Mac OS X Tips & Tricks


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Some friendly tips and tricks for navigating Mac OS X "Leopard." Given as part of ETC's Open House week.

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  • Mac OS X Tips & Tricks

    1. 1. Mac OS X Introduction, Tips and Tricks Get familiar with and find your way around Apple’s flagship OS, and then pick up some skills that will help you get things done quicker and easier
    2. 2. In a nutshell: Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard” • Powerful, UNIX 03-certified computing • Client & server versions (Leopard Server) • Direct competitor to Microsoft’s Windows Vista • Also runs on the iPhone, iPod touch, and TV • Coming soon: Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard”
    3. 3. A brief history (and some geek stuff) • NeXTSTEP/OPENSTEP developed from mid-80’s until Apple bought NeXT • OPENSTEP evolved into the first version of OS X, codenamed “Rhapsody” • Based on Mach kernel developed by Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) • Each release of OS X followed names of “big cats” (Cheetah/Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, and now Leopard) • Foundation & core is open-source Darwin; interface is Aqua, shell is Finder • With Leopard, OS X is UNIX 03 certified (POSIX, C programming, utilities)
    4. 4. Features of Mac OS X Leopard • Finder: file management simplified • Dock: program access, file shortcuts, and more • Menu bar: one menu bar, shared by all programs • Exposé & Spaces: window management, virtual desktop management • Dashboard: “widgets” run in background, at-a-glance information and more • A full set of default programs • Address Book, Automator, Calculator, Chess, Dictionary, DVD Player, Font Book, Front Row, iCal, iChat, Mail, Photo Booth, Preview, QuickTime, Safari, TextEdit, and other utilties
    5. 5. How do I... right-click? If it’s not already enabled, click the  Menu, then System Preferences, choose Keyboard & Mouse, then click the Trackpad (or Mouse) tab. You’ll be able to tap the trackpad with two fingers if tapping is enabled,
    6. 6. How do I... install or uninstall programs? • Open the .dmg file you downloaded. • Drag the app icon to your /Applications folder OR • Double-click the installer and follow the steps shown.
    7. 7. How do I... burn CDs & DVDs? Use burn folders. Right-click in a Finder window or the desktop, and choose New Burn Folder. Name it what you want, drag your files inside of it, click the folder’s Burn button, and pop in your blank disc.
    8. 8. How do I... preview a file? Leopard has a nifty feature called Quick Look. Highlight the file you want to preview, and tap the Space Bar.
    9. 9. ⌘ How do I... use keyboard ⌥ shortcuts? Windows CTRL Key? Apple’s ⌘ key ⌘-V: paste ⌃ ⌘-C: copy ⌘-Q: quit ⌘-W: close window ⌘-tab: the ‘alt-tab’ app switcher (⌃ - ctrl key) (⌥ - alt key)
    10. 10. How do I... set my wallpaper or screensaver? Either right-click the desktop and choose Change Desktop Background, or open System Preferences from the  Menu and choose Desktop & Screen Saver.
    11. 11. How do I... start a video chat? Set up your AIM account with iChat’s wizard, and then click on the camera icon next to your buddy (who must also be using iChat with AIM). Your video feed can be seen by clicking the same button by your buddy icon.
    12. 12. How do I... use Exposé? • F9/F10/F11, by default • Map screen corners, mouse buttons
    13. 13. How do I... take a screenshot? Keyboard shortcuts for screenshots are already enabled. ⌘-Shift-3: whole screen ⌘-Shift-4: drag-a-box ⌘-Shift-4, then Space: window
    14. 14. How do I... setup my Bearmail? • Open • Mail menu > Preferences... • Accounts tab > + button. • Follow the wizard on screen. • If this is your first time opening Mail, the wizard is the first thing shown (see right).
    15. 15. How do I... setup my Bearmail? Follow the steps shown. The Outgoing Mail Server step will give you an error when you click Continue; just click continue again.
    16. 16. How do I... secure my Mac? Password-protect your Account. Set your Security preferences. Set a Firmware Password. System Preferences > Accounts > Change Password. System Preferences > Security. Insert your boot DVD > Restart > Hold “C” key after chime > Utilities menu > Firmware Password Utility.
    17. 17. How do I... print to PDF? In any program, choose to Print, then just click the PDF button.
    18. 18. How do I... connect to the campus wireless? Open Network Preferences from your AirPort menu. Click AirPort on the left, then click the Advanced button. (Continued on next slide.)
    19. 19. How do I... connect to the campus wireless? On the 802.1X tab, click the plus button and add a User Profile. Name it access 30, fill in your private ID & password, and access 30 below your password. Make sure PEAP is the only box checked, then click OK. That’s it!
    20. 20. Select the text you want it to say, How do I... click the application menu, make my Mac speak? choose Services > Speech > Start Speaking Text.
    21. 21. How do I... take my picture? It’s as easy as using Photo Booth. Just pose, click the button, and snap!
    22. 22. How do I... speed up my Mac? • Buy more RAM; 2-4GB is good • Use a maintenance app often • OnyX • Cocktail • Repair permissions • Defragmenting not usually necessary unless working with very large files (raw video)
    23. 23. How do I... know when to buy a Mac? Use the Buyers’ Guide.
    24. 24. How do I... run Windows software on my Mac? • Virtualization • Windows API Wrapping • Native booting • Come to the ETC Session on Dual Boot: Windows & Mac OS X: The Best of Both • Thursday, 4pm in 101
    25. 25. Questions?
    26. 26. How do I... get more help? • Apple Support ( / Apple Discussions ( • Mac OS X Hints ( • The Unofficial Apple Weblog ( • Google Mac Search ( • Macworld ( • MyFirstMac (