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YCE Programme Seminar : British Council : London Book Fair 2012

  1. The Future of International Publishing Start-Ups 16 April 2012 London Book Fair 2012 British Council's Young Creative Entrepreneur Publishing winners present market insights and innovative business models from China, India, Turkey and South Africa.
  2. James Bridle Writer, Publisher and Artist Chairperson James Bridle is a writer, publisher and artist based in London, UK. He has founded innovative publishing start-ups and helps publishers and arts organisations understand new media. At the moment he's particularly interested in networks, architecture and digital behaviour. He makes things with words, books and the internet, and writes about what he does at
  3. Arthur Attwell Managing Director and Co-Founder Electric Book Works AboutArthur finds innovative ways to deliver publishing solutions in developing countries. Arthur studied at Cape Town University, where he majored in English Literature and Latin and completed an MA in Creative Writing. In 1998 he joined Oxford University Press in Cape Town and, in 2002, Oxford. Upon his return to South Africa he worked as a senior publisher at Maskew Miller Longman, a Pearson company. In 2005 he left big publishing to start a new venture, which in 2006 became Electric Book Works, a company specialising in applying innovative technology to traditional publishing. As managing director of EBW, Arthur has initiated and overseen a range of publishing projects and research, including services for large and small publishers, the publication of two acclaimed children's books and of EBW's flagship EBW Healthcare series (, and the development of Mousehand, EBW's self- and small-scale publishing service, which produces and distributes books/ebooks locally and internationally for a range of new and established authors. In addition to his role at EBW, Arthur's current work focuses on research and consulting on print-on-demand and ebooks, and on developing new ways to deliver content in developing countries. Arthur was one of the finalists of the YCE Publishing Award 2009.
  4. Gökçesu Tamer Product Manager Dogan Kitap Gökçesu Tamer had an interested and varied career before realising she wanted to work in publishing. She is currently part of the marketing team at Dogan Kitap. She was born and raised in Ankara and in 1996 moved to Istanbul to study International Relations at Bogazici University. In 2002 Gökçesu began her career at Focus popular science magazine as editor and translator. But, in May 2003 Gökçesu life turned around when she decided that, for her, 'it was all about books,' and after years of constant reading Gökçesu became a bookseller. As the Category Manager of Megavizyon Bookstores chain, she's taken part in 9 store openings and is responsible for the stores from A to Z. After following this path, Gökçesu realised she wanted to be a part of the publishing world. Now, Gökçesu is a member of Dogan Kitap marketing team and works on everything from book selection to launch and the associated marketing activities. Gökçesu is a winner of the YCE Publishing Award 2012.
  5. Publishing in Transition New Business Models From Turkish Book Market Gökçesu Tamer 16 April 2012
  6. Publishing in Turkey: a quick glance • 8000+ active publishers • 6000 bookstores • 43,190 new titles published in 2011 • 8 % VAT • Average price: 10 USD • Market size: 2.2 billion USD
  7. Going beyond traditional distribution • Online distribution company • Provides solutions for small bookstores • 1360 publishers & 1400 bookstores • Book data for e-trade
  8. Immigration to digital world • E-book sales started in April 2010 • By now share of e-books is only 0,38%, but growing rapidly ( 400% last year) • ~ 3500 titles converted to e-books • New applications, new platforms are being developed.
  9. A Platform for e-Books • B2C and B2B sales • Works on «all devices with a screen» • Compatible with Publishers Association’s DRM module • Samsung e-Book application for Samsung Turkey • e-Book sales in Migros kiosks (April 2012)
  10. Publishing «with» the readers DEX is an imprint for young adult books, targeting 16-25 aged young adults. •Interactive, trendy and cinematographic content •Fantasy, mystery, horror, love and more... •Effective use of social media: Talking with the readers rather than talking to them
  11. Social media apps E-cards with quotes from your favorite authors Share your stories with Elif Shafak
  12. Thanks for listening...
  13. Ganesh Ram Founder & CEO eMahatva Technologie Ganesh Ram is the founder of eMahatva Technologie, a start-up committed to developing technologies that will facilitate publishing in the future. Ganesh hails from a small town called Udumalpet, located near Coimbatore, known as Manchester of South India. After completing his school education there, he went to Chennai and did his Bachelors Degree in Commerce. With an ever-glowing interest in Computers and Information Technology, he learned number of application on his own, and in 2007 along with his friend Saravanan he started working on innovative mobile applications. Their project was selected under InfoDev – a World Bank programme – to be developed and supported by the Incubation centre of VIT University, one of the leading private technology university in India. This led to the creation of Ganesh’s technology start-up, eMahatva Technologie. The start-up is committed to developing technologies that will facilitate publishing in the future, especially mobile phones and tablets. Ganesh is keen to make publishing in Indian languages on these devices easier and more widespread. FUBLISH platform, which stands for 'Futuristic Publishing' developed by the organization, aims to improve the way knowledge is imparted in the future. Currently the platform enables Publishers and Authors to take their works to many digital media forms right from basic phones to tablets. Ganesh is a winner of the YCE Publishing Award 2012.
  14. Hello ! The Future of International Publishing Start-ups - Ganesh Ram KR, Founder & CEO, eMahatva, India    
  15. Setting the Stage “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” - Chinese Proverb PDF, ePUB, Apps, digital questions ??? Fublish :: The Future of Publishing    
  16. The Problem / Opportunity Where is the BIG Opportunity in India ? Kindle, iPad, Android Tablets... If this is our perception, is that correct ? BUT we think otherwise... What about 800+ million mobile phone users ? BUT there is problem. Are local languages displayed on the phones ? NO in more than 90% its not supported. Let us try to solve this problem and here is a REAL OPPORTUNITY    
  17. The Solution We have developed a solution for that. mvFont Rendering Engine Works on even basic phones (sub $40 phones) that doesn't support Indian Language charactersets on them.. Can be used by any developer for their mobile applications.. This is our small contribution to bridge the digital divide    
  18. The Business Model Still, there is another bottleneck. App Delivery. WALLED GARDENS, PRICING, PAYMENT PROCESSING TRYING A NEW BUSINESS-MODEL : “Seed” mobile library is a collection of 1000 books (copyright free / open domain ) This is stored on a Memory Card / CD and delivered to Users A simple activation process to handle mass-piracy. The pilot marketing was successful. Gearing for next version.    
  19. Interesting Developments Other Significant developments in India : * Aakash Tablet * Pratham Books * Print-on-Demand * Self-Publishing * The FlipKart Story    
  20. Thank You ! |    
  21. Jason Ren Founder Little Thing Magazine Jason Ren founded Little Thing Magazine to encourage people's awareness of 'the beautiful things in life.' Jason has been running Little Thing Magazine for nearly 4 years. It’s a bi-monthly fashion magazine with a focus on the creativity and lifestyle of the new generation Chinese females. Little Thing Magazine is circulated in over twenty two big cities in China, including Hong Kong, and has won the title of 'the most beloved fashion magazine for creative and artistic girls' in the country. As co-founder and publisher of the magazine, Jason manages everything from advertisement, circulation and branding to finance and HR. The magazine’s slogan is ‘we collect beautiful things’ and aim to encourage awareness of the beautiful little things in their life. To achieve this, the magazine conducts firsthand interview with designers and artists in different countries and create inspiring fashion images. In 2011, the success of the project has led to an exciting product line and shopping experience. With the idea of social entrepreneurship, Little Thing Magazine launched its online and retail shop to sell their products, namely independent designer items and fair trade products from all over the world. Before founding little thing magazine, Jason studied in CEIBS for MBA from 2004-2006 (exchanged in HEC, Paris in 2005) and worked in marketing for different multinational companies like GE and AC Nielson for more than 10 years. Jason is a winner of the YCE Publishing Award 2012.
  22. Brief Review of Challenges in China Publishing Industry Jason Ren (China) Little thing magazine Apr.2012
  23. Current in China Publishing Industry • Publishing organization reform and integration keep deepening - New opportunity to some open minded traditional state owned publishing groups Liu bin jie - Some conservative and less market focused organizations will face bankruptcy Chief Director of The General Administration of press and publications • Severe stock issue, higher circulation cost, less profitability - In mainstream book selling Channel, Xin Hua bookstore, stock higher than total books sold - Large stock in books occupied Publishing house capital, cash flow and increased circulation cost • Major publishing profit from teaching material related sector - teaching material makes up over 50% of share in China publishing industry, size and profit - in the future, teaching material reuse will totally change some publishing house biz model • Popularity on Digital terminal and internet reading - Digital, mobile & internet publishing is more considerable to new publishers - Prosperous online book selling changes traditional small bookstore business environment
  24. Key Challenges in China Publishing Industry • New Books hard to re-publish - 55% of new books per year not able to be republished, waste of content • Niche positioned high quality books hard to publish - Niche positioned books due to sizable problem hard to get break even, no publishing house would like to publish - High quality content not easy to reserve and broadcast • Starting printing number - Lots of book stock caused by the “have to” print number, over printing to meet start print number New Business Model in China publishing Industry? - On demand publishing? - Digital publishing?
  25. Challenges and New Business Model in China Magazine Industry
  26. Key Challenges in China Magazine Market • Great competition from Online Media - more advertisers shift from magazine to web - quickly shrinking magazine AD budget - online competitors have larger volume big online players - easier to track and better data on viewers •Quickly shrinking reader base and circulation - from end 2011, a lot of magazine titles facing quickly shrinking circulation - in some segments, the shrinking can be up to half Shrinking circulation - many more readers looking for information from website, special forums and blogs • Fierce competition in current sector, limited circulation channel, new media hard to survive - Chinese magazine market is not deeply fragmented, magazines are fighting closely - distribution channels limited to newsstands operated by local post , high enter barrier - difficult for new titles to gain sizable readers and circulation, hard to attract AD Fierce competition • Lack courage to try new business model - most magazines still focus on AD selling and try to keep circulation size Instyle left - lack of resources (human, finance, ideas) to try new biz model China market - worry to make mistake after 3 years
  27. New attempts made in the market • Online gateway - some magazines go online to leverage brand name as gateway to attract online advertisement, yet still a long way to go Online portal •App - nearly every big magazine titles launched their APP for free - some of them get good readership and start selling AD - new model to be discovered • Sell online - some magazines leverage their name to build online B to C portal including us - product from sports shoes to low price clothes to luxury goods - still at beginning stage, wait and see
  28. Little thing Magazine Business Model Introduction
  29. The most Beloved fashion magazine for Creative & Artistic girls!
  30. Business Model of little thing Pop up card Business model: • Publishing - A great reading inspiration for fashion, creativity, handmade, lifestyle and art • Advertisement – An integrated marketing partner with strong creativity and wide resources • Product – A sales platform for independent designers, fair trade, recycled and handmade A creative brand itself for fashion clothing, accessories and stationery
  31. Publishing Magazine basics: 25RMB, bimonthly issue, 4 years publishing, high quality eco friendly paper, golden printing award, Circulation in key cities of mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore & Malaysia Team basic: 16 people in house with contributing journalist in London, Paris,Tokyo and Australia Magazine selling itself can be a profitable business - By good control of selling rate and increased subscription Potential business opportunity in publishing •High quality magazine content - book publishing (with authors & creators in little thing mag) •Sell in cool coffee & book shops, multi-brand creative shops - limited edition of gift pack magazine(20Euro each) in select channels
  32. Advertisement Little thing - An Integrated Marketing Partner Online marketing & Not Just page, but ideas Influencer Resources Creative Event marketing Harmony AD Environment On-line marketing Little thing x MIXC Shopping mall exhibition with artist 插画家 Little thing influencers illustrator Little thing x Adidas Originals designer Independent female artist exhibition Creative Advertorial photographer Fashion critics artist curator buyer Stylist & blogger
  33. Product Little thing online shop Little thing showroom A online platform for independent designer A bridge for independent designer and and little thing itself as a creative brand creative shops and buyers in China & Asia
  34. Little Thing - the influence of community, a little thing village A little thing community for creativity, art and people with love! Little Thing communication Eg. Newsletter, Little Treats, Road Core image shows, IMart. ect Little Thing Emotional link Magazine Co-work with Little other commercial Official Web, weibo, other Little Thing Collaborated brand social media Online Project More than magazine Care and interact it’s a Community! Commercial value - surprise Little Thing Little Event Little Voice for Concept Shop, Store Music, Other Online Shop Event for Fashion, Arts… Ownership participant
  35. Thanks! Little thing magazine We collect beautiful things!
  36. The Future of International Publishing Start-Ups British Council's Young Creative Entrepreneur Publishing winners present market insights and innovative business models from China, India, Turkey and South Africa. For more information, visit