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Business Process Outsourcing and its manifold advantages


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Business Process Outsourcing and its manifold advantages

  1. 1. Business Process Outsourcing and its manifold advantages An introduction to business processing outsourcing BPO, the abbreviation of business process outsourcing services, is an outsourcing subset that consists of operations, contracting and dependability of some particular business operations or processes to any service provider of third party. Originally the entire idea was associated with the several manufacturing firms who used to outsource some of the biggest sections of the supply chain. Typically BPO can be classified into four: 1) Back office outsourcing: This includes functioning of internal business like finance and accounting or human resources. 2) Front office outsourcing: All the customer related services fall into this category like the services of the contact centers. 3) Offshore outsourcing: When a BPO is contracted that is located outside the country where you reside the type of outsourcing is offshore outsourcing. 4) Nearshore outsourcing: When the country where the BPO service provider is contracted happens to be the neighboring country then it is near-shore outsourcing. The process of business often is based on information technology, which is known as ITES-BPO. ITES stands as 'Information Technology Enabled Service'. For the BPO industry LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing) and KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) remains the sub segments. Benefits of BPO The significant advantage of BPO is how it is helping in making increase of the flexibility of a company. On the other hand, different sources consist of several ways using which they can recognize with the flexibility of some organization. During the year 2000 BPO used to be a subject that was cost efficient and permitted some flexibility levels during its early period. With the advancement of technology and the modification of the industry companies who used to pick the option of outsourcing increasingly came across at the time flexibility and directly control the quality of what they used to outsource. The BPO makes an enhancement of the organization's flexibility in too many ways: a) Most of the services that usually got offered by the BPO vendors get provided in terms of fees on the basis of what they are offering. The entire thing revolves around 'Remote in-Sourcing' or alike to it the different models of outsourcing and software developments. This certainly helps the company in gaining a bigger flexibility. And all these take place through transforming the fixed costs into variable costs. b) The other way where BPO has their biggest contribution is on the flexibility of a company where the company can ably focus on their competencies without getting anyway burdened or loaded by the
  2. 2. bureaucratic demands and restraints. The key team gets released from their work that happens to be administrative jobs or non-core processes and henceforth can make investment more on building energy with them. c) The third way of making an increment to the flexibility is by speeding up the processes of business outsourcing. The 'supply chain management' consisting of all its effective benefits of BPO and supply chain partners make an increase in the rate of different business processes like for the case of the manufacturing companies the throughput gets an increase. Aaron Dormer, author of this content. If interested about Business Process Outsourcing Sydney for your accounting needs, kindly visit ,or follow on : google+