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Comm 2 presentation


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Comm 2 presentation

  1. 1. Language Lesson Thank You Take Care Welcome Beer Heineken Please Good Obrigado Ciao Boa Vinda Cerveja Heineken Por Favor Bom
  2. 2. Language Lesson Hello What’s Up I’m Fine Beer Thank You Sorry Hujambo Mambo Sijambo Bia Asante Sana Pole Sana
  3. 3. Language Lesson Hello Response: Thank you You’re welcome No Yes I seek protection in Allah from the accursed Satan Marhabbah Marhabbteen Shuran Aafwaan La Naam Audhu billahi min ash shaytan ar rajim
  4. 4. Language Lesson Dhanyavaad Apna khayal rakhna Mai kuchh khaanaa chahta hoon Mai apne khaane kaa anand le rahaa hoon Thank you Take care I want something to eat I am enjoying my meal
  5. 5. Business Etiquette Attire • Men: Suit and Tie • Women: Conservative Dress or Pant Suit Keep upper arms, back, chest, and legs covered at all times! Greetings • “Namaste” with hands in praying position and a slight bow Handshake? • Professional titles and last names • Gifts • The “Seat of the Soul” • Punctuality • Presentation of business cards
  6. 6. Business Etiquette • Be prepared for a lengthy negotiating process and do not become frustrated by delays. • Spend time establishing personal and social relationships as such are a vital prerequisite to conducting business. • Having a local partner in India is of great assistance when dealing with the government or officialdom. • Always be prepared for lengthy delays when dealing with the government (Bureaucracy and Red Tape) • The word “No”
  7. 7. Language Lesson Hello Thank you very much Shall we have a drink today? I am hungry Yes No Konnichi wa Doumo Arigatou Kyou nomi ni iki masen ka? Onaka ga suita Hai Iie