7 c of happiness


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7 c of happiness

  1. 1. What are the critical ingredients for experiencing genuinehappiness? Here are seven elements of life that I believe areessential to the attainment of human happiness. I call them the "7Cs in the pursuit of happiness." One is not more important than anyof the others.
  2. 2. In order to evolve into a state of happiness,you must develop your in-born ability to careabout life, to value life in all its forms, toengage in loving, kind actions, to cultivatean attitude of what Nobel laureate, Dr.Albert Schweitzer called "reverence for life,"(including your own).
  3. 3. Inner calm. Peace of mind and heart doesnot mean acceptance of everything thathappens. It does mean letting go of fear.When you live life fearlessly, you experiencea kind of peace that permeates every cell ofyour body, every thought of your mind, everyemotion of your heart, every element of yourspirit.
  4. 4. Without effectively connecting to otherhumans, you become less than humanyourself. Connection means involvingyourself in relationship to everyone aroundyou, connecting to your own inner life, andbecoming aware of the environment in whichyou live. Learn to create high-qualityrelationships, and your happiness is almostguaranteed.
  5. 5. Communication is our primary method forconnection. It increases your knowledge,your understanding, and your awareness.Language is precious. Words are the buildingblocks of all happiness.
  6. 6. Oprah Winfrey says that what motivates herto get up in the morning is "my commitmentto my life and fulfilling my life purpose." Ifone of your lifes purposes is to enhance yourhappiness, committing your life to theservice of others brings more happiness thanyou can imagine. Happiness requires youcommit yourself to something larger thanyourself.
  7. 7. Most spiritual teachers believe we are livingin a sleep-like or dream state. In order to behappy, one must increase ones awareness oflife. And the single awareness that is mostconducive to happiness is: the impermanenceof everything. Life is in a constant state offlux, of change, of rhythm and of evolution.
  8. 8. Creating your life experience by consciouslychoosing your thoughts, your actions, yourdecisions and your attitudes will allow you toattain personal happiness regardless ofexternal circumstances.
  9. 9. The pursuit of happiness is not something yousearch for or attain from outside your skin.Happiness develops from within. You wereborn to be happy. You were given life toexperience happiness. Pursuing it is yourright. Sail the 7 Cs of happiness and thepursuit of it becomes obvious and being alivebecomes the happiest of moments.
  10. 10. Thank you.