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A presentation I gave for the ETC Open House in 2008 on useful freeware for students and faculty.

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  • Useful Freeware

    1. 1. Useful Freeware Mac & Windows applications to help you increase productivity, do cool things, have fun
    2. 2. Free web services Harness the cloud!
    3. 3. Dropbox Online storage service Clients for Mac, Windows, Linux Synchronization & sharing 2GB free, upgradable to 50GB
    4. 4. Evernote Information (notes) capture tool Clients for Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone, Windows Mobile 40MB/mo limit, upgradable
    5. 5. NewsGator Online RSS catching service Clients for Windows (FeedDemon), Mac & iPhone (NetNewsWire), Windows Mobile & BlackBerry (NewsGator Go!)
    6. 6. Freeware for Mac & Windows Open-source or free programs you shouldn’t be without
    7. 7. 7-Zip Archiving & unzip for Windows with command line versions available for many other OSes including Mac & Linux Opens almost any zip format Open-source since 2000
    8. 8. Adium Multi-protocol IM app for Mac Extendable through plugins, styles, scripts, sounds, and more Windows users, see Pidgin
    9. 9. Audacity Multi-track audio editing Save to WAV, MP3, and more Cross-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac versions available)
    10. 10. AVG Free Resident anti-virus for Windows Wildly popular: over 125 million downloads ( Almost daily definition updates Email scanner included
    11. 11. Burn CD/DVD burning tool for Mac Simple interface with support for data, audio, video, and image file burning Many languages available Windows users: see InfraRecorder
    12. 12. Chax Add-on for Apple’s iChat Adds tons of functionality (combined contact list, Growl notifications, etc.)
    13. 13. Cyberduck Full-function FTP client for Mac Great for web development, file storage, etc. Supports FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, and even Amazon S3 Windows users, see FireFTP for Firefox
    14. 14. Firefox (and addons) Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and more Open-source web browser Highly extendable via add-ons & themes through Tools menu Some addons are...
    15. 15. Firefox (with FireFTP) Install the FireFTP addon and you’ll get a fully-functional FTP client.
    16. 16. Firefox (with ChatZilla) Install the ChatZilla addon and you’ll get a fully-functional Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client.
    17. 17. Firefox (with DownThemAll!) Install the DownThemAll! addon and you’ll get a blazing-fast download manager for Firefox.
    18. 18. Firefox (with CoolIris) Install CoolIris for Firefox and you’ll get a 3D web gallery that can be used on Flickr, Facebook, MySpace, Photobucket, Google Images, and numerous other photo gallery sites on the web.
    19. 19. Firefox (with many more Add-ons) Check out the Mozilla Add-Ins directory from the Tools menu and you’ll find thousands of ways to make Firefox less like a web browser and more like a digital Swiss Army knife. Shown here: TwitterFox and ForecastFox.
    20. 20. Flip4Mac WMV QuickTime extension for Mac Allows QuickTime to play unprotected Windows Media Works with most Windows Media formats (audio, video, streaming, etc.)
    21. 21. Fluid Website app generator for Mac Spin-off websites into their own applications Great for sites that demand a lot from your browser (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Scriptable, extendable, etc.
    22. 22. Glary Utilities Windows maintenance tools Multiple functions, one-click usability Pro version available; regular version free for personal use Mac users: see OnyX
    23. 23. Growl Notification system for Mac Get floating notices when stuff happens Many Mac apps support Growl notifications (Adium, Cyberduck, Firefox, Fluid, etc.) Windows users: see Snarl
    24. 24. InfraRecorder CD/DVD burning for Windows Burns most types of CDs & DVDs as well as image formats Fully standards complaint Great alternative to Nero & Roxio Mac users: see Burn
    25. 25. K-Lite Codec Pack Mega-bundle of free Windows media codecs Codecs allow you to play certain video/audio formats With this pack, you’ll be able to play almost every media format Mac users: see Perian
    26. 26. KeePass Open-source password manager for Windows (with other OSes unofficially supported) Keep all your passwords in a safe file, password protected Portable versions let you take KeePass with you
    27. 27. Launchy Application launcher for Windows Pull up programs, documents, and more with the flick of a keystroke Skinnable, extendable with plugins Mac users: see Quicksilver
    28. 28. MindNode Simple brainstorming / mind- mapping software for Mac Great for planning projects or sketching down ideas Pro version available with more features (for about €11,95/$15)
    29. 29. Notepad++ Windows notepad on steroids Highlighting, auto-completion, tabbed windows, countless plugins, blazing fast Support for 50+ programming/ syntax languages
    30. 30. OnyX Maintenance tool for Mac Clear caches, restore permissions, speed up your Mac with the click of a button Make automatic maintenance schedules Windows users: see Glary Utilities
    31. 31. OpenOffice Multi-platform office software suite Graphing, spreadsheet, presentation, word processing, calculation software and more Widely-used alternative to Microsoft Office
    32. 32. Pathway Wikipedia trail manager for Mac Keep track of where you’ve been in a Wikipedia session Maps out links between related articles, suggested articles Save paths for later retrieval
    33. 33. Perian QuickTime extension for Mac which lets you play a ton of other video/audio formats Support for external subtitles, Dolby Pro Logic, and more Makes QuickTime more useful Windows users: see K-Lite pack
    34. 34. Picasa Google’s photo library and manipulation software for Windows & Linux Store, organize, enhance, crop, export, and print your photos Easy-to-use UI Mac version coming soon!
    35. 35. Pidgin Multi-protocol IM app for Windows, Linux Combine all your chat screen names into one program; saves you resources and peace of mind Mac users: see Adium
    36. 36. PrimoPDF Adds PDF printer to your Windows printer list Lets you save any document as a PDF just by ‘printing’ to PrimoPDF Macs have this functionality already built-in
    37. 37. Quicksilver Multi-function keystroke launching utility for Mac Run scripts, perform commands, launch apps, send emails, create calendar events, all with the flick of a keystroke Windows users: see Launchy
    38. 38. Senuti iPod music recovery for Mac Senuti is iTunes spelled in reverse and does just that: copy music back off your iPod and into iTunes Windows users: see SharePod
    39. 39. SharePod Windows application; lets you retrieve music from your iPod back into iTunes Also lets you play, search, and edit the music on your iPod Mac users: see Senuti
    40. 40. Skitch Screenshot, markup tool for Mac Capture whole screen, window, or just a region (also captures from iSight camera) Markup your images with text, drawings and save them to or other sites
    41. 41. Snarl Notification tool for Windows Snarl-enabled applications will send alerts to Snarl, which are then displayed on your desktop Flexible notifications: you choose what gets shown Mac users: see Growl
    42. 42. Songbird Cross-platform music and video library Based on Firefox engine: that means it’s skinnable and extendable with plugins, themes Purchase music from various online vendors, sync to most MP3 players
    43. 43. VirtualBox Open-source, cross-platform virtual machine tool from Sun Run operating systems (Windows, Linux, etc) inside another operating system Great for Mac or Linux users that need to run Windows apps
    44. 44. VLC Cross-platform media player that plays about any format under the sun DVDs, streaming media, playlists, network sharing, all supported The 800 lbs. gorilla of open- source media apps
    45. 45. Additional resources Other places you can find great programs
    46. 46. Websites for Mac Freeware MacUpdate ( VersionTracker ( iusethis ( Softpedia ( Cool OS X Apps (
    47. 47. Websites for Windows freeware VersionTracker ( ( Softpedia (