CSU Sacramento Legacy Campaign


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CSU Sacramento Legacy Campaign

  1. 1. California State University, Sacramento “What’s Your Legacy?” Donate Life California Campus ChallengeOrgan and Tissue Donation Awareness Campaign March 19-April 30, 2010
  2. 2. CSU SacramentoPR Planning and Management “Leadership Begins Here.”
  3. 3. Our Mission As a student-run public relations agency, we support Donate Life California’s commitment to saving the lives of the thousands of Californians awaiting life-saving transplants.It is the intention of the “What’s Your Legacy?” campaign to raise awareness for organ donation as well as to register as many people as possible as organ donors via www.donatelifecalifornia.org.We are committed to running a campaign with the highest standards of ethics for both academic and professional integrity valued by the Public Relations Society of America. Our VisionOur agency envisions all 26 million California drivers to be officially registered asorgan donors, thereby preventing the unnecessary deaths of Californians, because they are unable to receive transplants.
  4. 4. Our Objectives Educate Northern Californians with the facts of organ and tissue donation Encourage discussion of organ and tissue donation with family and friends Increase the number of organ and tissue donation registrants in the Sacramento Region and beyond via Donate Life California Increase awareness of organ and tissue donation among residents aged 18-24 in the Sacramento region
  5. 5. Campaign Committees Research Writing/Publicity/Media Relations Creativity New tech Logistics
  6. 6. Research TeamMembers: Frances Preziosi, Kristin Gamba, Kristel Gelera, Jordan Maurer, Taylor Scoma, Andrew WalshObjectives Evaluate the success of each campaign tactic employed; determined via statistics based on non-scientific surveys Monitor news coverage and comments to determine and measure media exposure per event Monitor the increase of registrants from the 18-24 age group
  7. 7. Major Campaign Events Stockton Thunder Hockey Game Campus Blitz Cultural Outreach Sacramento State Earth Day Booths Second Saturday Run Rocklin
  8. 8. 2nd Saturday EventRaphael Delgado Art studio Second Saturday; “The Central Citys monthly celebration of the art and artists of our community, and beyond.” --sacramento.downtowngrid.com
  9. 9. Cultural OutreachSamahang Pilipino General Meeting "The gift of organ donation will bring the hope of a life to our communities, and maybe, even you. Make this gift mean something for someone else right now. We have more to share of ourselves than we know." --Rex Navarrete, Comedian
  10. 10. 3 day Campus BlitzUniversity Union  65% of those surveyed saw a pink dot on campus and learned something new about organ donations.  55% of those surveyed would join the Donate Life CA registry after seeing our event.
  11. 11. Campaign Results Total number of new donor registrants- 554
  12. 12. Results Cont’dA Quick Comparison CSU Sacramento-  Sonoma State- 60 new registrants out of 7,700  418+ new registrants, 28,000 students/ 1,511 faculty- 0.65% students/ 1,484 faculty of campus registered  1.4+% of campus registered  CSU Fresno- 23 new registrants our of 21,500 students/ 1,100 faculty- 0.10% of campus registered  UC Santa Cruz- 2 new registrants out of16,087 students/ 508 faculty- 0.01% of campus registered * Calculations are based on numbers provided by the college websites
  13. 13. In Summation 554 Donors were registered. 4,432 lives were potentially saved.It took the determination of 45 Public Relations students To unite for just 1 cause: Save a life today.