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Ekoto in Danube Pie Project, Eco Design implementation in SME


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Aleksandar Jevtović, Ekoto
CRINSS 2013 Creative Inudstries Conference, Novi Sad, Serbia
Konferencija kreativnih industrija

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Ekoto in Danube Pie Project, Eco Design implementation in SME

  1. 1. EKOTO is a toy company within Alt Energetika Plus Group, located in Kraljevo, central Serbia, founded in 2009, by designer Aleksandar Jevtović. We produce high quality wooden toy vehicles, BIKA™ balance bikes and children’s furniture. Our toys conform to EN 71 toy safety standards.
  2. 2. We use sustainable species of both domestic and imported woods that are planned, cross- laminated and hot- stamped in a way that makes the use of paints, dyes and other chemicals unnecessary.
  3. 3. The wood is varnished with only highest quality shellac. Apart from being entirely non toxic (and technically edible) shellac is dissolved in ethanole, which is the only solvent we use. These same ingredients are present in a variety of confectionery products, medicines and cosmetics.
  4. 4. Metal parts are usually made of stainless steel, with ocasional use of plain steel and aluminium. Vegetable dyed chrome-free leather.
  5. 5. Adhesives certified for indirect contact with food. Ecological cartonboard packaging.
  6. 6. Since there is no water or air polution in the production process. the negative effect on the enviroment is virtually non-existant. Our products bear a CE mark and are currently being exported to Denmark, with ambition to expand presence on world markets.
  7. 7. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS (IPR): All EKOTO products are designed, developed and prototyped by Aleksandar Jevtović