Planning - Pitch with focus group


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AS Media level. This is a PPT of my pitch representing the idea for my production, how it will meet opening sequence and thriller conventions, how it will be marketed and also what research I have previously done that has influenced my production.

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Planning - Pitch with focus group

  1. 1. PitchKristine Gulden AS Media
  2. 2. Index Idea Meeting opening sequence conventions Meeting thriller genre Film certificate Marketing Research Kristine Gulden 2012
  3. 3. Idea The idea would be that the protagonist sees herself as a victim, murdered, in a dream, suggested that it happens in the future. She wakes up and starts getting paranoid and she gets flashing images that shows how objects can be used to kill her. She goes out in an attempt to clear her mind, but little does she know that she is being followed. Or is she? Kristine Gulden 2012
  4. 4. Meeting opening sequence conventions The opening sequence will meet several conventions. First of all, it will include title, cast and director of the film. It will include an exciting peak that will end in a cliffhanger which leaves the audience in a thrill. The opening sequence will not give away the entire narrative of the rest of the film, but it will allow the audience to develop own theories of how the narrative will be developing and how the film may end. Kristine Gulden 2012
  5. 5. Meeting thriller genre The idea will create a thrill among the audience with cliffhangers, tension and exciting peaks which is the main conventions of the thriller genre. It will also include objects used as weapons, further touches the conventions of violence and death. The theme of this idea is also identity which is a very common theme in thrillers. It is set in a suburban area and is filmed and edited with results of low key lighting and shadows. The dream is a result of non-continuity and a ‘flashforward’. Change of time is a convention that often occurs in thriller genres. Kristine Gulden 2012
  6. 6. Film certificate The film will be rated with the 12 film certificate because its mood is very dark and tense based on psychological matters that younger children may not understand, thus making it fearful. It will contain explicit violence and also strong language, but only to a certain degree. Scenes with intoxicants will also occur which is not appropriate content for someone aged below 12 years. Kristine Gulden 2012
  7. 7. Marketing This film will mostly be marketed online, through social mass medias in particular such as facebook and twitter. It will have its own website and facebook page to promote the film, and also release thrillers, promos and some behind-the-scenes clips on youtube to spread the word about this upcoming this production. Kristine Gulden 2012
  8. 8. Research I have previously conducted research by analysing opening sequences and thrilling sequences in the thriller genre, and also research on common and reoccuring elements, conventions, character representation and themes related to the thriller genre to secure a production that is closely related to the norms of a thriller, while being outstanding in its narrative. I have also conducted research on production, distribution and exhbitions of films and film certificates to know what a film production includes and on what basis the film will get a rating on to follow the guidelines to make the production appropriate for my target audience. Kristine Gulden 2012