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Comprehensive Waag Society Overview

Presentation delivered at FACT in Liverpool in February 2016, but generally suitable to understand where we come from & what we're working on.

Comprehensive Waag Society Overview

  1. 1. @kresin / @waag Art Science Technology
  2. 2. Heroes
  3. 3. • Institute for Art, Science & Technology • Since 1994, 50 Staff, based in Amsterdam • Artistic research, critical design & social innovation • Exploring emergent technologies & opening them up Waag Society
  4. 4. • For self expression and communication • Linking people, groups, communities • Sharing thoughts, blueprints, algorithms • Reflecting & understanding And discovering it’s underlying meaning. Technology
  5. 5. Technology is not Neutral
  6. 6. • Making is crucial to understand and act in our world • Best producer is the user • (S)he can learn to make (almost) anything • Sharing knowledge is the key to innovation Maker Ethics
  7. 7. Fablabs, Wetlabs, Maker Spaces &
  8. 8. More than just a space Laboratory Workshops Exhibitions Products Waag Society - CC-BY-SA 3.0
  9. 9. Our DNA relational aesthetics* users as
 culture learning by making critical design 
 if you can’t open it, you don’t own it *a set of artistic practices which take as their theoretical and practical point of departure the whole of human relations and their social context, rather than an independent and private space Nicholas Bourriaud
  10. 10. Invention - Creation - Innovation Ideas Needs Requirements Solutions Art Science Technology Society Quest ion Pilot Proto type invention curiosity driven research creation context driven research innovation transformation research
  11. 11. Structure research Creative Learning Creative Care Future Heritage Future Internet Open Design Open Wetlab BioHack Academy Code Power Fab Academy FabSchool Minors Teacher maker Camp academy Bootcamps Fablab Amsterdam Festivals Hacking Heritage Open Wetlab Smart Citizens Lab
 waag open
  12. 12. Society Open - events Academy Multiple Strategies for Impact Research spin off 7scenes spin off Fairphone FabCity Smart Citizens Lab
  13. 13. Participation in EU-programs • CitySDK: linked open data and city service desks • COLLAGE: support learning environments • DecarboNet: reduction CO2 • ECLECTIS: design • Europeana Space: reuse of cultural content • FASC: art-science collaboration • meSch: new narratives in heritage • Apps for Europe: open data and social impact • GRAGE: aging in Europa • FET-ART/ICT & Art Connect • RICHES: co-creation with musea and archives • KiiCS: stimulating collaboration between art & science • Commons4EU/Code for Europe: fellowships • Digital Social Innovation: research network effect • Textile and Clothing business labs: innovation in fashion • VETLICAT: new models for practice based research • WEAVE: new alliances between heritage and craft • Making Sense: participatory sensing • BrainHack: Artful Advances in BCI interfacing • FEAT: Future & Emerging Art & Technologies (Pandora’s Box)

  15. 15. Creative
 Care Creative
 Learning Future
 Heritage Future
 Internet Open
 Design Open
 Wetlab Research Labs relevant emerging open
  16. 16. Open Wetlab DIY bio design & ethics of life bio-art & science hands-on biolab
  17. 17. BioHack Academy partners: KiiCS,, Open Wetlab, Jennifer Willet and Artists-in-Residence
  18. 18. biofactory hardware take one! tear off HOW TO DIY magnetic stirrer Want to shake things up with your pet? Want to mix them up them a nice, new home? No worries! We’ve got the perfect solution for you: our DIY magnetic stirrer. With this magnetic stirrer, you’ll be able to mix fluid samples—like media for growing bacteria! On the next page, you’ll find the URL to assemble the incubator and a schematic. If you don’t quite get it, sign up for the Biohack Academy and learn with us! biofactory hardware take one! tear off HOW TO DIY Microscope Feeling the distance between you and your new, tiny pet? Want to catch a closer glimpse of their microscopic majesty? No worries! We’ve got the perfect solution for you: our DIY, webcam microscope. With this microscope, you’ll be able to see close-up images of your pet on your computer. On the next page, you’ll find the URL to assemble the microscope and a schematic. If you don’t quite get it, sign up for the Biohack Academy and learn with us! Wetlab Instructables
  19. 19. Trust me, I’m an Artist partners: Brighton and Sussex Medical School, The Arts Catalyst, Ciant, Kapelica Gallery, Medical Museion
  20. 20. Micro Petshop
  21. 21. BioStrike partners: BrmLab, Hackteria, P2P Foundation, Biotinkering Berlin
  22. 22. Open Design Lab if you can’t open it, you don’t own it open source, 
 open hardware personal
 fabrication make almost anything
  23. 23. Fablab Amsterdam / Fab Academy partners: MIT Centre for Bits & Atoms, St. FabLab NL, Fab Academy
  24. 24. Open Design minor WdKA partners: Creative Commons NL, Willem de Kooning Academy, Waag Academy
  25. 25. Smart Citizens & Making Sense
  26. 26. Textile & Clothing Business Labs
  27. 27. Fairphone
  28. 28. Creative Learning Lab learning by making embodied learning playful learning citizen
  29. 29. FabSchool - learning by making partners: Fablab Nederland, MIT, Stanford University, Rotslab Utrecht
  30. 30. CryptoKids partners: Bits of Freedom, Netwerk Democratie, Creative Learning Lab
  31. 31. Platform Maker Education
  32. 32. Hack the Brain & BrainHack partners: Total Active Media, Donders Institute, Universiteit Twente
  33. 33. Creative Care Lab real needs for real people qualified self DIY cure and care design thinking
  34. 34. Make Health & End of Life
  35. 35. low cost prosthesis
  36. 36. Measuring Less To Feel More partners: Inreda Diabetic BV, U Twente, U Utrecht, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, CGI, Philips Research
  37. 37. Future Heritage Lab hidden narratives physical & embodied interfaces digital born heritage social
  38. 38. Heritage & Location partners: DEN (Digitaal Erfgoed Nederland)
  39. 39. RICHES - Co-creation in Museapartners: Coventry University, Hansestadt Rostock, Rijksmuseum v. Volkenkunde, University of Exeter, Promoter Srl, i2cat, Syddansk Universitet, Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism
  40. 40. MeSch - new interfacespartners: Sheffield Hallam University, University of Limerick, University of Strathclyde, eCTRL Solutions, Digitaal Erfgoed Nederland, University of Stuttgart, University Carlos III Madrid, Museo Storico Italiano della Guerra, Allard Pierson Museum, Museon, Fondazione Bruno Kessler
  41. 41. Future Internet Lab fix the internet Internet of Open Things Open Data & Algoritms Codifying Morality
  42. 42. dID - your better eID in opdracht van Logius (Min. Binnenlandse Zaken)
  43. 43. Code for NL partners: Code for America Int., Code for All
  44. 44. Smart CitySDK & AMS Data Platform partners: Gemeente Amsterdam (EZ), Gemeente Amsterdam DIVV, Universiteit Tilburg, FutureEverything
  45. 45. BetaLab
  46. 46. Sint Antoniesbreestraat 69 1011 HB Amsterdam / Frank Kresin Research Director @kresin /