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Foods that energize


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Foods that energize

  1. 1. Put down that energydrink and take a look at these natural energy boosters!
  2. 2. Carbs have been given a bad name in the last few years. They are actually an extremely important part of a balanced diet and can provide you with energy all day long! It is not about avoiding carbs, but understanding them. There are two different types of carbohydrates; simple and complex. Simple carbohydrates are the ones thathave given them the bad reputation. These can be found in table sugar, candy, sweetsand most fruits. Besides some fruit, you should limit your simple carbohydrate intake.The best time to have sugars from fruit (fructose) is right after a workout to quickly get your blood sugar levels back up. Complex carbohydrates are the best sources ofenergy for the body! These include whole grain breads, cereals, vegetables, beans and some fruit. They are usually high in vitamins and fiber, and are great to have in the morning to keep you feeling full and energized until lunchtime. Start your day off with some oats and berries; they take no longer than coffee to prepare!
  3. 3. Eat your greens! Leafy greens, such as spinach and kale, are high in folate. Folate has been linked to reducing fatigue, increasing energy andmemory, and reducing the symptoms of depression!
  4. 4. Nuts, such as almonds, are high in protein and magnesium. Magnesium plays a vital role in converting sugar into energy. Some seeds, such as flax and hemp, contain omega-3 fatty acid. Omega-3 has been proven to increase energy, decreasedepression, and promote heart and respiratory health.
  5. 5. Grapefruits, lemons, oranges and tangerines are packed with a long list of essential vitamins, including vitamin C. Vitamin C enhances immunity, endurance and helps thebody to absorb iron. Citrus fruits are also high infiber and natural sugars. Not a fan of citrus? Try strawberries, kiwi, mangos and apricots, which are also high in Vitamin C.
  6. 6. High in protein, calcium, phosphorus, tryptophan, zinc and B vitamins; yogurt is a great source ofenergy as its vitamins and enzymes are quicklydigested into the body. Go for the Greek or plainkind and add some nuts and flaxseeds to really get your engine revving!
  7. 7. Antioxidants are found in plant foods that counteract free radical damage which occurs when you are exposed to pollution, smoke, chemicals and food additives. Free radical damage decreases the quality of your health, often resulting in feelings of fatigue and weakness. Not only does it keep you healthy and energized, antioxidants lower the risk of developing harmful conditions, such as heart disease and cancer.Examples of antioxidant rich foods include berries, green
  8. 8. One of the first signs of fatigue is dehydration. Drink a big glass of ice water first thing in the morning, andthroughout the day, to keep you hydrated and alert.