Wanadi, the creator


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Wanadi, the creator

  1. 1. WANADI, THE CREATOR Creation myth of the Yekuhana (Makiritare) Source: Marc de Civireux’s Watunna: An Orinoco Creation Cycle
  2. 2. YEKUHANA Indigenous people of Venezuela; remote areas Name means ‘log-water-people’; canoes True descendants of Wanadi Nomadic farmers, no domesticated animals No stone or metal
  3. 3. WATUNNA Sacred text Recited orally by shamans Very secretive, known to select few Secular text Read by families Tales of how to live
  4. 4. WANADI OVERVIEW Creation of the Earth from the Sky Temptation of people by evil forces Foretells the end of the world Tells people what and what not to do
  5. 5. THINGS TO LOOK FOR Struggle of good versus evil Gods & humans living together in “golden age” Resurrection Birds are important to the gods Trinity/three faces of same god Oral retelling; repetition is everywhere
  6. 6. THE BEGINNING: SKY WANADI Sun (male) has wiriki, or magic crystals, and blows on them Wanadi, the Creator, or Sky Wanadi is produced Sky Wanadi creates Sky People, with houses, food, and life Earth and Sky are one, all is happy Constant daylight
  7. 7. HESIOD Golden Age of Man
  8. 8. WANADI I & ODOSHA Sky Wanadi wants good people on Earth Sent Wanadi the Wise (Wanadi I) Cuts his own navel cord, buries it; this rots From the rot comes evil, Odosha Ugly, hairy (animalistic)
  9. 9. WANADI I & ODOSHA And so it came to pass that Wanadi sat down to think. He sat silent and still, with his head in his hands and his elbows on his knees. And he thought. And he dreamed. And while he thought and dreamed, he smoked his tobacco. And he sang to the accompaniment of his maraca.
  10. 10. WANADI I & ODOSHA Creates Earth People Odosha gets jealous; wants power and dominion over Earth Whispers evils to the people; turns them to kill their fisherman Wanadi I punishes them by turning them to animals Leaves to live in Sky
  11. 11. WANADI II & HIS MOTHER Wanadi II created in same fashion, with wiriki Has same mission, but wants to preempt Odosha Decices to show that death is merely a trick of Odosha Creates his mother (!?)
  12. 12. WANADI II & HIS MOTHER So it came to pass that Wanadi II sat down to think. He sat silent and still, with his head in his hands and his elbows on his knees. And he thought. And he dreamed. And while he thought and he dreamed, he smoked his tobacco. And he sang to the accompaniment of maraca. And he dreamed that his mother was born.
  13. 13. WANADI II & HIS MOTHER “Now I must make you die.” Kills his mother, brings her back to life Kills his mother, brings her back to life She was symbol of his power Death is not real; only a trick
  14. 14. ISIS & HORUS Horus kills his own mother, Isis.
  15. 15. WANADI II & THE HUEHANNA Huehanna: great big, extremely thick egg filled with happy people Doesn’t want it to open until Odosha is gone for good When his mother rises again, the Huehanna will open If Odosha kills them, he will resurrect them Assigns orange-winged parrot to alert him upon his mother’s rebirth Nephew (Iarakaru) comes out of nowhere, also guards Huehanna
  16. 16. WANADI II & THE HUEHANNA Wanadi II goes to hunt, but accidentally leaves his chakara Magic herbs, plants, tobacco, wiriki, and darkness of the night Odosha discovers this, tempts Iarakaru to open it Darkness spreads, Odosha claims it, creates dwarf to guard grave Equally hairy and ugly version of Odosha, but smaller
  17. 17. ANDVARI From Sigurd the Volsung; turns himself into a fish at will, curses gold.
  18. 18. WANADI II & THE HUEHANNA Poison urine: Odosha pees in gourd to throw on the mother Parrot alerts Wanadi II, who starts to run back Lizard throws urine, burns her to bones Odosha goes to break open the Huehanna, fails (too thick) Iarakaru is blinded, freaks out, runs away Wanadi II arrives to much dismay, punishes Iarakaru (white monkey) Returns to Sky with remains of mother, revives her
  19. 19. WANADI III: HOUSE WANADI Creates stars, sun, moon, to light the sky Animals turn into people, praise him, ask for help against Odosha Curses Iarakaru, who is really thin, to remain thin (along with his descendants) Goes to Sky, speaks to Yucca Mistress for food (cassava) People grow evil once more, Wanadi III learns his lesson
  20. 20. DEMETER And many many others
  21. 21. WANADI III: HOUSE WANADI Turns into red-headed woodpecker, pecks out wood for house Builds on Mount Wana, makes houses for his future followers Second wave of Earth People live in these houses 12 men get knowledge and strength Odosha builds house in front of Wanadi III Tries to dream up food, but is thwarted by Odosha
  22. 22. WANADI III: HOUSE WANADI Move to Wade’s cave at foot of tallest mountain Rebuild, re-farm, settle in, live well Wanadi III goes to hunt, nearly gets killed by a Spirit Cougar Tells his followers, they suggest it’s Odosha Also suggest he wear a disguise to trick him Next time, Odosha sees old man out hunting; Wanadi III disguised
  23. 23. ODIN His old man disguise seems to work really well, too
  24. 24. WANADI III: HOUSE WANADI Wanadi III plays dumb, tricks Odosha Does this for a really long time; followers trick Odosha too More and more people created; Food Master teaches farming, forestry, brings first rain Takes form as chief of the birds
  25. 25. WANADI III & WANADI IV? Wanadi III foretells his death; makes man and woman from clay These two are grandparents of Yekuhana Taught everything from farming to hunting to living well Farm Wade’s land; others live on Mount Kushamakari Wanadi III tells about the end days and the next coming
  26. 26. WANADI III & WANADI IV? Odosha will die, evil will Wanadi IV (of the New Earth) disappear will be master of Earth Sun, moon, stars fall from sky Will find Huehanna inside Mt. Waruma and open it Darkness will disappear Happy people inside will settle New Earth will take over, on new Earth joined with Sky People will see greatness of Sky Wanadi, source of light
  27. 27. RAGNARÖK Great epic battle, ‘end of the world’, reinventing the earth
  28. 28. WANADI III & THE 12 Wanadi III’s 12 followers will live on Mount Kushamakari forever Guarded by mountains, rapids, anacondas, and a giant bat Shamans will visit, seek advice, but never see the 12 Non-shamans will never even see the house where the 12 are
  29. 29. WANADI III’S ESCAPE Sings, dances until dawn with headdress on; even woos Odosha Odosha chases him to river, both singing and dancing Wanadi III hops in canoe, Odosha in hot pursuit Turns Odosha’s dog attackers into jaguar, grinds their bones into mosquitoes and gnats Creates butterflies who lie to Odosha about Wanadi III’s death Tell him to cut his stomach out
  30. 30. WANADI III’S ESCAPE Butterflies become Columbians; wealthy and friendly Wanadi III makes clear water, then heads for Sky Odosha puts on bird wings and flies around; never finds Wanadi III Story concludes with reminding people of what is coming