Case study: Just a Bite, for Cavalli by KRDS


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Last September, at the occasion of the release of Just Cavalli’s new fragrance “For Him” & “For Her”, the Italian luxury brand teamed up with KRDS to create a multi device interactive experience on Facebook: “Just a Bite”!

The app (still available on the iTunes store for free) offered a unique and personalised experience to the over 1 million Roberto Cavalli and Just Cavalli Facebook fans: going back in time to try to find the mysterious man/woman whom the user met the previous night at Cavalli’s private party in New York City through the clues scattered throughout the game.

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Case study: Just a Bite, for Cavalli by KRDS

  1. 1. CASE STUDY – JUST CAVALLI Just a Bite by KRDS
  2. 2. Context and goals  For the launch of its new Just Cavalli for Her and Just Cavalli for Him fragrances, the Italian luxury brand wanted to offer its over 1 million fans a unique and glamorous experience  The brand wanted to engage the fan while offering her a sensation similar to the one she would feel when using the perfume Case Study « Just a Bite »
  3. 3. Solution  We created a worldwide multi device immersive app, “Just a Bite”, allowing Cavalli’s fans to go back in time to try to find a mysterious man or woman the user had met the previous night at the brand’s private party in New York. Case Study « Just a Bite »
  4. 4. The app’s concept The user awakes at her place, somewhere in the city that never sleeps, with a bite that she shares with the man/woman whom she/he met the previous night. The user can interact with different items and collect clues across different settings. Case Study « Just a Bite »
  5. 5. Through four major sequences in New York, the Cavalli fan could experience a race against the clock in a fully immersive setting: she would find a personal Cavalli invitation, receive text messages on her mobile in the game but also in real life. Case Study « Just a Bite »
  6. 6. She was surrounded by pictures of her Facebook friends in her bedroom, and could find books she had mentioned to have read on Facebook in her library. Case Study « Just a Bite »
  7. 7. Once the user had found the mysterious man/woman, the application offered her to win one of Cavalli’s new fragrances (For Him & For Her) and numerous branded gifts after a draw in participating countries. Case Study « Just a Bite »
  8. 8. Results 20 000 players from 10 different countries and over 365 000 page views Case Study « Just a Bite » 1 100 000 branded social impressions in friends’ newsfeeds An average time of 3min spent on the app per user!
  9. 9. THANKS!