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Social Media Bus Case


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The purpose of this presentation is to show the steps that were required in order to implement social media into emergency operations, following project management, social media, and business analysis processes.

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Social Media Bus Case

  1. 1. Emergency Management BC a Social 2.0 Business Case
  2. 2. AgendaApproachPhasesChallenges IssuesSolutionsPrimary Successes • Successful launch •Changes/adjustments •Content additions •Reports
  3. 3. ApproachDesigning The Engagement Process • Successful launch •Changes/adjustments •Content additions •Reports
  4. 4. Phases
  5. 5. Phase 1- Discovery Outcomes •Business Case •Current Data •Trends •Implementation Plan •Risk Assessment •Stakeholder analysis •Cost Benefit Analysis •Go/No Go Decision
  6. 6. Phase 2- Planning Outcomes •Tools Determination •Budget and time-line •Tool Requirements defined •Staffing and Resource plan •Communications strategy •Start of content + design plan
  7. 7. Phase 3 & 4
  8. 8. Challenges & Issues
  9. 9. Solution 1
  10. 10. Solution 2 – Policy & New Resources Emergency Management BC Proposed Communications Section Organizational Chart Assistant Deputy Minister Government Communication and Public Engagement (Kelly Gleeson ) Executive Director , Support Services Government Communication and Public Engagement (Primrose Carson) Communications Director Government Communication and Online Communications Public Engagement Government (Robert Pauliszyn) Communication and Public Engagement (includes EM Info BC) EMBC Communications (Online and Conventional ) Manager, Strategic Assistant Deputy Minister / Manager, Communications Communications Fire and Emergency Government Communication and Currently a Senior EMBC Position Management Commissioner Public Engagement Public Affairs Officer (Vacant – New Position) (Rebecca Denlinger) (Julianne McCaffrey ) Executive Director Senior Operational Online Senior Operational Online Emergency Coordination – Operations Communications Officer Communications Officer (Chris Duffy) Government Communication and Government Communication and Public Engagement Public Engagement (Vacant) (Vacant)**NOTE: This Organizational chart reflects normal business operations
  11. 11. Solution 3 : New Tools
  12. 12. SuccessesThe 2011/12 Ministry Specific Technology andTransformation Instructions direct the Ministry of PublicSafety and Solicitor General to, “Plan for social media foremergency management and disaster response.”So far we have Executive Agreement on the:•Vision, Goals and Objectives•Business Plan•Communications Strategy•Business Processes•ToolsTo make this come to life requires… Resources
  13. 13. Q/AThank youQuestions?
  14. 14. And Then What Happens……Phase 3 Outcomes •Analytics •Issues Escalation Plan •Monitoring Strategy •Stakeholder Integration Strategy
  15. 15. And Then What Happens……Phase 4 Outcomes •Ongoing Content Plan •Report templates •Archive and Records Approach •Lessons Learned built into @Work