Are You Paying Attention?


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Are You Paying Attention?

  1. 1. + Are You Paying Attention? Karen Martinez Arias - Colombia
  2. 2. + The Stores I went to…FASHION 1 Insights Hidden Opportunities - Great location, and the sign - I would add a third sign, is clear and easy to read. there is the perfect space, - Inside the store, employees which has been wasted. were really nice, they came - Employees had an uniform, with suggestions and told is a fashion store not a me about the products on restaurant, if they use sale. some of the last season - Really Clean, products are clothes, that would bring well displayed. some ideas to customers, - Decoration is really good, and would make the they have a mid-west theme products more attractive. which makes the store - Having some tips, for really casual. dressing better, according - Customers tried out some to size, will help customers of the clothes, they seemed to feel better about satisfy with the products. themselves and liking more the brand.
  3. 3. + The Stores I went to…FASHIONInsights 2 Hidden Opportunities- Great decoration! Colors - There were 4 employees, all are well used and very behind the desk. That sends attractive, they have the wrong message, as if products for all ages, really they were bored or trendy. something.- Very good lighting, there - There was no music on the were images of products at store, some music might a high wall, which are relax costumers, and they appealing from a great will feel more comfortable distance. at the store.- Big windows, you could see the entire store from the outside.- The sign is clear, really classic but it is not formal, it really appeals a huge target.
  4. 4. + The Stores I went to…FASHION/TECH 3 Insights Hidden Opportunities - No window, which - Lack of decoration, it was eliminates the barrier really clean and organized, between the customers and but it doesn’t have any the store. personality. - Good exposition of the - There was only one products, you could see and employee, she was behind feel the fabric without the desk, on the phone, she entering into the store, wasn’t paying attention to which can be really new consumers, it is appealing. important to give a good customer service. - Make sure the door of the cleaning supplies remains closed. It gives a bad image to the store. - Some music will be more appealing to new clients.
  5. 5. + The Stores I went to…TECHNOLOGYInsights 4 Hidden Opportunities- It has a great location. - Is a tech store, and- Good customer service, decoration doesnt goes employees know all about with the theme, a different the products, they pay floor and high ceilings will attention to consumers bring a better environment. needs. - The space of the store was- Having products to test is really small, and it was wonderful, consumers can really hot, some really try out different conditioned air will help technologies, and pick customers feeling better. wisely the best one for - Bigger doors will bring them. more space and air to store. - The sign could be bigger, that way it will attract more people.
  6. 6. + The Stores I went to…FOOD 5 Insights Hidden Opportunities - Great location, in the - Over the front desk, there middle of the mall. was only one employee, who - They had a front desk for had to take orders, place people who wanted coffee them and receive the money. to go, and another space for It’s important to have at least people that wanted to hang 2 persons taking care of out, sit and relax. customers. - Very clean, nice decoration, - Bringing some day specials, lots of space. or a daily suggestion will - Different signs over the attract consumers, that were space. not thinking on having some - Although the coffee shop coffee! was in the middle of the mall, once you are in, you don’t feel inside a mall!
  7. 7. + The Stores I went to…FOODInsights 6 Hidden Opportunities- Great Location - The sign was old, that sends- Products are well exposed, a message of a neglected the looked great, and place. delicious! Which attracted - There was only one people passing by. employee for all the customers, two persons will bring a better service. - All food is to go, they should place some tables so that people can have some time to eat, and maybe consume more products.
  8. 8. + Before I went to the Store…Store 1 2 3 4 5 6 AMERICANINO BOOTS ‘N BAGS ZUT iSHOP JUAN VALDEZ DONUT FACTORY Big Sign, All the Great coats, No Love Apple, The smell Donuts, of allDoes the store draw y decoration, colors, Glass. great products, kinds.ou in? If so, how? really great products new techs. clothes! well shownIs the door open or Open Open No door! Open No door! No door!closed? Curious, Attracted by Curious Exited Like if I wanted Hungry!How does this make attracted. the colors. a cup of coffeeyou feel?How big is the sign 70 cm, Sans 40 cm Serif, 75cm, Sans 60 cm, Sans 40 cm, Sans 40 cm,Cursive,lettering and in what Serif, Bold, Regular Serif, Regular Serif, Italic, Bold Serif, Italic, Bold Boldfont? Regular Is trendy, Classic, Classic, High tech, Great Quality, Good Donuts,What does it tell you fashionable, expensive trendy, innovative Informal really informal!about the store? casual Seasonal