Job interview project by howard and pham huynh


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Job interview project by howard and pham huynh

  1. 1. JOB INTERVIEW PROJECT Howard & Pham Huynh VESL Spring 2014
  2. 2. • Howard is applying for the position of a salesman at Auo technology company. • His interviewer is the Employee Coordinator at Auo technology company. • Howard arrives 30 minutes early. THE SITUATION: THE INTERVIEW BEGAINS
  3. 3. Hi, my name is Pham Huynh. I’m the Employee Coordinator in this company. Tell me about your experience. And why are you interested in working at Auo Technology Company. Hello, my name is Howard. Nice to meet you. I worked in TSMT company half year. I learn a lot of skills such as facing customers directly, making a producing schedule using ERP system. I want to apply for your company because I think your company can give me more knowledge, good environment, and worth salary.
  4. 4. That’s wonderful. Please tell me, do you know how to work on cash register? I think maybe I know. Just when customers come to a store to buy something and I receive the money from customers, and sometimes I have to give them the changes back, right?
  5. 5. Thank you! Another question is what are your strengths? I am a diligent, hardworking, candid, and optimistic person. Thus, I always can conquer every obstacles. Also, I had experiences about working in technology company. Thus, I think I can have ability to conquer this position ,and at the same I will do my best on it!
  6. 6. One more thing, if the company needs you work on weekend, are you all right? I am available on weekend, but you should tell what’s weekend that I should show up.
  7. 7. Perfect! My last question is what is the salary you propose?I prefer to 1000USD, and including incentive bonus.
  8. 8. Congratulation, Howard, on new position. If you work in our company, you will receive a lot of benefits, you know? For example, you will have two months to vacation and so on. Thank you for coming to the interview with me. Here is my card. I’ll let you know about the position in about a week. Thank you for taking time with me. I really hope I have a chance to join in you company. If I have this opportunity to get in your enterprise, please contact as soon as possible. Thank, again, and have a nice day!