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Rome falls web


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Published in: Travel, Entertainment & Humor
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Rome falls web

  1. 1. Objective:• Rotating through the upheaval of Rome’s demise
  2. 2. Speeddating Station of Rome…style!!!Quick… but Mrs. StryjakQuick… they aren’t inQuick!! order…. ROME FALLS The end of the mighty Empire!
  3. 3. The Fall of Rome Main Idea # 1: The Last Attempts to Save Rome Main Idea # 2: The Germanic Tribes Main Idea # 3: The Huns V the Germanics Main Idea # 4: Problems between the Germanic Tribes and Rome Main # 5: The Germanic Tribes Vs. Rome
  4. 4. The Last Attempt to Save Rome Theodosius takes over control after Constantine passes away and he gains control of Rome and calms it down. He realizes it is hard to rule Rome so he splits it in half West = Rome East = Constantinople
  5. 5. Germanic Tribes  From the marshes and forests of Northern Europe  Do they look familiar? German Tribes after Rome: Ostrogoths Visigoths Franks Vandals Angles Saxons
  6. 6. Visigoths Darcan German Franks Ostrogoths Anglo - Saxons
  7. 7. Germanic Tribes If you were a Germanic Tribe why would you try to take over and battle the undefeatable Romans? Location is key? Why is Rome valuable? Looking for warmer climate for their crops Good grass lands for their cattle Running from the Huns who are trying to kill them
  8. 8. The Huns •Equestrian Nomads from Mongolia •That were looking for different places to settle
  9. 9. Germanic Tribes VS the Huns The Huns defeated some Germanic tribes making them scared. The Visigoths ask Rome for protection Rome gives them protection What do you think is going to happen??
  10. 10. Problems between the Germanic Tribes and Rome Rome takes advantage of the Visigoths Pay lots of money for food Become slaves for Romans
  11. 11. Germanic Tribes Vs. Rome Visigoths rebel against the Romans In 378 the Romans are beaten for the first time ever! Rome must give land to the winning Visigoths
  12. 12. The Germanic Tribes Vs. Rome Imagine this situation. The school bully ( a really mean kid that could more than likely kick your butt at any moment) asks you to do his homework and pay for his lunch for the next two weeks. No teacher, administrator, or parent believes you. What do you do? Now after weeks of doing his homework, you see the bully crying because he stumped his toe in the hall. Now what do you do?
  13. 13. The Germanic Tribes Vs. Rome Germanic Tribes know Rome can’t defend itself …so what do they do? Some Germanic Tribes start crossing into Rome
  14. 14. The Germanic Tribes Vs. Rome The winter of 406 is especially cold, what will happen to the Rhine River? Freezes and seven tribes come into to Rome to invade it and take over!
  15. 15. Visgoths*** AnglesOstogoths SaxonsVandals*** HunsFranks
  16. 16. The Germanic Tribes Vs Rome Visigoths Capture Rome and burn important records and take all the money from the treasury First time Rome has been captured in 800 years. Many citizens flee to Constantinople
  17. 17. The Germanic Tribes Vs. Rome Vandals Conqueror Spain and Africa 455 they sail to Italy  They come to Rome enslave many Romans  They strip Rome of anything valuable and destroy everything else  Vandals = Vandalism (willful destruction of property)
  18. 18. The Germanic Tribes Vs Rome Western Rome- Germanic leaders are put in charge of parts of the government and army Take control of Rome by killing 14 year old emperor Ends Rome as the capital Western Rome and the Empire are no more Still keep many traditions & language of Rome
  19. 19. The Germanic Tribes Vs Rome Eastern Rome- Prospered and became known as the Byzantine Empire with Constantinople become the “New Rome” Many of the wealthy of Rome came to live here Start to follow many Greek traditions & language
  20. 20. Name something that you have seen lately that reminds you of Rome.