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  • Set and communicate direction through PLC groupsCreate and monitor school goalsPromote a positive environment for students and teachersCreate Harris Poll Action PlanCreate focus groups
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  • Next Steps will be to create focus group meetings to help us dig deeper and understand the issues better.
  • Blt board presentation 2013 14(4)

    1. 1. Ridgeview Elementary School Building Leadership Team October 16, 2013 Todd Jefferson (Principal) Janelle Niemeier (Kindergarten) Megan Johnson (1st Grade) Sheri Eppel (2nd Grade) Michelle Barker (3rd Grade) Brittany Clarke (4th Grade) Nicole Loser (5th Grade) Jen Dando (Counselor)
    2. 2. The Building Leadership Team Setting and Communicating Direction for RES
    3. 3. Ridgeview Demographics RES Demographics 3% 3% 2% White Black 25% 56% 11% Asian Hispanic Multi-Racial Other
    4. 4. Total Enrollment: 453 Low Income: 23% ELL Students: 39 (30 at K-2) 8 countries represented 15 different languages represented
    5. 5. The Ridgeview Plan on a Page RIDGEVIEW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STRATEGIC PLAN ON A PAGE 2013-2014 MIISSIION M SS ON The Ridgeview community develops lifelong learners through dedication, hard work and perseverance. VIISIION V S ON Dunlap students will continuously excel in a global society by being: Self-motivated learners Critical thinkers Effective communicators Skilled collaborators Responsible and culturally aware citizens Technologically capable creators VALUES & BELIIEFS VALUES & BEL EFS We believe that: While all children can learn, they learn at different rates and in different ways. High expectations and an engaging, innovative, technological learning environment are critical to the learning success of all students. Students must take responsibility for their own learning and achievement. Effective collaboration requires trust, mutual respect, open, and honest communication. District policies are necessary to ensure equitable and consistent implementation of expectations. Goals must be specific, measurable, attainable, results-oriented, and time-bound. Continual stakeholder feedback guides improvement. GOALS GOALS Home-School Partnership Goal: During the 2013-14 school year, we will increase opportunities for parents to become involved in school by offering monthly workshops and activities at the school as identified by the 2013 Harris Survey and a needs assessment survey. This goal will be measured by an increase in satisfaction in a pre/post survey to parents. (connected to District Goal #4) Social-Emotional Learning Goal: RES students will increase overall composite scores in each of the 3 social-emotional learning goal areas each benchmark period during the 201314 school year as measured by the BESST benchmark assessment. (connected to District Goals #1, 2, and 3) Academic Goal: RES staff will improve reading and math achievement during the 2013-14 school year as measured by 5% improvement from fall to spring on the STAR assessment. (connected to District Goal #1)
    6. 6. Connecting PLC Work to SIP School Goals Home-School Connection Photo at District Goalsof PLC Teams for Increase opportunities work Goals Classroom parents and families to connect with school Home-School Connection: Improve social, emotional, and behavioral skills of students. Volunteer Opportunities Student Goals SEB Learning: Student Data Binders Classroom Meetings Student Plan on a Page Second Step Student-Led Conferences Alignment Visual??? 4 Grade Spotlight Speakers Focus on Common formative assessment Ongoing Parent Surveys SEB Learning: Goal 1: To continuously improve student growth and achievement Goal 2: To obtain a satisfying and productive classroom and school learning Environment Academic Goal: Goal 4: To improve math and reading skills as measured by STAR assessment. To ensure a satisfying and productive partnership with families & community th Problem Solving (2nd) Study Buddies (K) Academic Goal: WIN time intervention
    7. 7. Overall Academic Performance ISAT Reading 82% of all RES students M/E 75% Overall M/E for BOYS 89% Overall M/E for GIRLS 20% of last year’s ISAT test was based on the Common Core Standards – 100% of this year’s ISAT will be based on Common Core.
    8. 8. Overall Academic Performance ISAT Math 79% of all RES students M/E (84% 5th grade) 78% Overall M/E for BOYS 80% Overall M/E for GIRLS
    9. 9. Overall Academic Performance th Grade Only) ISAT Science (4 93% of all RES students M/E 88% Overall M/E for BOYS 100% Overall M/E for GIRLS
    10. 10. Academic Achievement @ RES STAR data – new this year K 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Star Math N/A 80/85.8 73/80 79/84.8 84/84 81/79.8 Star Reading N/A 76/56.6 68/75.4 68/76.8 73/78.8 79/78.2 Star Early Lit. 86/86 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A % Below 40th Percentile 14% 23% (R) 21%(M) 31%(R) 27%(M) 31%(R) 20%(M) 27%(R) 16%(M) 21%(R) 19%(M)
    11. 11. WIN Time ”What I Need”
    12. 12. Harris Poll Results Identified Top Concerns (combine similar issues when possible) 1. Funding for technology was cited as a concern amongst all three stakeholder groups. 2. Inadequate technology access was cited as a concern amongst both students and teachers. Technology funding was also listed as a concern amongst parents. 3. Other isolated concerns were as follows: Main teacher likes me (students) Main teacher makes class fun (students) Are most other students nice to you? (students) Do you have adequate time for instruction? Is learning time protected from disruption? Input on the training you receive. Involvement in decisions that affect you. Student apathy. More feedback on your child’s performance. Lack of college preparation in school. Student Staff Parents Within our Control? X X X Yes X X X Yes X X Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes X X X X X X X X
    13. 13. Continuous Improvement @ RES Ground Rules Mission Statements Data Centers Quality Tools Class Meetings SMART Goals Student-Led Conferences Data Binders
    14. 14. The RES C.A.R.E. Team