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Sparta v Athens


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Sparta v Athens

  1. 1. Warm Up: IN YOUR PASSPORT Did you set your new years resolution for the rest of the school year? January 4, 2012Sparta Vs. Athens Recap and Finishing!Homework: Friday Quiz – Government & Sparta V. Athens
  2. 2. Who am I?
  3. 3. Government Sparta VS. Athenahy • Democracy• Oligarchy • Everyone takes• 2 kings & 28 Only free men part others Women • Council• Assembly – Cannot don’t vote • 500 men over debate only say Assembly the age of 30 yes or no to a law lots of • Deal with day to and picks the Elders men that propose day issues by shouting out laws • Assembly debates their names issues
  4. 4. Economy Sparta VS. Athens• Depends on farming • Depended on trade• To get more land • Land not good for they take over their farming neighbors • Slaves • Good Harbor• Slaves (Helots) and • Trade • Olive oil, honey, noncitizens produce (Sparta pottery, etc. very any goods needed • Agora = Marketplace little)• No trade b/c of • Slaves were bought Xenophobia and sold here too• No coins- iron bars • Gold Coins = keep from trading
  5. 5. Education Sparta VS. Athens • Be a good citizen• Protect the City • Book & physical learning• Girls & Boys learn to • Until 6 taught at home fight • Until 14 go to school –• Unhealthy babies die reading, writing, math, Military on hill literature, sports, training• Boys: for all singing, and playing• Age 7 go to camp boys instruments learn to be tough, • 18 – military training steal & fight • Girls - how to read,• Age 20 take a warrior write, cook, clean, make test clothing, songs, and• Live in barracks until dances 30 years old • Some rich women had a better education
  6. 6. Women & Slaves Sparta VS. Athens• Women: • Women:• Plain clothing & no jewelry • Cannot own property or• Expected to fight vote• Free to speak to men • Could not choose their• Own land & Control husbands and no divorce Property • Can’t go out without a• Divorce their husbands man• Slaves /Helots: • Manage the house & kids• Conquered people or Slaves/Helots: born there as slaves • Conquered & some born• Government killed legally into it• They could marry and • Variety of jobs, some bad even buy their freedom (mines) but some were teachers and doctors
  7. 7. Where would you rather live?• In your passport….Imagine you were shipped back in time and found yourself faced by a person from Sparta and one from Athens. They both ask you to join their polis. YOU CHOOSE! Write two paragraph about the place you would rather live, Sparta or Athens….make sure to use at least two of the topic settings you learned about (Education, Women & Slaves, Government, Economy).
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