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Interview project2 victorycandyfaby


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Interview project2 victorycandyfaby

  1. 1. Victoria, Candy and Faby VESL SPRING 2014
  2. 2. The situation: Candy is applying for the position of Dental Assistant at Grove Dental. Her interviewers are the manager Faby and her assistant Victoria. Candy arrives 15 minutes early….
  3. 3. Hi Candy let’s go to beginning with the interview Welcome Candy, nice to meet you, She’s my assistant Victoria Hello, Dr. Hernandez. I’m Candy Carbajal, I’m applying for the position of dental assistant.
  4. 4. Do you have any work experience? Well, I worked in a dental practice in San Diego County for about three years.
  5. 5. What kind of work did you do there? I assisted the dentist with all the dental procedures. I also did same office work and helped in the lab.
  6. 6. Tell me, what kind of formal training do you have? I did a dental assistant’s program at a community collage. I specialized in pediatric dentistry. I have certification as a pediatric dental assistant
  7. 7. Candy, why did you want to be dental assistant? I’ve always loved helping people.
  8. 8. Thank you very much for your time. Great. I’ll be in touch soon.