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Plasma - Water and Waste Water Treatment Based on Plasma Technology. Less Chemical, Lower Sludge, Compact and Require Less Space, Support for Mobile Unit, Lower O&M Cost, Green Technology and Environment

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Plasma Technology

  1. 1. PLASMA<br />WATER AND WASTE WATER TREATMENT<br />BASED ON PLASMA TECHNOLOGY<br />Oleh: Kreasi Madani<br />Jakarta,Juni 2010<br /><br />
  2. 2. Plasma Technology<br />     Plasma technology is starting to be applied in Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP).It is so far known as the best solution in water and wastewater treatment method among others. Plasma is an energetic ionized gas. Several chemically and physically processes.<br />Occurred during plasma generation.Plasma discharge both in air and water are efficient in the formation of chemically active species such as •OH (OH radical),•O(Oradical),•H(H radical),O3(ozone),H2O2(hydrogen peroxide).Most of these species are among the strongest oxidizing agents,and it plays an important role in oxidation organic pollutant in domestic and industrialwastewater.<br /><br />
  3. 3. Plasma Advantages<br />Our waste water treatment technology is built using our patented plasma-based technology.some key advantages are:<br /><ul><li>Compact and require less space
  4. 4. Less chemicals
  5. 5. Higher throughput
  6. 6. Lower sludge
  7. 7. Reduce odor and color
  8. 8. Lower O&M costs
  9. 9. Support for mobile unit
  10. 10. Support for green technology and</li></ul>environment<br /><br />
  11. 11. R&D COMPANY<br />     <br />The newly emerging technology based on plasma is growing fast in many aspects of process – a better and simple processes are expected to make a better living of human beings.<br />Plasma is an organization developing plasma science and Technologi in Indonesia. Its activities aim to make a linkage between Plasma science, technology,pratice and commersial aspects.<br />The “dream to make” to this organization is PCI shall deliver research and poducts where products where processes could be much more simplified.<br />As a starting point – PCI working on the issue ‘plasma for Environmental Protection’.The reason of choosing the theme is basically because of the founder, two Indonesians Mr. Anto Tri Sugiarto,PhD and Mr. HikmawanWargakusumah as well as the group sponsoring PCI. We woking on environmental issues.Nevertheless PCI plan to work on other topics such as agriciltural, food, energy & renewable energy,as well<br /><br />
  12. 12. R&D COMPANY<br />     <br />We understand The Plasma Technology applicstions covers a wide range of industrial areas in developed countries. Microelectronics, metallurgy, waste destructions etc concerning hig-tech approach.<br />Therefore we invite parties and welcoming any organization to make a kind of joint research and product development to unify resources in plasma implementation.<br />Several on going research, product development and other aplicationscurrntly progress at PCI are:<br /><ul><li>Water and wastewater treatment
  13. 13. Ammonia treatment
  14. 14. Fertilizer generation
  15. 15. VOC gas removal
  16. 16. Food sterilization
  17. 17. Bio-diesel production</li></ul>Warm welcome for any further contact or information shall come from us.<br /><br />
  18. 18. Plasma for environmental protection <br />     <br />Plasma known as an energetic ionized gas. Several chemically and physic cally processes occurred during plasma generation. Plasma can act as source of chemical catalyst, heat and energetic ion. Plasma discharge both in air and water are efficient in the formation of chemically active species such as NO3, ·OH, ·H, ·O, O3, H2O2, etc. Most these species are among the strongest oxidizing agents.<br />In addition, shockwaves, ultraviolet light, cavitation may also be formed. These reactive species and physical processes, in trun, have been shown to rapidly and efficiently degrade a number of volatile organic compounds.<br />      Wee accelerated researches on chemically and physically processes formed by plasma and conduct it into several applications. i. e. water treatment, waster treatment, sterilization, chemical procces, renewable energy, food prevention and fertilizer. We belive that in the plasma technology are next generation  technology for environmental protection, they are environmental friendly and may prove far more effective than conventional oxidants and disinfectants.<br /><br />
  19. 19. Sludge Treatment<br />Sludge occurred from water any watter and wastewater treatment plant. Sluge usually are non-biodegradable pollutant and/or exist sludge from activatied sludge basin. Nowadays, sludge treatment become very costly, in some cases cost of sludge treatment can be 50% of the total operational cost of wastewater treatment. Therefore, innovative method are required.<br />Sludge treatment using plasma in water has been investigated.Various processes, such as active species formation, ultraviolet light emission, shockwave, and cavitations bubbles are active mechanism of plasma in water.<br />These effects play an important role in destroying of any pollutant wastewater. In our sludge reduction system, plasma working on destroying of non-biodegradable biodegradable.Organic compounds, and retrun it to the activated sludge system. Using plasma system exist sludge can reduced up to 90%.<br /><br />
  20. 20. Textile Wastewater<br />The removal of these dyes from effluents becomes the major environmental problem of the textile industy,not only because of the potential toxicity of certain dyes, but often due to their visibility in wastewater.In general,dye-containing wastewater can be treated in two ways: (i) by chemical or different organic compounds,containing various subsituted aromatic nuclei,there is no univesal chemical method for a removal of tye wastewater.<br /> <br />Plasma in water is efficient in the formation of chemically active species such as •OH,•H,•O,O3,H2O2,etc.Most of these species are among the strongest oxidizing agents.The major active species involved in the degradation of organic pollutants are hydroxyl radical and hydrogen peroxide.The hydroxyl radicals can directly attack organic pollutants contained in water due to their high oxidation potential,and the hydrogen peroxide can effectively be decomposed by ultaravioled radiation into hydroxyl radical.<br /><br />
  21. 21. Formalin Wastewater<br />Formalin is commonly used as disinfection, antiseptic in hospital, medical faculty, chemical factories, etc. Formalin are consists of 37% formal dehyde and 10 % methanol. However, formaldehyde is one of the most common VOCs cause eye, nose, and throat irritation, asthma, cancer, etc, Using current water treatment process such as biological and ozone oxidation, formalin is almost hardly to remove. We have been succeeded removed formalin from the wastewater using plasma in water. The oxidation process by hydroxyl radical wass found to be the main process one the degradation of formalin using plasma process. Moreover, the combination of plasma and ozone was found to be the most effective method.<br /><br />
  22. 22. Vegetable and food sterilization<br />In recent years, increasing attention has been focused on the safety of fruits and vegetables, and in particular on the intervention methods to reduce and eliminate human pathogens from fresh produce. Traditional technology utilizes water with or without a sanitizing agent to wash fresh fruits and vegetables. Chlorine is the most widely used sanitizing agent available for fresh produce but it has a limited effect in killing bacteria on fruit and vegetables surface.<br />      We develop one new sterilization system using plasma in water. Plasma discharge both in water are efficient in the formation of chemically active species such as •OH,•H,•O,O3,H2O2, etc. These active species are known as a powerful sanitizing agent. The active species dissolved in water and killing bacteria on fruit and vegetables surface. Moreover, these active species dissolved in water and killing bacteria on fruit and vegetables surfacese. Moreover, these active species can also oxidize pesticide and metal which may exist on fruit and vegetables surface.<br /><br />
  23. 23. Mobile Wastewater<br />A compact wastewater treatment unit has been develoved using advanced oxidation processes method. This system can operates both in mobile and stationary unit. The system needs no special large area for the installation. Its very useful for various industrial, domestice and hospital wastewater treatment plants due to the high efficiency in removing of organic contaminants and kiling of pathogen microorganism. Moreover, it was also found to be effective in less sludge waste production.<br />Features<br /><ul><li> Available in mobil and stationary
  24. 24. Mobile unit treatment capacity up to 100 m3/day
  25. 25. Lower sludge production
  26. 26. COD inlet max 10.000 ppm
  27. 27. Operational pH 4-12
  28. 28. Power consumption 2.5 – 5 kw
  29. 29. Voltage 380 v 3phase, 220 v 1phase</li></ul><br />
  30. 30. Processes in comparison<br />We have built a system based on plasma-AOP technology. Our product name called PLASMAX®, prepared for treating various organic wastewater. This compact treatment unit has been developed and patented (japanPantet No. 4111858). The main difference PLASMAX® is a “process unit” instead “separation unit”. The active species is created from the water it self while the conventional has to use chemicals. Based on the basic understanding, PLASMAX® unit needs only small are plant, low chemical and energy consumptions, and enable water recyling to main process.<br />PLASMAX®<br />CONVENTIONAL<br />Complex !<br />Simple<br /><br />
  31. 31. Technologies In Comparison<br /><br />
  32. 32. Stationary Type (ST)<br /><ul><li> Compact
  33. 33. Small Space
  34. 34. Less Sludge
  35. 35. Treatment Capacity up to 25 m3/hr
  36. 36. COD Inlet Maximum 30.000 ppm
  37. 37. Power Consumption in range
  38. 38. Of 0.3 ~ 1 kW/m3</li></ul>Mobile Type (MT)<br /><ul><li> Compact
  39. 39. Mobile
  40. 40. Less Sludge
  41. 41. Treatment Capacity up to 7 m3/hr
  42. 42. COD Inlet Maximum 30.000 ppm
  43. 43. Power Source Included (genset)</li></ul><br />
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