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Web hosting cs

  2. 2. ENTELLECTS INCCompany50 people Web Hosting Company based in Chicago.IndustryInternet – Web HostingBusiness CaseIn recent years web-hosting companies has evolved all around the world drastically. As a consequence itraised an enormous competition for web-hosting companies to place their unique identity in the web-hosting market place.A web hosting company has felt this concern & so wanted a solution which would act as key factor for theirservices to get sold. They wanted a solution that would serve as their unique selling proposition.Need – The web-hosting company wanted a solution that could immunize them from falling into justanother web hosting service provider. The need was to ideate a solution that could make them stand out ofthe crowd. And its prospective customers should find a reason to go with their services while there areother many companies in the market providing the same services in lesser rates.Even from customers perspective it was well needed to facilitate them a solution that can help save theirtime & manage their server space or any other controls more effectively.
  3. 3. ENTELLECTS INCSolutionEntellects in order to add a USP to their existing hosting services proposed a web-hosting mobile appsolution. People of today are much friendly and access most of their information through their smartmobile devices or PDAs.Web-hosting app was the solution to enable quick access interface to all the customers that are using web-hosting services on smart mobile devices like – iPhone/iPad (iOS), BlackBerry, Android & Symbian.The web-hosting company engaged Entellects for developing the solution on all the four major deviceswhich has just mentioned above.Branding platform from Apple store – As every iPhone app is published on Apple store; this eventuallyserves as the branding platform for the web hosting app. The web hosting company gets recognizedthrough the Apple store visitors. This creates another advantage for a web hosting company that causes itsbuzz around through mobile app market of leading brands.
  4. 4. ENTELLECTS INCKey FeaturesThe best thing we featured in this app is we developed it for all the four major devices – iPhone/iPad,BlackBerry, Android, and Symbian. These are the platforms that are into huge trend in the market.Accessibility through various devise/platforms increased its reach to maximum people.From operational perspective the app incorporates the following features:Domain name search – The users find it very useful to search theavailable domain names of their wish right through this app. Andmoreover they can even know it’s pricing to acquire it.Control Panel feature – The control panel facilitates the web-hostingservice users to – Add Domain, DNS Control Settings, manage EmailAccounts etc.Web-Mail – access to web-mail on the fly and across the useraccounts.Billing – This features serves transparency as well keep the userupdated on the very current billing amount. People subscribed to cloudhosting, dedicated hosting or may be shared web hosting service areable to see their billing details accordingly. It made very easy or usersto make payments from their device itself for the respective webhosting services they are getting.
  5. 5. ENTELLECTS INCUsage snapshot, details & statistics – User can log into to itsaccount & can quickly get the snapshot of the usage he/she hasmade. Through this it becomes very easy to unload/delete/shiftunnecessary data when the space is getting scarce. In additionto this users get a push notifications right on their mobiledevices for any alerts regarding their hosted space.View/subscribe to packages – facilitates the user to view,select and buy the offered packages or any quick deals.Social Media Sharing Feature – An added share on SocialMedia platforms functionality has been provided to serve theviral branding purpose.Help – This feature as the name suggest contains FAQs as wellas other provisions to seek help from the hosting provider.In the below section there are screen shots of few featureswhich have just mentioned here
  6. 6. ENTELLECTS INCMore Screen Shots
  7. 7. ENTELLECTS INCKey Issues / challenges:While developing this app there rose some challenges that had to be eliminated to accomplish this app.Enabling Push-notification - It takes telecom industry expertise to enable Push-notification feature inmobile for an app. This solution needed such feature of Push-notification to notify the users about thealerts. Entellects has worked towards it to implement this features looking at its virtues.Interfacing with Custom Control panel – Usually companies work on C Panel or D Panel & it is notmuch complex to provide interfacing with these. Unlikely we stumbled some companies that havedeveloped their own custom control panel; we needed to develop interfacing with such control panel aswell. This had been the most complex issue we faced to deploy this app.User authentication method & server location identification – This issue arises from the fact that notall the servers of a web hosting company may at the same location. They may have their serversgeographically scattered. It was needed to identify the server and its location and map it through withuser’s app with proper authentication to login.To resolve this we have provided the user with the server key (encrypted server location) at the timehe/she installs the app.Hence we have come to evolve the authentication system that prompts user to enter his/her server key(that locates the server) and the user-id and password. Coupling all three together authenticates the userand maps him/her to their respective server.Deployment on four separate platforms - While looking at the market trend for available mobiledevices we have come to conclude to develop this app on different devices to maximize its outreach.
  8. 8. ENTELLECTS INCResultsThe results were overwhelming. After implementing the app the company has remarked much morecustomer acquisitions than usual. The app supported them greatly in deal closures as they now had avalue added service in form web hosting app over their rivals.The app even resulted in word of mouth marketing from their existing customers, because their customersliked the app very much.The web hosting company now find very easy to make their customers aware of newly offered packagesand facilitating them with payment facility right through their device.