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Samples of Work

  1. 1. REVOLUTIONARY SPIRITS K E Y B E N N E T T conceptual development • brand identity • packaging design
  2. 2. CAMP REHOBOTH FOUNDERS’ CIRCLE K E Y B E N N E T T conceptual development • project management • donor recognititon
  3. 3. PHILADELPHIA ZOO 150TH EXHIBIT K E Y B E N N E T T interpretive design
  4. 4. C I T Y O F A U G U S TA , G A K E Y B E N N E T T conceptual development • project management • wayfinding & signage
  5. 5. above: The 18th century Georgian style represented by the Belcher Ogden Mansion is one of the finest examples of the genre extant in New Jersey and listed on the National Registry of Historic Houses. It is currently being restored by the Historical Society; Elizabeth, NJ below: In the 19th century, Boxwood Hall was a Inc. to be a modern city resource rather than a static girls’ school, then the Home for Aged Women. Saved museum of colonial artifacts. from the wrecking ball by local citizens in 1941, the house became a National Landmark in 1972. Samuel Woodruff, Elizabethtown The Belcher Ogden Mansion was mayor, built Boxwood Hall about the 1750s residence of Governor 1750. From 1772 to 1795 it was the Jonathan Belcher (1682-1757) of home of Elias Boudinot (1740 – New Jersey, who brought the royal 1821), who served as president of colony’s government to this house. the Continental Congress after the above: Marquis de Lafayette, who visited Belcher- Belcher also sponsored the College Ogden when Catherine South married Elisha colonies signed a peace treaty with Boudiust in 1778. He visited a second time with of New Jersey which became Governor Aaron Ogden to talk about thier time at England, ending the Princeton University and gave his Boxwood the Battle of Yorkstown. Revolutionary War. library of over 400 books to that In 1789 George institution. Subsequent owners The Hall Washington took lunch here on his entertained George Washinton, 1750 Belcher-Ogden way to Manhattan to be sworn in Alexander as the United States’ first president. Hamilton Jonathan Dayton (1760 –1824), a and the signer of the Constitution and later Mansion Marquis de Lafayette here. In 1812 U.S. Senator from New Jersey lived here from 1795 to 1824. 1750 the resident owner, Aaron Ogden (1756-1839), was elected New Jersey Governor. left: Jonathan Dayton, third owner of Boxwood Hall left: Every feature seen in this picture - crown molding, fireplace carvings, geometrical spacing, fireplace backing etc - represent actual, cultural values of the American colonies in the mid-18th century. Boxwood Hall State Historic Site is administered by the State of New Jersey, Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Parks & Forests. CITY OF ELIZABETH, NJ K E Y B E N N E T T wayfinding & signage • interpretive design • map design
  6. 6. HERBONNE HERBAL ICE CREAM K E Y B E N N E T T conceptual development • brand identity • packaging design