customers. Tech Mahindra with its core focus on the telecom domain generates more than 85% of itsbusiness from telecom operators worldwide. The company has evolved over the years as Revenue Enabler not just a TechnologyProvider. Having cumulative experience of over 40,000 person years in the industry, Tech Mahindra is well recognized as agile ITPartner for stable and predictable operations, with deep knowledge of VAS and High Growth Markets for an E2E Ownership andDelivery.As a trusted partner for strategic IT outsourcing and managed services, Tech Mahindra ensures IT alignment with business objectivesof clients through its service partnerships, customer centric approach and operations experience instilled with the industry bestpractices. As the outsourcing industry matures, Tech Mahindras services portfolio expands to resolve clients critical strategic concerns 1 Organize 2 Industrialize 3 Optimize 4 Align with Business 5 Continuous Improvementsand not just the bottom line pressures. Our offerings are built on experience of servicing global telecom giants and technology Tech Mahindra helps companies innovate and transform by leveraging its unique insights, differentiated services and flexiblepartnerships with worlds best solution providers. partnering models. This has helped our customers reduce operating costs and generate new revenue streams.At Tech Mahindra, we believe that Businesses must develop a blueprint for transforming IT from a technical orientation to businessservice orientation. Our customer-centric approach enables us to provide the right solutions to new customers and continue providingfocused solutions to existing customers thereby creating more long-term value .We strive to reduce the cost and complexity of ITinfrastructure while enhancing flexibility and productivity; and go beyond cost reduction by re-investing savings for higherperformance and innovation. Our Approach to Managed services transformation is five fold:
  3. 3. Cost Take Out OfferingsApplications Management and OperationsAt Tech Mahindra, the business benefits CRM Systems Enterprise. Appsfrom outsourcing end-to-end or specific Customer service portals ERP Applicationsapplications management and operationsextend beyond the higher profitability Customer creation and order Financials,inherent in lower costs. Both incumbent handling Logisticsand greenfield operators have reaped the Dealer and partner managementbenefits of our telecom business acumen, HRMcommitment for value creation and Revenue Assurance and Fraud Supply Chaincapability in implementing industry best managementpractices for service delivery like ITIL. Tech BI / Data warehousing Number PortabilityMahindra follows a robust and proven Data miningservice delivery framework to ensure Loyalty managementsmooth execution of processes facilitating MIS reporting OSS Applicationsachievement of business objectives. Analytics FulfillmentBSS Applications Office Automation Apps Service Configuration andBilling/Mediation systems Activation VAS Applications Product/ Tariff configuration, Service Provisioning Service Delivery Platforms Rating and Bill / Invoice generation Service Assurance Service Creation and Provisioning CDR Rejection Analysis Fault/Trouble ticket management Content management Interconnect & Interparty Customer Impact analysis Service Testing settlements Operations Support VAS portfolio Management Work-flow Management SMSC/ MMSC/USSD Management Inventory Management WAP Gateway ManagementPlatform Management ServicesAt Tech Mahindra, we clearly understand Tech Mahindra assumes responsibility of Portfolio of Services Security Management function includes:how important it is to have a stable andscalable IT infrastructure. Our IT Managed Security Services with Data Centre Operations and Support to Tech Mahindra offers full spectrum of ManagedInfrastructure Management functions can Monitoring, Administration and ensure client’s computing equipment and Support for the logical and physical their environment are operating at their Services to Incumbents & new entrants. Our offeringsprotect your IT investments through aprofessional approach to IT Infrastructure security measures for application designed performance levels. Data Center cuts across Business Processes, Application,Management. As an end–to–end Managed systems and associated data Management includes: Infrastructure and Network, bringing in the expertiseServices Provider, Tech Mahindra takes on networks 24x7 Operations Monitoring that spans across all aspects of the Telecom businessthe primary responsibility for managing all Identity and Accessthe applications (BSS/OSS & SDP) platforms Capacity Management including Fulfillment, Assurance, Customer Care, Billing, Network Security Network, Data Center & Support functions along withthat exist as part of service roll out. Platform SLA & Management ReportingManagement Services includes: DRM a choice of Pricing and Operations model. Keeping in Storage & Backup Services includes:Servers & Mainframes Management IT Network Management function Monitoring Services mind your specific needs, we have designed ourincludes: includes Monitoring & Management of IT portfolio with “Cost Take Out” Offerings, Revenue network with: Restore Reporting & Administration Management Offerings & Offerings for New Businesses. Device Monitoring Failure Investigation Systems and Storage Architecture WAN and LAN End-User Services includes: Performance Management L1 L2 Service Desk N/W Design and Engineering Messaging Desktop/Laptop roll-out
  4. 4. Revenue Management OfferingsBilling Service BureauBeing able to offer voice & data services,prepaid/ postpaid models & convergentofferings requires sophisticated,convergent billing systems that supportnext-generation services. We offer outsourced billing serviceswherein we take on the responsibility ofmanaging your entire billing process.With implementation of industry bestpractices, secure IT infrastructure &judicious mix of off-shore & on-sitedelivery models, the Bureau can reduceyour billing operations costs substantiallywithout sacrificing service levels. We More Control with ‘Pay as you Go’ Web Portal for Business users &absorb your information technology (IT) model Partnerscapital costs & keep your infrastructurecurrent by incorporating the latest Enhanced Competitive Edge by MIS & Reporting withtechnology & spreading the overhead enabling implementation of Comprehensive Revenue & Trafficamong many client carriers. innovating rate plans, discounts, Reports payments & revenue treatment Helpdesk Support includes TroubleOur Billing Service Bureau brings thesame operational efficiencies & benefits Interconnect Billing Service Bureau Ticketing & 1st Level Supportto small & medium sized carriers as it According to global estimates, telecom Value Propositionprovides to our large client carriers. The operators lose 3-4% interconnect Operational Efficienciesstart-up carrier can go live in a shorter revenue every year. For a mid-size tier 2time frame than acquiring & Scalable operations operator, this could mean revenue lossimplementing their own billing system. No Incremental Investment due to of as high as € 20 million!An established carrier can quickly launch growth in CDRsa new service or technology & begin Under billing, wrong CDR reconciliation, inter-partner settlement disputes, Improved Report Generationbilling & revenue collection almostimmediately. Gradually seamless inconsistent calculation practices used by Leverage business processtransition can be made to our Service various operators & interconnect fraud are management experience andBureau without service disruptions to some of the reasons for this revenue loss. provide on-going processcustomers or interruptions in the revenue Tech Mahindra Interconnect Billing Service improvementsstream. Bureau offers Outsourced Interconnect Regulatory ComplianceValue Proposition Billing Services where we take on Reduced Interconnect disputes complete responsibility of managing your Flexibility in billing services with Reduction in outstanding dispute Interconnect Billing Process. Our Service combination of subscription, duration Bureau is well equipped with best-of- duration, distance, volume, breed solution to cater to Converged and Business Benefits quantity, content value & quality of Next Generation Billing scenarios. We service On time and Accurate Invoices deploy quick and efficient dispute Demand-based Scalability based settlement and efficient interconnect Reduced delay in invoicing on number of Subscribers, volume contract management processes. This not Minimized revenue leakage by of usage transactions and the only helps plug revenue leakages, it also avoiding delay & wrong complexity of tariffing for these enables you to prevent possible leakages configurations transactions in multi-party settlement scenarios. Flexible & quick adaptation to Speed to Market with ready to use Handled by a team of Interconnect Billing change (market and regulatory) billing platform, ensuring quick experts, our Service Bureau ensures Web Portal for Client interaction ( implementation of new product smooth operations of your outsourced Incident Logging, Reports & launches, new packaging schemes interconnect division. We ensure proactive Queries) for a rapid response to the market Reconciliation with other Operators & to competitors through:
  5. 5. New Business OfferingsConsulting and Program Management MVNE Services Business Continuity Management & Disaster RecoveryFor over 20 years, Tech Mahindra has Managed Services offers aspiring MVNOsbeen partner to several Telecom and Greenfield operators a complete turn- Today companies are exposed to multiplecompanies in their transformation key solution which includes: threats such as power disruptions, cyberjourney. We have harvested integrated attacks, accidents, environmental Operations Functionssuite of leading-edge business as well as disasters and sabotage. Tech Mahindratechnology assets to help Telecom clients Cross Functional Support/ PMO helps clients conduct business as usualget answers to complex problems that while meeting all regulatory obligations Application Operationsemanate from fast changing Business, through its Business ContinuityTechnology and Regulatory environments Data Center Operations Management framework. Oursuch as Mergers & Acquisitions and IPs Application development experienced team of certifiedeverywhere. professionals in BCM (CBCP, BS25999 LA, Integration support BCCE) implement DRII, BCI & BS25999Tech Mahindra has a dedicated pool of MIS derived methodology providing IndustryConsultants and Subject Matter Experts Best Practices. The services offered are:with vast experience in following areas: Helpdesk IT & Network Transformation Assessment Services Optional Components Business Case Development Disaster Readiness Assessment Customer Analytics/ Business Network and Enterprise Intelligence Business Impact Analysis Infrastructure Consulting Value-Add Applications (e-Top, SMS) Risk Assessment Supply Chain and IT Spend Infrastructure Build & Procurement Design and Development Management Data Center/ Rack Space Strategy Consulting IP Solutions as a Service Links with Redundancy Process and Plan Development Security Consulting Revenue Management Services Servers, SAN, Firewalls and Routers Implementation Remote Operations Tools (Citrix) Implementation support and User Training Application Software Licenses Testing MVNO Sample Solution Stack Drills/Tests support Maintenance Update plan periodically Test response and recovery measurement Deliverables: Risk and Business Impact Report Documented Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans Implementation Report Training presentation Infrastructure Build & Procurement Operations Functions Test Review Report Data Center/ Rack Space Cross Functional Support/ PMO Periodic Review Reports Links with Redundancy Application Operations Benefits: Servers, SAN, Firewalls and Routers Data Center Operations Assurance to stakeholders about Remote Operations Tools (Citrix) Application development continuity of operations in an Application Software Licenses Integration support event of a disaster MIS BIA enables process resilience Optional Components which results in expenditure Helpdesk reductions Customer Analytics/ Business Intelligence Structured, scalable and effective Value-Add Applications (e-Top, etc.) response systems to address business interruptions
  6. 6. Tech Mahindra uses worldwide standards for ensuring consistent quality of its deliverables across countries and business units. Thesestandards are gathered in the SEDEO™ Methodology, a global Managed Service delivery methodology for strategizing, evaluating, designing,executing and operating complex programmes using the five phases in SEDEO™. SEDEO™ focuses on providing long-term competitiveadvantage to our clients as a basis for a long-term relationship with them. Success Story te Stra teg 3 (Hutchison), is a new entrant in 2G/3G mobile market in Indonesia and through our Strategic er a Op i Outsourcing engagement it took less than 6 months from Concept to Launch mobile services ze in highly competitive market. Working with 10+ Partners and 20+ different components, Tech Methodology Mahindra enabled the first ever New Architecture Deployment for converged Real-Time Billing for Managed & Customer care system with 100% Real-time Billing for both prepaid and postpaid services. Evalua ute Tech Mahindra designed the architecture based on leading COTS products in BSS domain Exec Services te providing a best of breed solution. Tech Mahindra is responsible for maintenance and support Design for complete BCCS environment including Change Management, Application Support L1, L2 and L3, Hardware and Network Support, Database Management, Version testing and Release Management, IT Asset Management as well as ongoing Vendor Management. Tech Mahindra Client acts as clients IT arm and Strategic Partner for all delivery, operations and IT requirements within the organization. All the day to day operations are handled by Tech Mahindra, leavingRobust and Proven Governance Model Quarterly the clients executives to focus on their core business. The success of this turnkey Strategic ReviewTech Mahindra believes that good governance Steering Committee Client CIO/CTO Program Health-Check implementation of BSS with exclusive ownership for the Build, Operations, Maintenance andleads to effective value creation of IT functions. At Dispute Resolution Steering CommitteeTech Mahindra, we have a well structured IT Strategic Direction VP-Managed Services Support can be estimated by the fact that 3 acquired 4 Million subscribers in very short New InvestmentsGovernance Model which facilitates effective timeframe.coordination and communication between Monthly Conferenceexecutive management, line of business, and the Tactical Business Metrics Review Tech Mahindra Program Client Program Manager Key Risk/ Issuesproject management office and delivery teams. Capacity Review ManagerThe strategic, tactical and operational Governance Audit Compliancespractice adopted at Tech Mahindra is described inthe adjacent figure. Weekly Conference Operational Project Status Report Tech Mahindra Delivery Client Project Issue Register & Resolution Manager Heads Daily Reviews As- Required IT Support Issues Ranked 11th Largest TOMS Multiple levels of contact across both organizations to deepen the relationship & enable constructive collaboration vendor by “Market Share: Top 10 Global Outsourcing Ranked 1st in Telecom Software 5th Largest IT Company in Telecoms Operations Companies in the World (IAOP Category from India, V&D 100 India, NASSCOM 2009 Surveyt Management Systems –Tech Mahindra Advantage Global Outsourcing 100, 2009) (Voice & Data 2009) Worldwide, 2006-2008” -Proven Capability to Take-on than 50,000 servers, 80,000 system integration May 2009Large Strategic Outsourcing Network elements and 200 competenceContracts mainframes Operations experience instilledTech Mahindra has won and Handle more than 160,000 IT with the industry bestexecuted some of the largest support calls every month practices needed foroutsourcing contracts ever managing and running a Processing over a Billion billing Provenawarded to an Indian IT company Telecom Carriers IT systems, records every day Operations Data Centre and networks Real-Life ExpertiseGreenfield Expertise One of the largest Billing Excellence Award for Improving long term Transformation Award for Brand Leadership Category “Best Billing Bureau in Asia handling 120 Experience Marketing in IT, 2007 IT Nine Greenfield performance for our clients (IT Sector) Solution” million CDRs per day People Awards for implementations under with performance measures Excellence in IT. aggressive timelines executed Multiple transformation based on productivity, quality in last couple of years engagements with operators and achievement of business Launch Three Greenfield such as BT, Telecom New objectives Management Capabilities implementations underway Zealand, Telecom Fiji to name a Best practices that can be fewExisting Customer Engagements customized to our clients Best Practices requirements Catering to 5 out of top 10 Fortune 500 Telecom Proven expertise and Ability to efficiently manage MSC Malaysia Innovation in Recruitment, Vertical Growth Leadership in Telecom Operators experience in providing financial, operational, Status granted by 2007 – 08 (Asia ICT Awards 2007) platform consolidation and technological and regulatory Mdec Malaysia (2007) Serving over 150 Million technology transformation risks for customers with subscribers with a rich library of world- “proactively proposed Operate and manage more class solution frameworks and stringent service levels”