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Recording audio


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Slides used in a presentation on recording audio for educators
- tips, tricks and best practices
(also see handout)

Published in: Education
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Recording audio

  1. 1. Fordham Faculty Technology Center Kristen Treglia Senior Instructional Technologist Tips for Recording Audio Image by PatriziaSolianiused  under creative commons license
  2. 2. @kris10 _ KristenTregliaPassionate Educator and Technologist
  3. 3. @LindsayKarp LindsayKarpTechnologist by Intrigue
  4. 4. Resources Image by
  5. 5. Recording
  6. 6. Droid Image by EricaJoy Image by DesignContest Open the Google Store App Search for and download the “Tape to talk” app
  7. 7. iPhone Image by Archigraphs Image by DesignContest Open the iTunes App Search for and download the “Pocket WavePad” app
  8. 8. File Formats
  9. 9. Save your audio files generally as  .mp3 or .wav .mp3 .wav   .wma universal format .aiff .aac lossless lossy
  10. 10. Best Practices Image by Paul Watson
  11. 11. Placement
  12. 12. Avoiding plosives Image by Alison Faith  
  13. 13. Liquids have water or tea  room temp is best!  Image by   Avoid coffee, soda, milk
  14. 14. Posture stand up or if sitting donʹt slouch Image by Moody Man  
  15. 15. Breathing Image by Transguyjay
  16. 16. Image by   Quiet place
  17. 17. Practice reading through script first, be relaxed  Image by slightly everything  
  18. 18. Silence Image by   seconds
  19. 19. Test Recording testing testing 1,2,3 Image by  
  20. 20. Test Recording Image by eldeeem
  21. 21. Editing
  22. 22. Resources Image by
  23. 23. @kris10 _ @kris10 _ KristenTregliaPassionate Educator and Technologist