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  1. 1. KRKeith Rosborough
  2. 2. About Me Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles. I grew up in social surroundings that most would consider life-threatening. A ganginfested environment where you either join a gang or offer your soul to stay alive. I chose to be in a gang. Not because I did not have afather at home...because I did. Nor was it because we were on welfare and I needed to help feed my family. But to feel apart of somethingthat felt like a family in the streets. Protection. Until one day, when I had to try and keep a friend alive by sticking my fist in his chest to tryand stop the blood from pouring out after being shot close-range with an AK-47 assault rifle, I realized this was not the life for me. In high school, I went on to excel in not only sports but academically as well. I obtained a baseball scholarship to play for ArizonaState University. My major was Computer and Electrical Engineering. Again, I had to adapt to a new environment. An environment thatrequired me to grow in a different direction. To become a man. I eventually went on to graduate from ASU. Not as an engineer, but witha Bachelors degree in Humanities with a minor in Graphic Design...operative word being HUMANITY...this is the an area I thrive in. People!I love working with people, creating new ideas, team collaboration and desire, passion and excitement of improving the lives of others.Simply put...”Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you, say what you’ve got to say, and say it hot.”After 3 years of Calculus, Physics and Differential Equations, I realized I was not feeling as if I were giving back to the people whosacrificed so much for me to be where I am. My eyes were opened by the studies of literature and the unspoken history of the peopleI am proud to be apart. African American History and my descendents therefore. A strong heritage that overcame slavery, poverty andunjust. So when you ask...Who am I? I am an African American who is proud to say that I am not a statistic. After over twenty years in Marketing and Graphic Design, I thought that my path had been chosen. But, what I was really doingwas using my creativity and marketing skills merely on the surface rather than igniting the deep passion I have for this business to makea difference in the world. THAT is my purpose! In 2008, I established Keith Rosborough Designs, LLC, a freelance design studio that offerscreative services to a wide range of clients. As well as business management, I also am the Senior Designer and Brand Strategist for allwork undertaken by Keith Rosborough Designs, LLC.A special quote that I live by: “When work, commitment, and pleasure all become one and you reach that deep well where passionlives, nothing is impossible.”
  3. 3. KRResume + Keith Rosborough
  4. 4. Keith Rosborough 17811 N. 53rd Lane, Glendale, AZ 85308KR C: 623.271.4625 OBJECTIVE: To provide innovative leadership and creative solutions, in communicating business strategies, through the use of ideation processes & emerging trends, to strengthen brand integrity. QUALIFICATIONS SUMMARY: Senior Graphic Designer Accomplished Graphic Designer, adept conceptual thinker and driven creative strategist with over Twenty years experience forging new and innovative designs to improve organizational success. • Promotes team collaboration and strong conceptual development to ensure project success. • Multi-tasks effectively to meet demanding project timelines and budget constraints while producing high quality end product designs. • Strategic Marketing • Concept Development • Creative Technology • Budget Management • Team Leadership • Graphic Design Innovation • Project Development • Brand Identity • Digital Technology • Layout Design • Visual Communications • Photo Art Direction • Website Design • Social Media • Negotiations • Proposal Development • Client Presentations • Market and Brand Strategic Planning • Profit Growth • Innovative Promotions • Corporate Vision PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Graphic Designer Vision Engravers, Phoenix, AZ [2012-2013] Mid-sized developers of engravers and routers company E-mail Blasts • Design and find content for monthly Vision Insider newsletter • Send e-mails from Constant Contact iMARC E-mails (new products, tag specials) • Design and find content for monthly Vision Insider newsletter • Design Pre-Tradeshow E-mails for iMARC and Vision Social Media • Write Blog Posts on Wordpress and post to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn • Monitor all Social Media accounts and answer any questions Photography • Take Inventory Photos for print and upload to SAP by part number Business Cards/Forms/Misc. Marketing • Create and edit Flyers and marketing materials • Create vinyl decals for machines • Create Logos for custom iMARC tags (Laser and in-machine) • Create QR codes for printed materials Print and Online Collaterals • Design print ads for Vision and iMARC • design and create marketing collaterals in print/online (forms, e-blasts, flyers, brochures and catalogs)
  5. 5. Keith Rosborough 17811 N. 53rd Lane, Glendale, AZ 85308KR C: 623.271.4625 Freelance Art Director - Brand Strategist Keith Rosborough Designs, CA and Phoenix, AZ [2008-Current] Self-employed graphic design consultant. Manage all operations, marketing and financial reporting for business. Market via internet and referrals, create high-impact client presentations and negotiate proposals. Orchestrate concept and design process, establish vendors and direct any photo shoots. • Completed projects for numerous clients including American Express, Pillsbury, Disney, LA Lakers, Phoenix Suns, Arizona Diamondbacks, Walgreens, Grubb & Ellis, CBRE Best Western International and City of Phoenix. • Spearheaded 5% increase in sales for clients while staying within budget on all projects. Graphic Artist Orange County Business Journal, Irvine, CA [ 2007-2008] Small newspaper for local business community. Designed layout of Special Report section. Collaborated with Managing Editor on layout and pos- sible changes for section. • Revitalized Special Report section to become highlight of paper – increased visibility and prompted increase of 15% in circulation sales. Graphics Department Manager Southwest Specialty Foods, Goodyear, AZ [2006-2007] Mid-sized food company specializing in novelty food products–Ass Kickin’ Products Brand. Directed concept, design and printing for products and packaging. Oversaw 4-person department. Managed daily printing schedule, ensured quality production and ordered supplies for printing. • Developed branding and packaging for new best-selling novelty products. Graphic Designer - Marketing Checker Schucks Kragen Auto, Phoenix, AZ [2001-2006] National automotive part and accessory retailer. Created signage for all 1170 stores. Designed brochures, posters, logos, apparel and product racks for national distribution to all in-house departments. • Increased sales revenue by $400K+ through initiating and designing new employee incentive program. Graphic Designer - Marketing The Arizona Republic, Phoenix, AZ [1998-2000] Largest Phoenix area newspaper. Served as designer for Editorial, Circulation, Sports Marketing and Online departments. Created promotional material and print advertisements. • Provided creative direction for redesign of format and size of newspaper.
  6. 6. Keith Rosborough 17811 N. 53rd Lane, Glendale, AZ 85308KR C: 623.271.4625 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE CONTINUED: Graphic Designer - Marketing Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, Phoenix, AZ [1997-1998] Premier national insurance provider. Designed new sales packets and developed marketing and brand strategy creative concept. Maintained computer system and art files. • Conceptualized innovative awareness program called “What if?” eventually developed into commercial campaign. Production Art Director The Lavidge Company, Scottsdale, AZ [1993-1997] Premier advertising agency in Arizona providing brand marketing and public relations for clients. Develop new ideas and concepts in collaboration with project teams. Proposed innovative concepts to Creative Director. Built computer layouts and prepared files for project completions. • Became integral part of team awarded several ADDY awards for brand identity and advertising products for Desert Mountain Properties. EDUCATION: Certification in Computer Graphic Design Phoenix Community College, Phoenix, AZ B.A. Humanities/Graphic Design, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ REFERENCES: Available upon request. AWARDS: Available upon request.
  7. 7. E-BLASTS
  10. 10. Vision Insider | August 2012 August 2012 Vision Adds New Feature to 25 Series CNC Routers andIn This Issue Engravers ● New Feature to 25 Series PHOENIX, AZ, July 5, 2012 – Vision Engraving & Routing CNC Routers and Engravers Systems 25 Series CNC routing and engraving machines ● Quick T are proudly made in the U.S.A. and known for their high ● Accessory Spotlight quality, rugged reliability. Now featuring a red laser pointer, ● Video: Engraved Dragon it allows customers to define their engraving area and ● Join the Discussion preview or dry run the application prior to engraving. The laser pointer is a great value to customers, enabling them ● Our Customers Talk quick, accurate, and easy job set up, ideal for serious production shops. Additional features of the 25 Series include Visions state-of- the-art Series 4 Controller with hand-held pendant, andFree Graphic Download graphically advanced Vision Pro software. Visions 25 Series are perfect for a wide variety of applications and have the ability to rout, mill, drill, contour, and engrave on a 25" x 25" or 25" x 50" work area. Click to check out the 2550 CNC Router Quick Tip: Using the Measure Feature to Engrave a Custom Area on a Part or Irregular Shaped Item (For the VE810 machine and larger and equipped with a red dot laser pointer) It can be challenging to correctly position text and/or graphics on irregular shaped items since they are difficult to measure or locate on the engraving table. For example, some tags may have a design on them so you have a limited area in which to engrave. Continue ReadingDownload this free graphic to use onyour next engraving project! Accessory Spotlight: Featured Video:Events Self Centering Deep Vise Engraved DragonAug. 16-18- NBM Show: Long BeachSept. 7-8- ARA SoutheastSept. 20-22- NBM Show: Philly Watch this video showing a custom dragon Always at the forefront of innovation, Vision design engraved on a stainless steelOct. 18-20- SGIA Expo has designed the VE-810 and the Phoenix handgun slide. 1212 engravers to use a Self Centering Deep Vise, allowing for more versatility. Youll be Were using a VE-810 engraver with a Self able to easily set-up and engrave odd- Centering Deep Vise (as shown in our shaped items up to 3 1/4" thick. Check out Accessory Spotlight).file:///Users/keithrosborough/Desktop/Vision%20Engraver...Vision%20Insider%20e-Newletter/VInsider_August2012.html (1 of 2) [1/25/13 8:07:02 AM]
  11. 11. Vision Insider | August 2012Follow Us the Featured Video which showcases the VE- 810 and Self Centering Deep Vise. This application shows how the VE 810 is more than capable of handling a very Part # 15-0038-00 detailed and complicated design. And unlike For use with the VE-810 (machines shipped a laser system, a rotary engraver does not before May 2007), and the Phoenix 1212 require the metal to be specially coated nor (shipped before November 2007). does it need an expensive venting system because rotary systems does not release Part # 15-0055-00 any toxic fumes during the engraving For use with the New Phoenix 1212 process. (machines shipped after November 2007).Info Purchase the Self Centering Deep Vise If you have a video tutorial request for a process or application, let us know Today! at 866-637-1737Fax: Join the Discussion: Our Customers Talk Visit Our Forum Testimonials Have a question about engraving? Want to "My husband and I own a trophy shop in share your tips or project ideas with others? Hawaii. I am the proud owner of a Phoenix Check out our engraving forum! Click here to 1212 which we purchased in 1998. Just last register & join the discussion! year I purchased a service contract from Vision Engraving. This is the 2nd best purchase I’ve ever made from Vision. Being Past Post: "Hello again. I am working with in Hawaii with no one here to service our my vision series 3 controller and phoenix equipment or help with questions, it’s been 1212 engraving table. I have been making a blessing to reach out to a live person to desk and room signs on engravers plastic resolve my issues. Without the engraver we and so far i have been really happy with the might as well close up.” machine. However the program always wants to outline letters which makes them appear bold. Is there a way to cut a letter --Shandra Medeiros, Trophy Time with a single line?" Waipahu, HI Click here to view the responses. Love your Vision Engraver or Router? Let us know! Send your testimonial to Vision Engraving & Routing Systems | 17621 N Black Canyon Hwy | Phoenix, AZ 85023file:///Users/keithrosborough/Desktop/Vision%20Engraver...Vision%20Insider%20e-Newletter/VInsider_August2012.html (2 of 2) [1/25/13 8:07:02 AM]
  12. 12. Medicus December 2010A publication for theBanner Boswell Medical Staff The iCARE team of intensivists and critical care nurses remotely A Message from the CMO monitor ICU patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These and Chief of Staff specially trained staff work from a Clinical Operations Room (COR) located on the Banner Desert Medical Center campus in Mesa and connect with the individual facilities electronically to back up physicians, nurses and other caregivers at the bedside by helping to monitor ICU patient information. The iCare specialists closely collaborate with onsite care providers in providing immediate supervision and care management. Together, the hospital and onsite teams can detect even the subtlest of changes in your patient’s vital sign trends at a moment’s notice, allowing the onsite hospital team to intervene before complica- tions occur. This timely response has been shown to result in shorter hospital stays, fewer patient complications and a 25 percent decrease in mortality rates.Terry Loftus, MD, MBA, FAC Fredric H. Klopf, MD iCARE represents a new phase of support for you in deliveringAs 2010 draws to a close, we want to express our sincere thanks excellent patient care and customer service to Every Patient, Everyto each of you – our valued medical staff members -- for your Time. If you have any questions about iCARE, please feel free tocontributions to a tremendous year full of major accomplishments contact us at (623) 872-4716 (Dr. Loftus) or at (623) 876-6616which include a successful CPOE “go live,” certification as a (Dr. Klopf).Joint Commission Primary Stroke Center, renewed emphasis onthe Patient Experience, progress on our Score Card of safety and 2011 will be an exciting year! Thank you for the privilege ofquality initiatives (a report to come in first quarter 2011), transition working with you during 2010 to serve our patients. We lookof Outpatient Women’s Diagnostic Services to Banner Lakes forward to all that we will continue to accomplish together.Imaging Center and much more.Looking ahead to 2011, additional enhancements to the care weprovide will be implemented. In February, Banner Boswell MedicalCenter will integrate eICU® technology into all 70 IntensiveCare Unit beds as part of Banner Health’s iCARE intensive careprogram. The hospital joins nine other Banner facilities in imple-menting this technology.iCARE provides an additional layer of support for you and yourpatients with in-room video cameras, sound and data transmissionthat closely monitor medical conditions offsite and help ensure thebest possible outcome. Please note this program does not replacethe expertise that exists at the bedside, but rather enhances the caredelivered to your patients.
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  16. 16. TMTouch Coaching SEE-TO-IT FITNESS Motivational Tools to Maximize Your Fitness Potential.