Connect Computer To Your Tv And Stereo


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Connect Computer To Your Tv And Stereo

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Connect Computer To Your Tv And Stereo

  1. 1. Connect your Computer to your TV and stereoApril 14, 2008Now I know that many of you would like to connect your computer to your TV and stereo system. You may wantto watch a movie or video on your TV instead of staying in a chair in front of your PC. You also may want to playyour music with real surround sound speakers instead of tiny PC speakers. It is quite easy to set up and mayrequire only a little expense.RequirementsA Computer with an extra output from your video cardA TV with some kind of AUX input.A Stereo with some kind of AUX input.Connecting your VideoWe are going to deal with video first because it is much more challenging than audio. The quality depends mostlyon your actual television set. It may be difficult to see the icons and text appearing on the TV. Regardlesswhether your TV is old or new you still can watch videos and movies on it.Find your connectionFirst we must figure out what kind of inputs you have on your TV. Certain connections perform better than others.We will make the list starting with the bestConnectionsHDMI - High Definition Multimedia InterfaceHDMI is the newest connection out there right now. Eventually we all will need one. A lot of new TVs and videocards are now offering this connection type. This gives you the best quality signal video. HDMI also is capable ofcarrying audio. It has the same video quality as the DVI connection and is easy to install.
  2. 2. DVI - Digital Visual Interface This connection is currently offered on many TVs and computers.VGA/XGA / Video Graphics ArrayThis is the standard video output you have for your video card. However most TVs don`t have this input in them.You can see text clearly and movies look good.
  3. 3. S-Video / Separate VideoMany TVs and Video Card have the option of S-Video. Using this type of connection, you will have troublereading the text. Movies and games will be viewed fine.Composite Video / RCA connectorThe oldest one and the one everyone is familiar with is the RCA connector. We have used this connection for aawhile. This will have lower quality than S-Video but is still good for audio and video. Some video cards may havethis. All TVs should have it.If you don`t have a connection between the TV and the video card you can buy a box that will convert your inputinto many different kinds of outputs. However it might be cheaper for you to buy a video card with the output youneed. If you have onboard video then you should buy another video card and simply add it on.Setting up your videoYou should first turn the TV on and ensure that it set to the display.Then connect the TV and video card together using any of these connections.If you plan to use HDMI, DVI and VGA, your computer will recognize your TV as a standard monitor, which will beeasier to setup.
  4. 4. Now you need to decide whether to clone your display or use secondary monitor (extended view).If you clone ityou will see exactly what you see on your screen. To use extended view you must drag anything you want to seeto the way right or secondary monitor.On a laptop you can press "fn" key with the the that has the monitor output logo on it.Setting up your audioConnecting sound to TVUnless you are using HDMI you are most likely to use RCA jack. In order to Connect to your computer`s 3.5mmplug you will need to buy a 3.5mm stereo plug to RCA pair cable.Connecting to your surround soundThis will be the tricky part.You can use the digital option if our computer and Hi-fi which will have to be featured on both devices. Thismeans you will use only one cable instead of three or four.There also might be other adapter to accomplish thisAfter that all is done and you enjoy your computer connected to your home theater.