Chapter 1 - A Legacy Begins


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Another Sims Legacy, starring the Sheroe Family. In this chapter; the beginning of the legacy.

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Chapter 1 - A Legacy Begins

  1. 1. The Sheroe LegacyChapter 1 – A Legacy Begins
  2. 2. “Oh, hi Dad!” “Son... Where is she?”“Just over there... Seriously, you cantsee her?”“Aha ha... No, Im old and blind...Insensitive *grumble*”
  3. 3. “Hi, Princess!”“GRANDAD!”“Geez, do you have to yell all thetime!?”
  4. 4. “Can you read me a story,Grandad?”“A story... Hmm...” “Ahh...” “Ooh...”“This one!”“Ooh! Is it about Princesses andPrinces and Dragons and-”“Crikey! Give it a rest and let meread!”
  5. 5. “This is the story of a family; a very special family... Their legacywas written so it could be told to future sims around the world. Thislegacy, an Alphabet Legacy apparently, started with one man; TolsSheroe, and this is how his story goes... Belle! Listen! Anyway...”
  6. 6. Tols Sheroe moved away from his family to the quiet town of St. Stanley,in the hopes of making it big, finding a beautiful wife and leaving behinda legacy to combat the greats...
  7. 7. Unfortunately, Tols couldntafford fancy living, hell, hecouldnt afford to build a nicehouse!Look, it wasnt even made outof brick! But this is the life of alegacy founder, and thingscould only get better! At least he had four walls and a roof. Stacey in my class lives in a box! Yeah... Our boy Tols didnt even have four walls...
  8. 8. The only book he could afford was this “Life for Dummies book” and even then he was still hopeless... Why doesnt he find a wife? Why doesnt he find a wife? Thats what you sound like. Hell get to that eventually, he had to get a job first!“What was I thinking, leaving homewith no money! What did I think wasgoing to happen?”Tols found a job in a small business,and if he wanted to succeed in life,hed need to climb to the top!
  9. 9. Deciding life was too depressing, Tols wentto find a wife at the local arcade. Becauseall the best women are apparently at thearcade! I SAID HE WENT TO FIND A WIFE! “Oh yeah, almost got the highscore!” WIFE! “Oh yeah, almost forgot I needed a wife!”
  10. 10. Thats when he saw her. Thats when he met Lenna...She sounds pretty!You cant sound pretty! You only know her name! But yeah... She was pretty...
  11. 11. “Wow... Ive never seen someone as pretty as you...”“Why thank you. You have... nice hair?”“Thanks! Wait...”
  12. 12. It wasnt long until they fell for each other...“So, do you wanna go on a date sometime?”“Really? Little old me? Sure, but youre paying!”“Hell yeah! Im gonna show you ma! Im gonna make it big!”
  13. 13. And so they went on their first date, andthey knew it was love.“I know weve only been on one date, but Ilove you Lenna. Sure, I need to find a wifeas soon as possible, but that doesnt meanI dont love you...”“Thats sweet! I hrnfphf you too!”“Wait, what?” “Oh just kiss me, Tols!” “Ooh baby...”
  14. 14. Did they live happily ever after, Grandad?What are you doing? Have I got to that part yet? Geez, Belle,just let me tell the story. Tols and Lenna had a wonderful date,and he went home happy as Goopy. Lenna... Well Lennadecided to eat again... Fat bi-
  15. 15. *Ahem* Anyway, back at home, life for Tols wasnt getting any easier. Things were breaking left and right... Well, just his TV broke, but thats a big deal! Hows he going to watch all the great programming provided by Sky TV? With great deals on packages to suit all needs!Lucky for Tols, Lenna was feeling extragenerous when she bought him a gift;a freaking Grand Piano!How romantic! Did he serenade herwith a love song written on that verypiano?
  16. 16. Aha ha... No. He sold it and built a proper house. Four walls, a roof, adoor and even windows! Yep, Tols was going up in the world!
  17. 17. The next day, Tols proposed...“Oh Lenna, I have loved you since the first time we met. Will you marryme?”“How could I say no? Of course Ill marry you!”
  18. 18. “I wish I could give you the glorious wedding you deserve, but howabout we just get married right here?”Thats not very romantic at all, Grandad!Well soooorry! Life isnt always like this! Just sayin, keep that inmind!
  19. 19. And soon enough, Lenna was giving birth to their first child!Wait, wait, wait... When did she get pregnant?Geez, Belle! Thats a really personal question! You disgust me...
  20. 20. And so young baby Aaron was born! Aww, how cute! How do you know he was cute? You cant see words, Belle!Tols was a great father to hisson; always attentive and loving.Not like me and your father, noisylittle monster!
  21. 21. Tols may have been a great father, but geez, he was an awful chef!Always starting fires!
  22. 22. Soon Aaron was growing up into a toddler.Wait, what about his time as a baby?Do you really want me to tell you about the time he crappedhimself, or the time he woke up at 3am? Hmm? Didnt think so.
  23. 23. Baby Aaron grew up into a real dapper gentleman, with hisgentlemanly curl in his hair and a pristine suit.“Father, I do believe I may have soiled myself. It appears I willrequire changing into a more suitable under attire.”
  24. 24. Ill give you this one, Belle, the boy was cute.“Greetings, furry friend, do you know where one could acquire anew suit, you see my other is at the cleaners and I do feel terriblyunder-dressed for our get-together.”
  25. 25. Ahh, did I forget to mention that Lenna was pregnant again. Wait, what!? Yeah... Lenna was pregnant again...And she gave birth to anotherhealthy boy! This time white!And this time called Adam!
  26. 26. And soon enough, it was time for Aarons growth into childhood!Goodbye sweet and cute toddler years!
  27. 27. Poor Aaron. Not only was he dressed in pink pyjamas, but hewas now at the stage of life where theyre awkwardly caughtbetween the cute toddler years and the handsome teen years.“Egads! My nightwear is entirely unacceptable! Mother!”
  28. 28. As the trees turned from that pretty amber colour into the world of non- existence, winter arrived. “Ho baby! Dont worry mister Snowman, I shall make you a snow wife and she shall be hot... Or should she be cold? *snigger*And baby Adam was turninginto a toddler...
  29. 29. Adam seemed to channel his brother, but where Aaron grewdapper, Adam grew suave.“Please, ladies, dont crowd; theres enough Adam for all!
  30. 30. Tols was still trying his hardest to be a great Dad...“I will leave my mark on this world. Sure I wont be famous, butpeople will know that Tols Sheroe was a good father! Oh, andplease ignore the dirty sink next to me... Good father!”
  31. 31. Life for the Sheroes wasstill tough at times. Oneminute theyd forget aboutpaying their bills and thenext they were beingrobbed.Robbed! Oh no!Its fine, all they took wasa counterfeiting machine!
  32. 32. Adam was cute, but it couldnt last forever.“Dont mind me ladies, just practising my kissing technique on this wooden cylinder.Dont worry, Ill grow up soon and well have a great time!”It was birthday time for little Adam; his ascension into childhood...
  33. 33. “This hair will never do! I need luscious locks for the ladies torun their fingers through! Oh no, my life is doomed!”Adam didnt change, it was always about the ladies...
  34. 34. Soon enough, the third and final childwas on its way...“Oh my god! Tols, I HATE YOU! Infact, where the hell are you?”Where was Tols, Grandad?If he had any common sense hewould have stayed as far away fromthe screaming pregnant lady aspossible...
  35. 35. Only five hours later, and they had a little baby girl; Alex.“Ooh, whos cute! And remember, your father doesnt really loveyou; he missed your birth after all!”
  36. 36. Lenna hadnt been the most attentivemother to date, basically neglectingher first two children, but she made aspecial effort with Alex, alwaysplaying games with her... Or sometimes even washing her... “Remember Alex, Im your favourite parent, okay?”
  37. 37. The years flew by, and soon enough, Aaron was growing intoa teenager...“Ah the teen years; plentiful amounts of kissing andcanoodling! I so do look forward to this!”
  38. 38. Aaron grew up into a handsome young man.“Mother, phone the school and tell them I shant be in tomorrow as I have come downwith a fever! Do you get it? I have suggested I am somewhat hot, Mother! Ha, howhumorous I am!”Aaron was a pleasure seeker who wanted to become a great celebrity chef.
  39. 39. Aaron wasnt the onlyone growing up; Alexwas too.“Alex, you are sobeautiful! Shameabout the hairthough...”“Mummy, why youwear ridiculous hat?”
  40. 40. Oh yeah, they got a dog too; Vincent.Like Biscuit?Well, yeah, in that they are both DOGS...
  41. 41. Despite being an angsty teenager, Aaron was a wonderfully dutifulolder brother, always taking care of younger Adam.“Sweet dreams, brother.”“Oh, hey darlin, why dont you come over here and well share ajuicebox...”
  42. 42. But the loving moment was ruined by a co-worker of Tols whobarged into the room and picked on Aaron.“What is thine problem with me, harlot!”
  43. 43. What about Alex? Weve not heard about her.Oh yeah, she was just your average toddler, what do you expect?“Hmm, this stick makes noises when I bang it... Genius!”
  44. 44. What about Vincent?It doesnt really mention Vincent,but Ill guess that he was loved byeveryone. I can tell you this, hesure was a smart dog...“Vincent, pretend youre a hotyoung lady and youve just seenme for the first time.”-Oh Adam, youre so hot! *faint*-
  45. 45. Birthday time rolled around again, and it was a double one!Adam and Alex growing up.I bet Adam will get all the girls!Aha ha... No. Youd think, but no.
  46. 46. Well?Well what? What do you want me to say!? They grew up, thats it!“Hey ladies, come and get me... If you can!”Ill tell you this, Adam grew up to be a romance sim, with dreams of being acelebrity chef, just like his brother. How influential...
  47. 47. Life went on for the family,Tols found art and Vincentfound the garden!
  48. 48. Both the boys found a shared love for flower arrangement.“Ahh, roses, you represent all that I desire, but alas I cannot have.Is it the spots that grow upon mine face? Oh cruel world, why can Inot find one to share eternity with! DAMN YOU WORLD!”
  49. 49. “Lenna! Come quick! Im so fat! I need love!”“Im sorry, youre too big to navigate around. Sorry, I hope youcan hear me fine through the flab.”“B-b-b-but Lenna! Hugs!”
  50. 50. “Sorry baby, but Im a bit wrapped up at the moment, busy things li-Oh YEAH! High score!”
  51. 51. Grandad, it seems like so long since there was a party!Funny you should mention that; Alex is about to grow up into the wonderfulhormone filled world of teenhood!“Woo, go Alex! Remember that Mummy loves you more!”
  52. 52. Alex grew up into a beautiful woman, with a thirst for Knowledge. Butalas, the hormones took their toll on Alex...“Whys my life so boring! I swear, Im going on a rebellious streak inUniversity just so I have something to do!”
  53. 53. Of course, big fatty Tolscouldnt keep his hands offthe cake...“Oh Tols, think, soon we will be elders, and one of our children will carry the proudname Sheroe... Wait, did you eat cake?”“Er, I-”“What did I say!? I thought you agreed to diet!?”“B-b-b-but cake. Delicious cake!”
  54. 54. Remember when theywere robbed?Yeah. Why?Well, it happened again,but this time, thanks to anewly installed alarm, thepolice were notified of herpresence. And they cameround to arrest her.All right! Go police! Didthey get her?
  55. 55. Aha ha... No. Theburglar escaped, luckilywith no possessions...
  56. 56. It was time for, you guessed it, another birthday; Tols and Lenna were about to growinto elders, like your grandaddy here! So they decided to have a big party, invitinground all their friends. Strangely enough, one of Lennas great friends was the personwho had burgled their house. Twice.“Seriously? I rob them and they decide to invite me to a party? Awesome!”
  57. 57. In fact, she was quite a hit, especially with Aaron...“Oh fair maiden, it does not bother me that you crept into our abodetwice, I still find you oh so attractive.”“Yikes, sorry kid, not gonna happen. Youre brother on the other hand...”
  58. 58. And so the founders of the Sheroelegacy blew out their candles andwished they would keep somesemblance of their good looks...Urgh, old people dont look good!Well, arent you a nice grandaughter?
  59. 59. In fact, I bet they were both quite attractive. Lenna was probably still a smoking hotgoddess and Tols probably still oozed with appealing good looks. Just like me.“Im looking good! Shame about the hair Tols...”“Im fat and now Im balding! Why do you hate me, oh Creator!”
  60. 60. The party though was actually a bit of a failure. They only had oneto appease Lenna. But they couldnt worry for too long, nothing a bitof impromptu smustling couldnt fix. The children would soon headoff to University, and one would eventually become heir. It was upto fate (or to decide who would become heir...
  61. 61. Would the heir be Aaron, the first born, a pleasure seeker with a lifetime want to become a celebrity chef? He was a dapper gentleman,with eyes for the ladies who, unfortunately, had no eyes for him.
  62. 62. Or would second born Adam be crowned heir? He was a romancesim who had similar aspirations to his older brother, wanting tobecome a celebrity chef? He was a ladies man with no lady, buthe would rectify that.
  63. 63. Or the last child, little anarchist Alex, a knowledge sim whowanted to... er... do something? She promised to make life at SimState more interesting and I say, good luck to her!
  64. 64. Aww, dont stop now Grandad! I wanna find out more!Well tough! Grandad needs the toilet and this could take a while...So, until next time, lets shut the book and shut up! And if you careabout the heir, remember to vote at!