Earn money in the internet paid per click guide


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How to earn money with Paid per Click websites

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  • Get free satoshi. satoshinow.com/?ref=125787
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  • For the beginners it is almost obligatory to start with the well known PTC sites like Neobux - http://www.neobux.com/m/v/?rh=4B3052414430 and Probux - http://www.probux.com/?r=NiRaKol

    When they get the habit they may add trusted sites which should be checked and googled with PTC-checking tools to avoid lost of time and money.
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  • - This site has been online for 199 days, same as Probux, please visit here http://www.noulinx.com/?r=katortung2014, there are 4 Ads worth 0,01 USD a day.
    - This site has been online for 17 days, same as Probux, please visit here http://www.fusebux.com/index.php?r=linhtinh2014, there are 4 Ads worth 0,01 USD a day.
    - This site has been online for 90 days, Paid to listen to music, please visit here http://beatdek.fm/?ref=linhtinh. Allow to click 10 Ads a day, ₤ 0,001 a Ad.
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  • check them out
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Earn money in the internet paid per click guide

  1. 1. Paid per Click GuideEarn easy money in the internet! For more information: melhoresitesquepagam@gmail.com 04/2011
  2. 2. What is PTC?PTC means Paid per Click, these are websites that pays users to click at ads.Many advertisers use this method to get traffic to their websites or services, inthe end everybody earn money.Values of clicks depends of the website, usually they tend to be:$0.005 until $0.01 per click to free accounts$0.01 until $0.02 per click to upgraded accountsUpgraded accounts (or so called Premium) are paid accounts (yearly) thatcomes with many advantages over free accounts, usually more ads to click,grater rates, bigger commission, etc.All PTC websites offer more money to you if you get referrals, these userscan be:  Direct: They register themselves under your referral links/banner (this can be found at PTC websites)  Rented and Bought: These referrals become yours for some time (usually 1 Month or more) if rented or forever if bought directly from the websites.With referrals you earn with their clicks too, for example 0.005 until 0.01 perclick (depends of the websites rates).Payments are usually made through Paypal, Alertpay and other paymentprocessors.This has became really popular, so it is easy to find brand-new PTC websitesthat are probably going to close or scam people, so I´ll already give you themost stable ones (have some years working and no scam).Please read their rules, things like multiple accounts are forbidden or any auto-clicker is forbidden.
  3. 3. What are the stable PTC websites today?The first one that I advise you to use is: ClinxsenseThey are working since 2007 and until now no complains about scamming people,there is some good information about them:Win Daily Prizes Up to $5.00Avg Daily Earnings w/out referrals: $0.04 +- (More if you are upgraded)Number of Ads: 3+/- (many micro ads of 0.001~0.01 during the day)Referral Earnings: $0.0001 to $0.008$2.00 per upgraded direct referral and $1.00 per upgraded referral from youreferrals (it works with 7 tiers)Ad purchases: 10% up to $1.00 per purchase limited at $50 per referralCashout Minimum Cashout & Fees: o PayPal $10.00  Fee: 2% + $0.25 up to $1.25 o AlertPay $10.00
  4. 4.  Fee: 2.5% + $0.25 up to $4.25 o Check United States, Canada, Mexico $10.00  fee $1.50 o Check (International) Rest of the World $100.00  Fee: $2.00They offer a Toolbar (browser toolbar) to get informed when there is a newad available.Premium account price: $14.95 USD per year If you are interested, click here to visit the website and take a look
  5. 5. And the other website that is working since 2008 is Neobux, take a look at theinformation: NeobuxAvg Daily Earnings w/out referrals: $0.04 +- ($0.10 for upgraded users)Number of Ads for free users: 4 +-(many micro ads of 0.001~0.01 during theday)Number of Ads for upgraded users: 9+- (many micro ads of 0.001~0.01during the day)Referral Earnings: $0.005 to $0.011% of commission from direct referrals that acquire premium account buy ads,rend referralsCashout Minimum Cashout & Fees: First payout is set at $2.00 and then thiswill increase $1.00 for each cashout until it reaches a fixed minimum amount of$10.00. A fee will be deducted depending on the payment processor used.Premium account price: $90.00 USD per year (Golden account) or more forother premium accounts types. If you are interested about this PTC, click here to visit Neobux
  6. 6. Tactics For Clixsense and Neobux the more important is getting referrals to earn moremoney, it is better if they are direct. At Clixsense you can earn a lot of money with their commission offers, forexample when you referrals upgrade their account, you will receive $1.00. Same thingfor Neobux, they offer 1% of your referrals purchases. Neobux has the feature to rent referrals, so you can have some easy referralsfor 1 month but you can extend too. To calculate your earnings you will need to haveprofit with them (of course) but keep on mind that if they expire you will pay a fee too.So if they have a bad avg. of clicking, than change them (they offer this option too)with a small fee. And more important, with upgraded accounts you will surely earn more fromyou referrals, so if you are getting more and more referrals, it is important to upgradeand profit more (if you already have money to upgrade).