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Case study - Application Peugeot of my birth year


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Published in: Sports, Technology
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Case study - Application Peugeot of my birth year

  1. 1. Application« The Peugeot of my birth year » Dispositif Facebook AlloCiné Appel d’offre Fan recruitment and engagement
  2. 2. 2010- end of the year : Peugeot counts 60 000 fans on its internationalfanpage. The brand appointed KRDS to merge and reshape itsFacebook presence in 2011 Peugeot’s goals: become the top player amongst french car makers on Facebook reach 100 000 fans (+ 40k) and beyond Peugeot does not want to launch contest no prizes available No key-moments/events to support raise brand awareness
  3. 3. Starting point Since there was no giveaways, we needed : A simple and long-lasting concept To create a fun, quick app A unique experience where fans could personally relate to the brand and blend Peugeot’s history with their own (and vice- versa) To induce users to share with friends We were not starting from scratch! An awful lot of graphic designs were available: more than a century of car model pictures
  4. 4. KRDS value proposition :The app « The Peugeot of my birth year »
  5. 5. Users must become a fan of the page to play
  6. 6. Users have toallow the app toaccess personalinformation: theuser’s year ofbirth and friends’.
  7. 7. Automatically the picture of the Peugeot model released that very year/decade appears, accompanied by the fad of the time.Share with friendsviral options
  8. 8. The users are then invitedto go social and guess theirfriends’ birth yearby finding the matchingPeugeot model.
  9. 9. The App flash module is particularly gripping as fans enter an inspiring,unmissable journey and travel through time to discover more than acentury of car models and passion.
  10. 10. Along the app flow, the user can always invite & share with friends
  11. 11. App performance The app initially available only in French and in English has proved successful right away Peugeot has gained + 210 000 fans in one month (may 2011) Peak user figures: over 40 000 daily active users Players’ posts have generated over 5 million impressions amongst friends Feb 2012 :
  12. 12. App assessmentSummer 2011: The app has been translated into 19 languages German, Spanish, Slovak, Czech, Bulgarian, Italian, Hungarian, Dutch, Ukrainian, Russian, Turkish and Japanese
  13. 13. The app is well set on its successful journey … In 2012 : The app will be available in another ten new countries Coming soon: a mobile Facebook app
  14. 14.