Patched Firmware Strong Srt4125


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Patched Firmware Strong Srt4125

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Patched Firmware Strong Srt4125

  1. 1.    All about patched firmware for Strong SRT 4125 (41...  All about patched firmware that emulate Viaccess PC2.3, NagraVision, Seca, Irdeto onreceiver Strong SRT 4125 (4155, 4355) Evolution.IntroductionStrong 4125 it is a receiver for reception of free (FTA) satellite channels. But were found so-called crackers which have changed the initial soft (firmware) sewed up in a receiver, that itcould decode the channels crypted in Viaccess 2.3, NagraVision, Seca and Irdeto (without acard of conditional access, without a users payment). It was required to update in time onlykeys for these cryptings. To download the emulator (patch) in a receiver will be necessary:1. Receiver Strong SRT4125 (4155-4355) Evolution - 1 piece.2. Serial Null-modem cable - 1 piece.3. Patched firmware "4125E-AllCam" or "x4125emu_D3C" for 4125, and "x4355E" for 4155and 4355.4. Computer - 1 piece.Now you need to do1. Strong 4125. For the beginning pay attention to serial number and the version of afirmware of a receiver. Serial number of a receiver of kind S/N 63040 ******* is put on areceiver from below. To learn the version of a firmware press the Menu => “Installation” =>(enter a code, by default 1234) => “Installation of System” => “Information of System” => tothe right and will see the following menu:   Where the FIRMWARE 1.X is a version of your firmware.
  2. 2. 2. Strong 4125. Download a file with necessary tools to make available special features inSRT4125E: "x4125emu _ D3C" or "4125E-AllCam" (depends on serial number, is moredetailed about it below). For Strong 4155-4355 - "x4355E". Unpack all in a new folder.3. To update receiver you need to disconnect receiver and computer from the mains. Thenconnect receiver to PC (COM1) by serial cable (Null-modem cable). The circuit scheme ofNull-modem cable is below:  4. Plug PC to the mains. Start bath file "fw-update-xCAS-4125E-d3C.bat", or "fw-update-special.bat" (or "x4355E-fw-upd.bat"), plug receiver to the mains, and transfer it onSTANDBY mode (should burn a red light-emitting diode). You will see sort of messages.Update finished, when in DOS screen appear the next:SW update: OK, now you can power off STB>> SW update status: OK, [overall time: 94.916(seconds)]> press any key for terminate program...5. After this message you need to disconnect receiver from the mains and connect it back.You can use its extra features after editing keys. To edit keys: the Menu => Installation =>(enter a code, by default 1234) => Installation of System => the Information of System => tothe right and will see the following menu:   If you press 9999, you will enter to a SET‐TO‐SET download menu:
  3. 3.   If you press 9994, you will enter to the Keys menu. Follow help to edit values. When you asked to use "Info" button ‐ use "Func". Actual keys you need to find in the Internet and enter them using that menu:    OTA function blocked here.Note: if some channels was installed in the receiver (even pre-installedchannels from factory)before update by this tool then channel list will be corrupted. You need reset receiver tofactory default and install channels again. WarningsStrong 4125For receivers with different serial numbers (S/N) – different patches: for receivers S/N whichbegins with 630402 ****** use a file “4125E-AllCam.rar”, and for receivers S/N whichbegins with 63040318 **** use a file “x4125emu_D3C.rar”. Because in last receivers fromStrong S/N which begins with 63040318 **** and later the new chip is applied. In result the
  4. 4. usual patch on these receivers does not work. A symptom: the receiver shows levels ofsignals, but does not decode the channel.For receivers SRT 4155 and 4355 S/N value has no important.Do not download firmware found on suspicious Web-sites. There can be certain problems, forexample a receiver will not be switched-ON (a symptom – not switched light-emitting dioderemaining eternally red). In this case it is necessary to connect two receivers Strong and torestore a factory firmware from a "new" receiver in unsuccessful patched receiver, using thedownload menu (the Menu => Installation => (enter a code, by default 1234) => Installationof System => Information of System => to the right => type 9999). You will see thefollowing:  If you choose 1-st point, you will download a firmware from the current receiver in another.Choosing 2-nd point allows to overtake all options of channels, and also keys. I shall notice,2-nd "new" receiver should be in a STANDBY mode. Other variant - to download a factoryfirmware from an official site of the company Strong using utility DnUpManager 1.0.3 (2.0beta).If receiver and computer are connected to the mains, do not connect Null-modem cable to oneof them. All connections only at switched - off techniques from the mains. Duringdownloading of the patch from PC in a receiver, do not start any application; dont disconnecta receiver from the mains. Wait confirmation of the ending of downloading and only after thatswitch off a computer, disconnect receiver and computer from the mains, and disconnectNull-modem cable.It is recommended to download the patch only once, because the patched firmware furtherwill not be determined. If you patched a receiver 2-nd time and it does not switched-ON, tryto download a factory firmware from new receiver, or to download a factory firmware (forSRT 4155 and 4355 - "4155Evo_1_3_1ST"), using utility DnUpManager 1.0.3 (2.0 beta).Keys we take there: http://www.sat-key.orgDare, all programs are checked personally up me (author) not one times – and not any killedreceivers. Change of channel crypting systems any more not behind mountains also is lastchance to see channels in old cryptings. Frocus (september, 25 2004)