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The Power of Play


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As part of the IT Wellness Program, I will be giving an interactive talk on "The Power of Play" at Rose Hill on Wednesday, October 19, 2016.

We often think of play as a childhood activity that we outgrow as adults. Learn about the many reasons why adults need play too. And how you can incorporate the power of play in your life!

For additional information and resources visit my wiki:

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The Power of Play

  1. 1. ThePowerof flickr photo by eschipul shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license Fordham IT Faculty Technology Center Kristen Treglia Senior Instructional Technologist Weoftenthinkofplayasachildhoodactivitythatweoutgrowasadults. Learnaboutthemanyreasonswhyadultsneedplaytoo. Andhowyoucanincorporatethepowerofplayinyourlife!
  2. 2. Introduction&Context Hands-onActivity BenefitsofPlay NextSteps Flickr photo by Daniel Incandela Used under( By‐NC) creative commons license
  3. 3. @kris10 _ KristenTreglia Passionate Educator and Technologist
  4. 4. Senior Instructional Technologist
  5. 5. creative commons licensed (BY-NC-SA) flickr photo by Pete Zarria
  6. 6. Follow us for more tips! @FordhamIT
  7. 7. Hands on activity…
  8. 8. What is Flickr photo by  WesleyIG Used under( BY‐NC‐ND) creative commons license
  9. 9. Benefits to Play…
  10. 10. Relieve Stress Flickr photo by  Amy McTigue Used under( BY‐ND) creative commons license
  11. 11. Improve Brain Function Flickr photo by  JD Hancock Used under( BY) creative commons license
  12. 12. Stimulate the Mind and Boost Creativity Flickr photo by  A Health Blog Used under( BY‐SA) creative commons license
  13. 13. Improve Relationships & Connection to Others Flickr photo by ivyandgold Used under( BY‐NC) creative commons license
  14. 14. Keep You Feeling Young and Energetic Flickr photo by  BGSU University Libraries Used under(BY) creative commons license
  15. 15. Helps Develop & Improve Social Skills Flickr photo by  EkpLo Used under (BY) creative commons license
  16. 16. Teaches Cooperation with Others Flickr photo by  Jennand Tony Bot Used under (BY‐NC) creative commons license
  17. 17. Next steps…
  18. 18. Decide What Fun Means For You Flickr photo by  cwwycoff1 Used under (BY) creative commons license
  19. 19. Flickr photo by  cwwycoff1 Used under (BY) creative commons license Decide What Fun Means For You
  20. 20. Set the Goal of Playing More Flickr photo by flakyredhead Used under (BY‐NC‐ND) creative commons license
  21. 21. Set a Fun Minimum Flickr photo by  AlphaTangoBravo/ Adam Baker Used under (BY) creative commons license
  22. 22. Create a Play Drawer Flickr photo by Rusty Clark –On the Air M‐F 8am‐noon Used under (BY) creative commons license
  23. 23. Combine Fun with Other Activities
  24. 24. Have More Fun at Work! Flickr photo by technovore Used under (BY‐NC‐SA) creative commons license
  25. 25. For more ideas about Visit my wiki! Flickr photo by megforce1 Used under (BY) creative commons license