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Blackboard Assessments


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Blackboard Assessments

  1. 1. This workshop will focus on instructors who have used Blackboard before but want to take advantage of the assessment features Blackboard has available. Faculty Technology Center | Assessments
  2. 2. Types of Assessments Assignments Safe Assignments Tests/Quizzes/Surveys Discussion Forums Faculty Technology Center | Outline
  3. 3. Assignments Add all assignments to one Content Area Faculty Technology Center Option A |
  4. 4. Assignments Option B Add assignments to different Content Areas, in close proximity to related course content Faculty Technology Center |
  5. 5. Assignments Option C All assignments are created in one location, such as the Assignments Content Area. Course Links to assignments are also added in other Content Areas, folders, or Learning Modules Faculty Technology Center |
  6. 6. Safe Assignments Faculty Technology Center Works like regular assignments; however, you will be able to access an Originality Report |
  7. 7. Tests and Pools Faculty Technology Center | Create first, then deploy Surveys function the same as Tests, however; no feedback or grades are associated with survey results
  8. 8. Tests and Pools Faculty Technology Center | Question Types
  9. 9. Tests and Pools Faculty Technology Center | Question Types
  10. 10. Tests and Pools Faculty Technology Center | Question Types
  11. 11. Discussion Board Faculty Technology Center | Forum Setup
  12. 12. Discussion Board Faculty Technology Center | Resources Resources Using Discussion Boards
  13. 13. Blogs, Journals, & Wikis Faculty Technology Center | Text Control Panel Customization Teaching Style Select Banner
  14. 14. Blogs, Journals, & Wikis Students prefer Blogs, Journals and Wikis to Discussion Boards Faculty Technology Center First create, then link as a Content or Navigation item |
  15. 15. Blogs Faculty Technology Center | designates ungraded entries Individual to all students Entries and grades are separate to each student Course All student entries are listed together when entering the blog, and all students get that same grade
  16. 16. Blogs Faculty Technology Center | Entries can be saved as drafts and posted later Blogs are less structured than the Discussion Board, and they’re chronological
  17. 17. Journals Faculty Technology Center Entries that have not been viewed by the Instructor have a icon by them Private, unless set to “Permit course users to view journal” |
  18. 18. Wikis Faculty Technology Center When a student is updating a wiki page, the rest of the students are locked out of it until it is released |