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2013 Title 24 Summary Of Changes


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2013 Title 24 Summary Of Changes

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  2. 2. Title 24: Where We’re Headed with the 2013 Nonresidential StandardsFall 2012These links are provided as information only and are not in any way to be considered a comprehensive listing or as anendorsement by PG&E. All links were current at time of list creation. An electronic version of this list is available Online Resources:California Energy Commission. 2013 Building Energy Efficiency StandardsThe CEC provides background information for the Building Energy Efficiency Standards creation. MarkedVersions of the 2013 Standards, related documents, Workshop information and their documents are availablehere. Energy Commission. Title 24 Energy Efficiency StandardsThe CEC’s web site provides access to the new Title 24 Standards, Residential and Nonresidential ComplianceManuals, Alternative Calculation Manuals, and the 2008 Reference Appendices. Links are also provided forinformation about Computer Compliance Software and HERS regulations. Energy Efficiency Strategic PlanThis CPUC plan is a roadmap with goals and strategies for achieving maximum energy savings across all groupsand sectors in California. The plan is for the years 2009 to 2020. The latest version of the plan can bedownloaded from the California Public Utilities Commission site. latest edition of the California Green Building Standards can be downloaded from this page. New Guides tothe CALGreen Code and other related publications are also available. Building Climate Zone MapA detailed map of California’s 16 climate zones can be downloaded here. A Google Earth™ version of the mapand lists of climate zones by city or zip code are also available. great resource for information on environmentally friendly products and energy efficient building designpractices. This site provides abstracts of all articles from Environmental Building News, plus full text of selectedarticles, product reviews, GreenSpec® product information service, case studies on high performance buildingprojects, and a list of resources on green building topics."PG&E" refers to Pacific Gas and Electric Company, a subsidiary of PG&E Corporation. ©2012 Pacific Gas and Electric Company. All rightsreserved.
  3. 3. California Commissioning CollaborativeThe California Commissioning Collaborative is a group of government, utility, and building service professionalsorganized to develop and promote commissioning practices in the California. The CCC site includes over 40 casestudies, and a Library under its Resources heading that contains articles, white papers, guides, and samplecommissioning documents.http://www.cacx.orgEnergy Design Resources (EDR)EDR contains a good collection of resources on the energy efficient operation, design, and construction ofbuildings. Topics include, design review, lighting systems, HVAC, building envelope, and daylighting. All of EDR’spublications, software, and training materials are organized by technology and building type. Buildings for High-Tech Industries. LBNLThis Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory site is a portal to an abundance of research information, BestPractice Guidelines, benchmarking tools, an annotated bibliography, technical papers, articles, and performancestandards for energy efficient equipment and practices for data centers, laboratories, and other high-tech facilities.® Green Building Rating System Version 3This newest version of LEED launched in April 2009. Information about this updated building rating system,LEED training, webcasts, and LEED credentials are available here. All LEED Reference Guides can bedownloaded or ordered in hard copy from this USGBC site. Project Profiles and Case Studies can be foundunder the Resources navigation tab. Buildings InstituteNew Buildings Institute is a nonprofit corporation that promotes energy efficient building design and operations.This site includes several useful publications under their Technologies category. These include Lighting, HVAC,and other mechanical systems. A link to NBI’s Advanced Buildings suite of building design and operationresources is under the Advanced Design tab. Lighting GuidelinesThe Advanced Lighting Guidelines are currently only available as a Web-based publication, by subscription. TheGuidelines are a comprehensive guide to energy-efficient lighting technologies, products, and best practices.Topics include a Luminaire Directory, Light & Vision, Health & Performance, Lighting Controls, Luminaires andDistribution, Daylighting, and Design Considerations. Lighting Technology Center (CLTC)The CLTC is a collaboration between the University of California, Davis and the California Energy Commission.This center focuses on emerging energy efficient lighting technologies and systems. Resources includedescriptions of CLTC projects, profiles of lighting demonstrations, reports and presentations on current lightingtopics, case studies, and information about educational opportunities.http://cltc.ucdavis.eduInternational Dark-Sky Association (IDA)The IDA seeks to advance awareness of and solutions for nighttime light pollution. Resources include outdoorlighting design information; a guide to approved fixtures; and the Model Lighting Ordinance, and a list of lightingordinances for states throughout the U.S. and Europe. Efficiency Class Resources Page 2 of 6
  4. 4. Lighting Research CenterThe Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s School of Architecture provides unbiasedtechnical and design information about lighting, lighting products, and lighting applications. Some of the topicscovered include outdoor lighting, controls, daylighting, environmental issues, street lighting, light and health, solid-state lighting, and lighting efficiency. Many of the LRC’s research program reports and articles are available fordownload.http://www.lrc.rpi.eduNational Lighting Product Information ProgramNLPIP researches and tests new lighting products. It provides unbiased information about energy-efficientlighting products and technologies. A glossary, NLPIP product reports, application guides, and searchablepublication database are among the sites many resources. NLPIP’s Lighting Diagnostics papers documentsolutions to actual lighting problems. Advanced Energy Design GuidesASHRAE developed design guides for six building types; schools, retail, healthcare, offices, hospitality, andwarehouses. The goal of these guides is to provide users with the tools to achieve building energy savings thatare 30% above the savings of buildings that meet the minimum requirements of ASHRAE Standard 90.1 1999. for Energy Efficiency (CEE). Commercial HVAC Installation GuidelinesBoth the Guidelines for Energy-Efficient Commercial Unitary HVAC Systems and the accompanying White Papercan be downloaded from CEE’s site. The Guidelines provide best practices, selection criteria, and details ofcomponents and systems. HVAC commissioning is also outlined and discussed. Online. Iowa Energy CenterThe Iowa Energy Center provides unbiased information on Direct Digital Controls. This site includes a guide tocontrols manufacturers and their products, an introduction to Direct Digital Controls, and an Input/Output Tutorial.http://www.ddc-online.orgNational Building Controls Information Program (NBCIP)NBCIP was established by the Iowa Energy Center and provides unbiased information on building control systemproducts and strategies, including reports that describe the actual performance of products tested by the program.All publications on the site can be downloaded free of charge. Building Design Guide. High-Performance HVACThis recently updated section of the WBDG presents a comprehensive overview of high performance HVACequipment and systems. It also describes practices for reducing HVAC energy use, emissions, and costs. EnvelopeBuilding Science Corporation (BSC)BSC promotes the design and construction of sustainable, high performance homes and buildings. This sitecontains numerous BSC publications on a variety of building and design topics, including wall assemblies andinsulation. Publications can be searched by document type or topic. Conference and seminar presentationsmade by BSC staff are available for download. Efficiency Class Resources Page 3 of 6
  5. 5. High Performance Commercial Building FaçadesProduced by Building Technologies Program staff at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, this 133-pagedocument examines the performance of advanced building facades. The report includes technology overviews, alook at the design process, building performance, and case studies. It is available in both HTML and Acrobat®formats. or of Building Enclosure DesignIssues of this journal from the Building Enclosure Technology and Environment Council can be downloaded fromthe Whole Building Design Guide site. Building Design Guide. Building Envelope Design GuideThis comprehensive design guide was developed by the National Institute of Building Sciences. Topics includebelow grade systems, wall systems (including exterior insulation and finish system), fenestration, roofing, andatria systems. Building Design Guide. DaylightingThis comprehensive overview by Gregg Ander discusses the benefits of daylighting, basic concepts, designrecommendations, materials, and tools for analysis and design. The overview concludes with an annotated list ofdaylighting related publications. Roof Rating Council (CRRC)The CRRC provides unbiased ratings for roof products. The Product Listing Directory lists the solar reflectanceand thermal emittance of each product.http://www.coolroofs.orgEnergy Design Resources. Cool RoofsThis EDR Design Brief describes how cool roofing works and the benefits of its application to commercialbuildings. Estimating energy savings, design considerations, and long-term performance are also discussed. Star®: Reflective Roof ProductsEnergy Star qualified roof products and manufacturers, plus articles and case studies are provided on this site. and SkylightingEfficient Windows CollaborativeThe Efficient Windows Collaborative provides impartial information on the benefits of energy efficient windows,plus details on glazes, window types, how they work, a window selection tool, fact sheets, tool kits, and incentiveinformation.http://www.efficientwindows.orgEnergy Design Resources. SkyCalc™The SkyCalc software tool for calculating optimum skylighting strategies can be downloaded at no charge fromthe EDR site. They also provide a brief description of the tool, a User’s Guide and SkyCalc weather files. Efficiency Class Resources Page 4 of 6
  6. 6. National Fenestration Rating CouncilThe NFRC provides an energy performance rating system for window products. This site includes descriptions ofwindow products, information about their site-built certification program, access to NFRC publications, links tosoftware tools, detailed information about their rating system, and a product directory.http://www.nfrc.orgWhole Building Design Guide: Windows and GlazingThis comprehensive overview by Gregg Ander describes issues and features of window systems and glazing.Terminology and recommendations for specifying windows and glazing are discussed. A case study is includedalong with resources for additional information. Systems for High Performance BuildingsThis site, from the Center for Sustainable Building Research at the University of Minnesota, provides technicalinformation, performance data, and tools useful in the design of window systems for high performance buildings.Contents include a Façade Design Tool, Case Studies, and resources for additional information. Resources:Business ToolsPG&E Business Tools include Energy Usage, Billing History and Rate Comparison Tools. Response IncentivesInformation on the various Demand Response incentives offered by PG&E can be found here. Analyzer and AuditsHere are quick on-line tools for identifying and analyzing business energy use. Tools include an Online EnergyAnalyzer. Solutions for your Business by IndustryHere you will find information about cash rebates and incentives for replacing existing equipment with new energyefficient technologies or purchasing new equipment. Design assistance for a new facility and system process isalso available. ToolUse the Money-Back Tool to instantly get a list of rebates that fit your needs—and see how much you could besaving each year. PowerPathway™PowerPathway offers a Portfolio of programs aimed at building capacity within the state of California to producethe skilled workers needed by PG&E and the energy and utility industry. The PowerPathway Portfolio includesfour separate but interconnected efforts: Career preparation, Industry workforce challenges, Education, andGreen communities. and Trade ProfessionalsPG&E program partners, local contractors and trade professionals offer special assistance in implementingenergy efficiency measures for your business. Efficiency Class Resources Page 5 of 6
  7. 7. Self-Generation Incentive Program at Pacific Gas and ElectricFinancial incentive information, description of eligible technologies, forms, resources, and program contactinformation can all be accessed here. EnergyPG&E provides information on how a photovoltaic system works; steps to take before installing solar in your homeor business; solar schools; and requirements and applications for the California Solar Initiative Program. BookThis site contains all current gas and electric rate schedules. Party Incentive Programs and Fact SheetsPG&E has partnered with energy efficiency specialists in order to extend the reach and effectiveness of energyefficiency, demand response, renewable energy, and self-generation programs. A fact sheet describing all of thespecialists and their energy efficiency programs can be downloaded here. Use the search function to findinformation about all of the programs that are related to your market segment. Your BillSample business class bills with explanations for each bill item. Resources Available in the PEC’s Resource Center:  ASHRAE Greenguide. ASHRAE, 2003  ASHRAE Handbook: Fundamentals. ASHRAE, 2009  Double-Skin Facades: Integrated Planning. Oesterle, Eberhard. Prestel Verlag, 2001  Energy Standard for Buildings except Low-Rise Residential Buildings. ASHRAE/ANSI Standard 90.1- 2007  Engineering Weather Data. Michael Kjelgaard. McGraw-Hill, 2001  Heating, Cooling, Lighting: Design Methods for Architects. Norbert Lechner. John Wiley & Sons, 2000 th  IES Lighting Handbook: Reference and Application, 10 edition. Illuminating Engineering Society, 2011  Intelligent Skins. Michael Wigginton and Jude Harris. Butterworth-Heinemann, 2002 th  Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for Buildings, 11 edition. Walter Grondzik, et al. Wiley, 2009 rd  Residential Windows: A Guide to New Technologies and Energy Performance, 3 ed. John Carmody, Stephen Selkowitz, Lisa Heschong. Norton, 2007  Standard for the Design of High Performance Green Buildings. ANSI/ASHRAE/USGBC/IES Standard 189.1-2009.  Window Systems for High-Performance Buildings. John Carmody, et al. W.W. Norton & Co., 2004Energy Efficiency Class Resources Page 6 of 6
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