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Wow ultimatum review


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WoW Ultimatum can no longer be classified as your run of the mill guide. It’s more of a system than anything else. A system which provides endless results, time after time.

I provide a blueprint each and every month with the most up to date, top secret information directly from Blizzard… You’re going to get something no World of Warcraft player has ever seen before.

We’re basically grabbing your hand and dragging you to the top of your server.

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Wow ultimatum review

  1. 1. Rank Top in your battlegroup with the highest arena points along with the latest Arena Season’s Battlegear! Know EXACTLY which items you should be farming, items you should be seeking, scenarios, dungeons and raids you should go to get the most imbalanced rare and epic items. Being so exceedingly wealthy with gold to purchase the best enchants, mounts, glyphs, the best everything you could never be found wanting…
  2. 2. Pimp Out Your Main – We’ll walk through the builds for all classes, their talent builds, gear and everything you need to know about your class in any environment. Never again hear someone telling you to “Learn2Play” Leveling Like a Pro – You need more than just a guide that tells you which quests to do in what order in WoW. We’ll show you the best tips and tricks the pros use to speed level and reach Level 90 in record time. Milking Your Professions – You’ll learn exactly which classes benefit from which professions along with the end-game gold making potential each of them offer. (This has been debated over like crazy on the WoW Forums but they’re all wrong)
  3. 3. The Ultimate UI – Think you need lightning reflexes and Godlike awareness? Follow the pros, using the interface and key placements the best of the best use. Learn the ways of the elite! Fill Your Bank Coffers – It’s not enough that you have all the gold you need. Get all the gold you WANT! Purchase anything and everything for even your Alts! Why stop at pimping just your main!
  4. 4. Knowing Your Alts – Some players are just altaholics. Learn what the pros do with their accounts to create the perfect set-up. A stable of characters spread out across the world camping items to make gold. PvP and Raiding – The Ultimate end-game preparation guide for your character. Whether it’s PvP or PvE, you’re going to need to prepare yourself and we’re here to do exactly that.