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Slides from Writing for Wikipedia Event


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How can faculty or students join the 70,000 contributors to Wikipedia, the world's largest knowledge base?
Learn how educators can use Wikipedia in the classroom!
For more information and resources:

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Slides from Writing for Wikipedia Event

  1. 1. Senior Instructional Technologist
  2. 2. WikipediaforEducatorspageof the @FordhamIT
  3. 3. SAVE THE DATES!  Wednesday, October 26th- 5:30pm-7pm- “Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Women’s Financial Empowerment” Location: LC (Atrium)  Saturday, November 5th- 8:15am- “The Brave Summit” (Partner with Unleashed) Location: Pope Auditorium  Saturday, December 3rd- Women in Charge: A Forum on Women’s Leadership Location: Pope Auditorium  Saturday, March 18th- “Commission on the Status of Women Parallel Event: Women’s Economic Empowerment.” Location: Law School Costantino For more information or to RSVP, please contact Sandy:
  4. 4. Room309 & Rooms308