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5 types of healing mushrooms


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5 types of healing mushrooms

  1. 1. Shiitake mushrooms are considered a delicacy and medicinal mushroom in the East. The most well-knownbenefit of these smoky flavoured mushrooms is their abilityto strengthen the immune system. They are even believed to be more effective than many prescription drugs. This is due to the presence of the powerful compound lentinan, which helps your immune system to fight diseases and infections. They have been suggested to reduce andprevent serious diseases such as HIV and cancer. Shiitake also contains a compound called eritadenine, which has the ability to effectively reduce cholesterol.
  2. 2. Also known as Ling Zhi, Reishi mushrooms probably have the strongest healing powers in traditional Chinese medicine. One unique quality is that they are the only known source to contain ganoderic acids. These have amolecular structure almost identical to steroid hormones. This is why Reishi is often used to help people get off steroids, control asthma and stop adrenal fatigue. Other benefits include: Antioxidant activities, anti-cancer properties, protects liver function, increases exercise endurance, reduces effects of chemotherapy, boosts immune system, reduces blood pressure and bad cholesterol, reduces effects of allergies and much more!
  3. 3. Like the other mushrooms mentioned previously, Maitakemushrooms boost immune function, support cardiovascular health and lower the risk of developing cancer. They are often specifically recommended for stomach and intestinehealth. Maitake is also used for prevention and treatment of diabetes because it helps lower high blood sugar levels. These mushrooms are also very high in minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, B vitamins, and amino acids.
  4. 4. Oyster mushrooms, as the name implies, have a white oyster-like appearance. They are a natural source of Lovastatin, a drug commonly used to prevent cardiovascular disease and lower bad cholesterol.Research has also shown that the oyster mushroom has anti-cancer properties.
  5. 5. Also referred to as Enoki, these are the long, thin white mushrooms commonly found in Chinese cuisine. These unique looking mushrooms also help boost the immune system, fight off viruses, decrease allergies andprevent/treat cancer. They have anti-tumor properties and can help support brain development in children.Tip: To hold onto nutrients do not cook these mushrooms for over 5 minutes.