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Finding and Using Images


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Slides used during presentations and webinars (updated version of previously uploaded slides).

Learn how to find, use and format images for your research, classroom activities and presentations. We will cover simple edits as well as how to find and cite fair use images.

Resources and links from the presentation can be found here:

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Finding and Using Images

  1. 1. Fordham Faculty Technology Center Kristen Treglia Senior Instructional Technologist Findingand UsingImages
  2. 2. ?Where are you joining us from
  3. 3. ?What is most important for you to learn today
  4. 4. KristenTreglia @kris10 _ Thomas Jefferson Key Takeaways highlight the main points Everyone has their own story, this is mine Ancillary information on hot topics Practical examples to use in your classroom Video companions that enhance the text Possibilities to inspire you to learn and share Next steps to start your own edtech adventure The EdTech Bible is a multimedia e-book, Including images, video, and links Passionate Educator and Technologist
  5. 5. LindsayKarp @LindsayKarp Thomas Jefferson Technologist by Intrigue Videography Accessibility Awareness Mobile Apps For Teaching Distance Education Multimedia Production Cybersecurity
  6. 6. Follow us for more tips! @FordhamIT
  7. 7. A little context first… BeforeweStart
  8. 8. It’s the of a new InformationAge Wild, Wild West
  9. 9. Copyright Concerns Finding Images Files&Format Types Agenda
  10. 10. Copyright, Creative Commons, and Citing 1
  11. 11. Copyright
  12. 12. Copyright When in doubt, contact a librarian!
  13. 13. Copyright
  14. 14. CreativeCommons
  15. 15. CreativeCommons
  16. 16. CreativeCommons
  17. 17. CreativeCommons
  18. 18. CreativeCommons
  19. 19. ?What other concerns about copyright do you have?
  20. 20. FindingImages and Image Collections 2
  21. 21. CreativeCommons
  22. 22. Flickr
  23. 23. Photosforclass
  24. 24. Kristen’sBookmarks
  25. 25. MediaChain Attributionengine
  26. 26. InterneTArchive
  27. 27. ALAConnect DigitalImagesCollectionGuide
  28. 28. MITLibraries SelectedImageSources
  29. 29. BGSULibraries ImageCollectionByType
  30. 30. ?What questions about where to find images do you have?
  31. 31. FileTypes and Formatting 3
  32. 32. FileFormats
  33. 33. Formatting *Align tool *Be consistent
  34. 34. Tools
  35. 35. ? What questions about how to format images do you have?
  36. 36. One last thing before we go!
  37. 37. Credits flickr photo by Peter23394 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license "The Wild West" flickr photo by Not all potatoes can swim... shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license flickr photo by Super Furry Librarian shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license Commons – cc stickers by Kristina Alexanderson shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license Creative Commons Guide by Foter shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license Stax by Thomas Hawk shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license
  38. 38. Fordham Faculty Technology Center Kristen Treglia Senior Instructional Technologist Thanks for joining us today, We look forward to seeing you again! If you did not RSVP to our event, please email us at for a copy of the slides and links to resources.