How To Flash Your Humax V1.0b


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How To Flash Your Humax V1.0b

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How To Flash Your Humax V1.0b

  1. 1. Help File by Cerbere, Moderator Sat Key Team - How To Flash a HUMAX IRCI 5400z (Loader H2.08 - ID 00160.0600) 1.Meadow requiredYou need in the setting of this Tuto : • A (1) HUMAX IRCI 5400z (because it is the model in my possession but the principle is the same with a 5400 or a 5400z+), • A (1) NULL-MODEM cable as indicated here after (Face 1.1), • A (1) PC Portable (it is more convenient) or otherwise a desk PC (with a serial port otherwise it will be necessary for you to make the acquirement of an USB-SERIAL adapter), • The continuation software " HUMAX Loader Pack " (other Softses can make the business but we wont speak of it at present in this Tuto). Face 1.1 2.Use of the HUMAX Loader PackAfter have download the « HUMAX Loader Pack " on Sat Key TEAM, Section HUMAX, create anindex of work in on your Office and “zip” Off.I counsel you strongly not to mix the files that you are going to recover here and the and thereforeto create different indexes for the Firms, PMCT, Favorite, OTA_Loader, etc… you will notice thenumber important of files quickly.If you want to keep your favorites, I counsel you to make a safeguard through the intermediary ofthe Soft " HNF available Tools " while clicking on the CHANNELS button
  2. 2. To use the Soft " HUMAX Loader Pack ", double click on " Humax+Loader+Pack.exe ", you willget the following window (Face 2.1). Face 2.1Then after loading of the Soft, you will get this second window (Face 2.2) and an icon will bepresent in the rod of stains close to the Windows clock (Face 2.3). Face 2.2 Face 2.3Description of the FIRMWARE buttons, CHANNELS, PMCT and KEYFIRMWARE : permits to throw HDFTools and to inject all file having an extension in HDF , thatis to say the Firmware (as the one that interests us the ToH34_HoT79a) but also theFirm/Plug/HDFs of the day. With this soft you can inject the PMCT also to the HDF format and CSV .CHANNEL : permits to throw HNFTools and so to make a safeguard of your chains TV memorizedin your demo, to classify them, to sort out, to reappoint to your manner but also to inject a new listof chain so need ( HNF extension or DGF ).PMCT : permits to inject in your demo the " famous s" PMCT tables (file having a CSVextension)KEY : permits to inject the " key.bin s" of the moment (to not to confound with the TPS.BIN of theday). 3.List of the necessary filesYou must have in your possession the following files (or the possible updates) and to inject themhere in your HUMAX in the definite order après :To program a FunCard with the " FunCard file 6 In 1 ",To put the " HIC10500_ToH34_HoT80.hdf " file that is on this day the last Firmware,To put the " PMCT-European-System-&-Gulf-System.hdf " file that is the update of them CountsPMCT to associate to the previous Firmware,To put the " Astra-Hotbird.hnf " file that is the list of the chains distributed by the ASTRA satellitesand HOTBIRD, or to put his/her/its own list of chains.
  3. 3. To put the " key.bin " file of the moment that contains the set of the keys for differentbouquets(comme I indicated it higher, to not to confound with the TPS.BIN of the day),To put the " tps.bin_xx_xx.hdf " file or " OTA_Loader_xx_xx.hdf " of the day, that contain the setof the necessary keys for one period data, formerly the week, today the day, to have in plainlanguage your programs satellite,To adjust your HUMAX, in CONFIGURATION on CARD+EMU (in some cases, it is necessaryto put CARD+EMU+S ). 4.To program the FunCardI wont go in the detail of the programming of a FunCard. You must know rightly that you need aFunCard IMPERATIVELY in the reader so that it functions, this last having been programmed withthe above stated files…So certain(e)s the useful judge, I will be able to make to evolve this Tuto and to retail this phase !!!
  4. 4. 5.To inject a FIRMTo inject a FIRM , you must use the FIRMWARE button (cf. paragraph 2). You load the Soft" HDFSmart v1.8 " then.Before all things, assure yourselves to know on your PC, your computer, the COM port on whichyou go plug your HUMAX.Your HUMAX must be extinguished (in eve). Face 5.1After loading of HDFSmart v1.8, click on the " Open " file or in the menu on " File ", then" Open… (Face 5.1), the following window opens up (Face 5.2).
  5. 5. Face 5.2Go look for the file that you wish to inject in your HUMAX.. Here, in our case, we will take the last" Firm ."You will get the following window… (Face 5.3). Face 5.3Nick the set of " case of choices " as indicated here in the window after (Face 5.4) and choose theCOM port for the transfer of data of the PC toward the HUMAX. You should get this !!! (Face 5.4)
  6. 6. Face 5.4Arrived to this stage, click on the button in the shape of " printed Circuit ."A window of confirmation is going to open up, click on " Yes " to this stage… Face 5.5On the WARNING window, click again on " Yes ." Face 5.6The PC window STB to (Face 5.7) opens up. It indicates that the Soft is in waiting ofsynchronization with the HUMAX. On some " Firm s" it is necessary to extinguish the HUMAXwith the button of the food that is located at the rear of the HUMAX but if your " Firm " is not too
  7. 7. old, push then on the STANDBY button in facade of the HUMAX, it starts the reboot (andespecially not with the remote control). Face 5.7To the starting of the HUMAX, you see the progression of the flash (Face 5.8). Face 5.8If your HUMAX is plugged on your TV, you can also see the progression of the flash to the screen(Face 5.9). In a first time, the Firm is sent in the HUMAX, it is the " Downloading ." Face 5.9Then the Firm is " installed " in the HUMAX. It is the " Programming " phase (Face 5.10).Attention, you must not especially extinguish the HUMAX before the end of the flash at the risk ofhaving big problems by the continuation !!! Face 5.10When the flash will be finished, in facade of the HUMAX will appear to the " End " message and tothe screen of your TV " END-Press standby key ." You must not use the remote control but " topush physically " on the STANDBY button in facade on the HUMAX.
  8. 8. Face 5.11Your HUMAX starts again… we can pass to the continuation.
  9. 9. 6.To inject the PMCTTo inject the PMCT , you must use the PMCT button (cf. paragraph 2). You load the Soft " PMCTools " then (face 6.2). Face 6.1For your information, PMC Tools permits to use some files in the CSV format. If you have PMCTin the HDF format, you should use the same Soft that for a Firm and to follow the sameprocedure…Your HUMAX must be extinguished (in eve). If your HUMAX is lit, in this case you shouldextinguish it to relight it so that the flash starts. Face 6.2Go in the slim " Config " to choose the COM port (face 6.3).
  10. 10. Face 6.3Then, in the menu, after having loaded the file containing the PMCT, click on STB and started theconsignment of data (face 6.4). Face 6.4I wont come back on the B.A-BA of the flash on HUMAX and these copies of screens, theprocedure is identical to the chapter 5.Small remark : personally, I prefer to use HDF Tools rather than PMC Tools.
  11. 11. 7.To inject the CHAINSTo inject the CHAINES , you must use the CHAINES button (cf. paragraph 2). You load the Soft" HNF Tools v2.4 " then. Face 7.1Your HUMAX must be extinguished (in eve). If your HUMAX is lit, in this case you shouldextinguish it to relight it so that the flash starts. Face 7.2As for the Firm and the PMCT, you must configure in a first time the Soft for what is the use of thegood COM port. The window of " Configuration " (Face 7.3) will permit you to put the Soft inFrench language, not to adjust the " System ID " and the " Model ", for the rest, touch to nothing !Once the modified parameters, click then on the " Apply " button on the button ‘Close ."On the outgoing window, with the " Open " order (Face 7.2) are going to look for the file of thechains that you will have downloaded previously and will have put in your index of work (Face 7.4)
  12. 12. Face 7.3 Face 7.4
  13. 13. You will get the following window with the set of the chains classified by " Provider "," Transpondeur ", etc… Face 7.5Click on the button in the shape of " Circuit " and the downloading will begin, in the sameconditions that the other chapters/paragraphs.If you want to make a safeguard of your chains and your favorites, you can make it with this Soft.At the time of the safeguard, the screen down will appear ,: Face 7.6
  14. 14. 8.To inject the KEY.BINTo inject the KEY.BIN , you must use the KEY button (cf. paragraph 2). You load the Soft" DSR9500Emu v5.4 " then. Face 8.1For your information, if you use another Soft that the « Humax Loader Pack ", assure yourselvesthat the version of your " DSREmu " is at least the " 5.4 "To inject the keys in your HUMAX, this last must be lit imperatively. Face 8.2As for the other described here phases before, you also must the to go in the slim " Settings " whileclicking on the " point of interrogation " (Face 8.2), then " Comport " and finally to choose the goodCOM port (Face 8.3).Dont touch to anything else !!!With the " Open " order, go look for to put it " key.bin " that you want to inject in your HUMAX.Once loaded, you will get a window equivalent to the Face 8.4.
  15. 15. Face 8.3 Face 8.4To make appear in the column of left the available providers in the " key.bin " file you will have toclick on " Viaccess ", or on another.While clicking on one the provider, you will have the different keys appeared (Face 8.5). You willbe able to if need to modify them to your manner, to see to add of it so certain is missing.You must click in the checkbox " Empty Ram " (Face 8.5).
  16. 16. Face 8.5 Face 8.6To inject the keys, you will have to click on the " Write " button. You will pass the " Disconnected "stage in RED (Face 8.5) in the " Connected " stage in GREEN (Face 8.6) and you will see to marchin the title bar of the Soft the percentage of advancement. Attention, it goes a lot of fast !!!
  17. 17. To inject the OTA_Loader of the dayTo inject the « OTA_Loader " or " HDF_File ", you must use the FIRM button (cf. paragraph 2).Your HUMAX must be extinguished (in eve). If your HUMAX is lit, in this case you shouldextinguish it to relight it so that the flash starts.Use the same procedure that for a Firm. You will get the following window. Face 9.1You should click in her limps to nick to validate the module. The continuation of the operations isidentical that for the Firm.To the resurgence of your HUMAX, you must have the chains on the screen of your TV.So, you had no chains by chance, verify the parameters of your HUMAX and return yourselves tothe chapter 10.
  18. 18. By-laws & Parameterization of the HUMAXVerify in your configuration that you have the same parameters while using the remote control ofyour HUMAX and while making MENU , TOH , CONFIG . Face 10.1Dont ask me why, on some HUMAX, the " CAID Preselec " should be on CARD+EMU and noon CARD+EMU+S (Face 10.1)The face 10.2 shows the page of screen with the information of Statute of your terminal. Face 10.2
  19. 19. This page takes the error codes that I dont wish you and that could appear if you meet a problem atthe time of a flash. Face 10.3PS : I dont have the pretension of all knowledge on the HUMAX of this set, so, your commentariesare well the come to modify and to improve this Tutorial. While hoping that it will have helped you.